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YTS is in the list of the best torrent trackers around the globe. Its distinctive characteristic is a video of Blu-ray format. Blu-ray is a specially developed format of DVD designed for the storage of high definition video. It means that video content of the website attracts its users by the high-grade video mainly.YTS users worldwide

Since November 2017 the website is available under the domain name

The residents of India, the US, and South Africa access YTS site regularly.

This torrent tracker takes the 207th position in Alexa ranking.

Some people think that visiting this website it is possible to watch a film there. But it is only partially true. YTS provides the internet users with torrent files. And to download and watch a movie it is needful to think about a reliable torrent client (a special program allowing the users to share files by means of BitTorrent protocol).

Among good torrent downloaders one will find:

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  •  BitTorrent;
  •  Bitcomet;
  •  Tixati;
  •  Tribler;
  •  Deluge;
  •  Vuze;
  •  Boxopus;
  •  qBittorrnet;
  •  BitLord.

Are you going to use YTS website to download torrents files?

Read this article, and you will know more about this torrent tracker and safe torrenting with YTS.

NB! Read till the end and get a bonus!

From the history of YTS

The history of YTS springs from the period when YIFY (the administrator of movie release group) started torrenting. It was in his school times when torrenting span up.

From the very beginning, it was just a hobby for YIFY, and he didn’t spare much time on it. But as time went by, YIFY’s interest in torrenting increased. The reason for it was the study of computer science at the university.

YIFY used 1337x and Demonoid platforms and didn’t keep back his activity from friends and acquaintances. In the year 2011 YIFY group gained its popularity, and as a result, a lot of critics appeared. They accused YIFY of stealing cinematography products and illegal activity as a whole.

The year of 2016 became decisive for both YIFY group and YIFY website ceased to exit, and numerous copycats appeared. They copied the appearance of the website created by resourceful YIFY but soon met with failure. has passed all possible musters and now operates successfully.

Is it worth using

For sure, it is. offers over 4 thousand movies of all kinds. This torrent tracker is as famous as Torrentz search engine for the high-grade movies and easy navigation. It is a child’s play to find a desired film to download.

A user gets round to do it by means of two ways.


The first one is to use a quick search on the main page. You will appreciate this method in case you know the title of a movie to download. Besides, this way is the most common for internet users, as it reminds the search through a search engine like Yahoo! or Google, for example.

Search files on YTS


The second variant will be appropriate for those who want to find a movie to watch on the assumption of a genre, quality, and rating. This method is rather convenient, as it offers various files to download. Why not to download them all? It is possible to watch them a bit later.

Find YTS torrents by genre, quality or rating

Having chosen the movie for downloading by means of a reliable torrent client, a user can look through the information about:

  • actors;
  • director;
  • rating among both critics and viewers;
  • some technical characteristics of a movie (including the language, subtitles, resolution and so on).

One more benefit YTS torrent tracker offers its users is access to the movie trailer.

Trailers for YTS users

The majority of movies are available to download in different quality.

YTS registration

Undoubtedly, the registration on torrent tracker websites is necessary, as it gives boundless access to the tracker use. The process of registration on will not take up much time.

It is very beneficial that this tracker doesn’t require any personal data of its clients. Thus, a person is to think of a username and a password to log in a system. An e-mail is required in case a user forgets the password.

Registration on YTS

Don’t ignore the registration. Otherwise, you will not evaluate YTS service in full.

Safe torrenting with

On the one hand torrenting is safe, but on the other, it is not. While downloading a torrent file, a user is connected to other seeders. This connection is fraught with serious consequences as in case one seeder is transferring a malware or a virus, all other seeders’ devices will be infected with it.

VPNs can deal successfully with this problem, as they block any malicious software. Besides, VPNs give internet users additional protection against computer hackers.

Look through the figures presented by CNN:

⇒ Due to ransomware attacks hackers managed to reach themselves of $2 billion in 2017.

⇒ One of the worst breaches was observed this summer when the data of Equifax customers were lost.

⇒ Over 300 thousand devices underwent WannaCry virus. Many people around the globe suffered from data loss. The information was deleted irrevocably.

⇒ A new virus was introduced in 2017 and targeted big companies at once. For example, FedEx corporation incurred a loss of $300 billion. The virus is known as NotPetya. developers insist on torrenting by means of VPN!

Use VPN for YTS

Don’t you think it’s high time to take necessary precautions and subscribe for the best VPN service for torrenting with YTS?

The best way to unblock YTS

There are different ways to twist the ISP round the finger, but a VPN service is definitely the best one.

Thanks to its facility to change user's IP address, it becomes dead easy to hide the present location of a seeder and substitute it with a fake one.

How to choose a new IP?

Many netizens ask themselves this question. But the right answer is rather obvious – it is necessary to connect to the country that does not block access to the YTS website.

Having subscribed for a VPN for torrenting one gets:

⇒ access to the blacklisted content;

⇒ reliable traffic ciphering;

⇒ fast speeds;

⇒ data protection;

⇒ complete anonymity.

YTS proxy sites: pluses and minuses

One more way to bypass the restrictions and censorship of the place man lives is to use a torrent proxy site.

There are YTS proxy servers that allow bypassing ban and access the torrent tracker. But proxies have some significant disadvantages.

Our team does not want to influence your decision while choosing a tool to access YTS, so both strong and weak points of YTS proxy sites are presented below:

Pluses of proxy sitesMinuses of proxy sites
+ facility to bypass restrictions– slow down the speed
+ the ISP sees the IP of a proxy– time-consuming downloading
+ free usage– sites don't work correctly

Worthy YTS alternatives

If neither VPNs nor YTS proxy sites attract you, it is possible to have a closer look at YTS alternatives.

There are numerous torrent trackers and search engines that simplify the process of torrent files search.

And here there are the best sites one might use instead of YTS:

The Pirate Bay



Project Free TV






Besides, you can read our article about 30 top torrent trackers.

NB! Not all torrenting sites are accessible without VPN software.

A final note

Coming to the conclusion, it should be noticed that is among the most striking torrent trackers. A distinctive feature of YTS is absence of 18+ content, what makes this website attractive for the whole family.

Thus, parents don’t have to bother about their offsprings surfing with the aim to torrent a high-quality movie to enjoy.

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