uTorrent: Simple Hacks for Anonymous File-Sharing

Bittorrenting and P2P-sharing seem to be commonly usable by internet consumers nowadays. And uTorrent is one of the top download programs that are to be installed on a device to start torrenting.

But not everybody realizes that it is not safe enough to torrent without hiding your identity on the network.


As it is known, when you upload or download torrents on special trackers, you are able to view the IP-addresses of all peers involved in the torrent activity. No one is aware how this tracked information could be used.

But first things first!

Before you start reading the body of this article, make a pause and think. What do you expect: only the facility to bypass restrictions or real anonymity on the Internet?

Ready? Then here we go!

What is uTorrent? Why to use it anonymously?

uTorrent is almost the most widely-spread torrent client installed and applied on Windows. As there are lots of uTorrent installations, torrent users can find almost any possible content for torrenting popular video games or other stuff they would need.

Still, those netizens who take advantage of torrent clients, including uTorrent are vulnerable to be tracked by third-party agencies or ISPs.

The data collected on users’ file sharing activity can be the evidence to find them for copyright violation. This could be achieved with the help of an IP address.

Unless don't you know what IP-address stands for, read the section below:

What is IP?

Every device linked to the Internet has a unique number which can tell about the type of the device, location of internet connection and other identifying characteristics.

IP address


Thus, an IP address is presented as a 32-bit figure where there are 4 decimal numbers from o to 255. They are separated by dots.

What platforms is uTorrent compatible with?

The developers offer uTorrent apps for the following operating systems: Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac.

All the apps can be downloaded for free from the website or Google Play (for Android).

Moreover, Windows and Android users are lucky enough to select from free and paid versions.

That is exactly why uTorrent is used by more than 150 million people all around the globe.

In such a way, uTorrent (also known as µTorrents) is the most popular BitTorrent download client nowadays.

This uTorrent client is available for 4 platforms only because they are the most frequently used for file-sharing.

uTorrent for Windows

One can get either a free uTorrent app or paid version of it. With a free uTorrent app, you are offered to download music or high-quality videos with fast speeds and automatic bandwidth management.

As an alternative, one can make use of uTorrent Ad-free for 4.95 dollars per year and uTorrent Pro that will cost 19.95 dollars yearly as well.

What are the benefits of paid uTorrent versions for Windows OS?

Those who would choose an ad-free app for uTorrent will be happy to avoid annoying advertisements when downloading torrents. uTorrent Pro includes a vast number of additional goodies, such as virus and malware defense, the opportunity to convert downloaded torrents or stream them online.

uTorrent for Android OS

The owners of Androids are also lucky to have a choice: whether to download uTorrent app for free or to obtain it at a charge. A free app allows you to torrent limitlessly (no speed or size restrictions).

If it is not enough for you, you can buy a Pro Upgrade uTorrent app for 3.99 dollars. The app contains all the features of the free one and two more upgrades: downloading free of ads and battery saving.

How to download uTorrent app?

The way you can get uTorrent apps depends on the platform.

  • In case you are looking for uTorrent for Windows platform, you may download it from the official website for free, if you select a simple uTorrent, and buy it by following the link on the uTorrent site.
  • Do you want uTorrent for your Android, in such a case you may get it on Google Play: either for free or on a paid basis.
  • Mac users can simply click ‘’Download now’’ to access uTorrent app for their computers.
  • As well as Mac users, Linux customer will manage to download uTorrent from the website. It will take a few minutes, no more.

How to use uTorrent app?

It’s not much of a leap to apply uTorrent as it is said to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. One should take three steps to use the app: search, download and playing back.

With the help of a browser it is necessary to find torrent links or files on special trackers. Then, the file is opened and downloaded on the device. Finally, playback the file to get pleasure in it.

Are uTorrent users vulnerable online?

Yes, they are. Consider this:

  • Having downloaded a malicious torrent file, one can impose the computer to virus attacks that lead to a shutdown of computer systems or even worse.
  • Another risk is associated with your sensitive information safety. It may happen as the peers get access to those folders when they torrent.
  • Torrent users are also vulnerable to being monitored by malicious technicians. They collect the IP addresses of torrent peers and seek for the susceptible one.
  • Finally, downloading illegal content, one is vulnerable to receive a warning letter saying about copyright infringement.

Since uTorrent users’ IPs are open for viewing to the peers on the file-sharing network, we decided to tell you how to make use of uTorrent client anonymously on the web space.

IPs are seen by other users of a client

Actually, there are 2 possible ways of anonymous usage of the uTorrent client:

► connecting through VPN


► Proxy servers.

Let’s start with the former instrument: a VPN service.

‘’What is a VPN and how does it make me anonymous when I use uTorrent?’’

A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a service that will provide secure and private connecting to internet services, including various torrent trackers.

The service creates a VPN tunnel for codifying the traffic transported through the network. It means that all information, including your IP-address, is encoded before going out of the tunnel.

Your sensitive data becomes invisible and untouchable from the prying eyes of ISPs, copyright trolls and government. Having set up a VPN once on your device, you will be able to secure multiple connections without additional configurations for various software programs. In comparison with a proxy which requires different configurations for every program you use.

3 things you must know about VPNs in order for you to use uTorrent anonymously

  • Not all VPN providers offer P2P sharing that is why you need to search for this feature before subscribing;
  • You may find additional options to protect your torrent activity even more (kill switch, DNS leak protection);
  • Look for VPN providers that don’t keep logs. It will make you more anonymous.

Applying a VPN app for torrent clients is not uncommon at present, and they go side-by-side together. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know that not all VPN services allow peer-to-peer file sharing protocols. That is why you should check for this feature while looking for an appropriate VPN to use uTorrent anonymously.

Now let’s have a look at an IP Proxy to take advantage of uTorrent privately.

Can I use a uTorrent proxy to be anonymous?

An IP Proxy routes your traffic through a network of servers which works as a buffer for internet connecting. We should say that setting up IP Proxies is not an easy deal as it requires manual configuring.

One should technically-advanced to know, for instance, the number of ports. What is more, internet connections through proxy servers should be testified in order to be sure that connecting is really private and anonymous. Still, there are certain commercial proxy services which can be installed in a click.

As VPN services they can also provide some goodies which are very beneficial for torrent clients, including uTorrent. They can be kill switch or DNS leak protection.

Thus, both VPN services and IP Proxies have pros and cons. Your choice will depend on those points that are more prominent for you.

Nevertheless, you should take into consideration the characteristics that would be defining for torrenting, such as connection speeds and security.

VPN vs. Proxy: advantages

One setup for secure network connectionsInternet connections are sometimes faster
Stronger encryptionThey can be applied for individual programs
Easy setup
Additional beneficial options

Possible threats

From time to time torrent websites like Rutracker or Demonoid torrent tracker are closed because of copyright issues. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you are going to broadcast a movie or a cartoon you have downloaded before on your account in social networks or at the cinema. But nevertheless, there are people who do so.

To earn money they use the copyright-protected material. Some create groups in the social networks such as Facebook, others play movies on the big screens of cinemas.

Thus, having downloaded such product one may undergo the threat to be caught. The authorities can’t read minds, so they have to punish everyone, who target at torrenting. A student was ordered to pay $675.000 for illegaly downloading.

Penalties for torrenting in different countries:

Torrents in the USAIf the resident of the USA makes attempts to download by means of torrent technology, he will get six notices. In case the person continues torrenting, the ISP takes measures – slows down the speed or gives a preventive talk with an infringer.
Torrents in the UKThe policy of the UK reminds the American one, as the authorities send a notice. But the difference is that British residents have only one chance to turn over a new leaf. If the person ignores such measures, he can be fined up to £ 50.
Torrents in GermanyGermany is the country, which conducts a very strict policy regarding this issue. The German authorities fine torrent lovers up to €800 for downloading torrent files.

VPN is the best way-out to unblock uTorrent. Why?

The subscription to a trustworthy Virtual Private Network is definitely the best way to torrent safely. A VPN is a technology that allows hiding users’ IPs from internet providers, authorities, the government, etc.

It is so important to take measures to hide your IP while torrenting because IP on the Internet is like a fingerprint. It means that serves to identify the personality of a user downloaded a torrent file. Thus, it is dead easy to find and punish a uTorrent consumer.

The combination of an outstanding torrent client uTorrent and a reliable VPN will help you to torrent securely and anonymously. Let’s study the facilities of this combination:

  • total anonymity, as your IP is changed into an IP of the country you have chosen. At the same time, your real IP is encrypted.
  • security on the Internet. All torrent files you load are encrypted by means of various methods (usually 256-bit encryption).
  • access to blocked torrent trackers. Some trackers are blocked for this or that country because of censorship policy conducted by the country. Having chosen the best VPN for torrenting, you will access such torrent websites easily.
  • no malware on your device. Sometimes torrent files contain malware. VPN makes it impossible to download the files with malware.

Topnotch uTorrent alternatives to use in 2019

If for one reason or another, a person takes a decision not to use uTorrent or BitTorrent client, there are good alternative variants.

Here they are:

yes qBittorrent

The initial release was more than 10 years ago – in 2006. Now, this cross-platform client is available in about 70 languages. The developers keep on working on the client's update regularly, so that its latest version was introduced in August 2018.

Among qBittorrent best features, there is the facility to start watching a film before the process of downloading is finished.

yes BitComet

The next good alternative to uTorrent is the download manager that was worked out in the year 2003.

Although this BitTorrent client is not ad-free, BitComet is very handy to use. Besides, there is an opportunity to use it through proxy sites to unblock torrent trackers.

One more beneficial function of BitComet is the facility to chat with other users of this client. It is a convenient way to solve different torrenting problems and exchange useful magnet links.

yes BitTorrent

This free software is a perfect solution for P2P file-sharing.e modification of a former known

Despite the fact that it is available only for Windows and Mac operating systems, it is rather popular among seeders.

One might download movies, soft, songs, and whatnot through BitTorrent client in a very convenient way.

Besides, BitTorrent is one of few torrent downloader programs that allows searching for files.

yes Vuze

This torrent client is Azureus. Until April 2007, its name was Zudeo. But later the name was changed, and the downloader underwent further development.

Among its strong sites, one finds the facility of file-sharing in the super-seeding mode. It stimulates the increase in new seeders.

Moreover, there is an opportunity to stream video and music without downloading them beforehand.

For additional protection, Vuze supports a relatively anonymous file-sharing through I2P, Nodezilla, and Tor.

yes Deluge

The last mentioned in the list of uTorrent alternatives but not the least useful is Deluge client.

Having been written in Python, Deluge can be installed on the gadgets running on Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, and FreeBSD.

As a result of hard work of its developers, Vuze can be used remotely.

The current version of the Vuze client is 1.3.15. It was launched in May 2017. Whereas it became possible to use magnet links in version 1.1.0 and later.

Have you made a decision what BitTorrent client to use?

Then it is the time to have a closer look at the best torrenting sites!

Torrent sites to use with uTorrent

There is no doubt that there are many different torrenting sites. However, not all of them are worthy. Furthermore, some of them can contain a threat to their users.

In such a way, it is strongly recommended to use only use-proven services.

Want to know the list?

Here they are:

  • Kickass Torrents is undoubtedly among the leaders of this rating. Despite numerous shutdowns, it stood the test of time, and the number of Kickass Torrents unique visitors reached the figure of 100 500 daily.
  • The Pirate Bay is a haven for the fans of torrenting. Files of any type are collected and stored on this website. The speed is always fast enough in view of a big number of active TPB users.
  • RarBG is the library that contains over 700 thousand torrents: music, oft, audiobooks, movies, and so on. It was worked out on the basis of uTorrent client, and therefore its usage is perfect.
  • YTS is the service that offers movies of Blu-ray format. It works with uTorrent client perfectly well. Besides, there is a facility to look through information about the files before they get to your computer.
  • iDope is something more than a torrent tracker. It is a metasearch engine for torrent files. Thus, using a keyword or phrase, a seeder is provided with the links from different trackers.

Sites for uTorrent client


In the event, you reckon that there are some other worthy torrenting sites, feel free to leave a comment on this article. Our readers certainly will appreciate it!

Final remarks

In this article, we have told how to stay anonymous when torrenting with uTorrent. We have also highlighted the reasons why it is prominent to hide your IP address while torrenting.

Let's revise them once again:

  • possible fines for copyright infringement;
  • inaccessibility of torrenting sites in some places of the world;
  • monitoring by the ISP and other interested parties;
  • speed reduction;
  • hacking attacks.

In this regard, it is dead important to all reasonable precautions to be safe on the Internet while torrenting.

All in all, you can perform this in 2 ways: connecting via VPN or a Proxy server. Each of the options has both advantages and disadvantages which are related to connection speeds, setup configurations, and others.

The conclusion is that it is pretty vital to enable anonymous using of uTorrent, which is the best for you depends on your preferences and requirements.

If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, let us know, and we will provide feedback within the shortest possible period of time. We’ll be glad to hear from you! Thanks for following us! Good luck!

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