tTorrent – torrent client for your Android device

Top torrent sites are used to find movies. The best torrent clients are used to load them on users’ devices. tTorrent is one of the exellent clients to fulfill this task.

Torrent clients are based on BitTorrent technology, that allows us to share files on the net.

Let’s study how it works

To download somethong by means of a client, it’s necessary to find a special server – torrent tracker. LimeTorrents, the Pirate Bay or 1337x are ususally used for this purpose. Then you are to choose the necessary file there. It’s reasonable that none of the files is phisically located on these servers.

They all are positioned on the computers of other torrent users. The server contains only the list of available files.

The server itself coordinates the process of file-sharing. In other words, it functions like a traffic-controller, which regulates the sharing prosedure between peers.

From time to time, it happens that there aren’t any seeders and as a result the file is impossible to be downloaded by the peer.

tTorrent is one of the clients that is used by people to share files.

What is tTorrent client?

Let’s start with the definition.

tTorrent is a torrent client that allows downloading and sharing files using a smartphone or a tablet running on an Android OS.

The application is integrated with torrent search engines which make the process of file finding very fast and handy. It is possible to choose the number of simultaneous downloading, limit the speed and what not.

There are three versions of this application. Therefore, let’s formulate the distinctive features in order not to be confused.

  • tTorrent Lite

It is a free version of this app. Its distinctive feature is banner advert in the window of the application. The negative moments are evident: first and foremost, it slows down the speed; second, it’s too irritating. We are fed up with the ads while watching TV. So is it worth using the apps with them?

  • tTorrent Pro

This variant of torrent client application differs from the previous one thanks to the lack of ads. To activate this version, you are to pay for service. In other words, you download the Lite version and activate tTorrent changing the settings. You’ll have to pay from $0.99 up to $4.99.

  • tTorrent Ad-free

From the very beginning it is paid. The package doesn’t contain ads, which allows reaching the highest possible speed.

tTorrent characteristics

Statusfree and paid
Release dateOctober 20, 2002
Latest updateSeptember 29, 2017
Operating systemAndroid
Interface languages2 – English and Russian

tTorrent is a torrent client created by Hungarian developers. The downloader is used by over 10 thousand users because of numerous outstanding features it guarantees:

The function of torrent files creation and publication is allowed. Thus, you may not only download the files, but become an active user as well sharing your own files.

Stop using the memory of the device. Save the files directly on digital memory cards. It’s more convenient. As in case the device memory is thick with files and application that require it as well. The lack of free space can decrease the speed of the gadget. And the facility of tTorrent described here can solve this problem.

Consecutive downloading is possible if you use tTorrent client. It allows arranging the files in the logical order and keeping all your data by way of their sharing date.

Wi-Fi only function helps users not to spend the traffic provided by your mobile operator. Otherwise you may overpay.

The files shared with the help of tTorrent client are encoded, which provides users with some kind of security. But unfortunately, tTorrent developers don’t explain what is ciphered and how. It makes us think over additional ways of masking our identity while torrenting.

How to use tTorrent client?

tTorrent is a really worthy torrent client to install and use on your Android device. Do you want to download movies, magazines, books and music from the best torrent sites without any payment?

All these materials will be absolutely free for you with tTorrent downloader. The app supports magnet links found via the browser of your smartphone or tablet.

Note! To install tTorrent client the Android version of your device should be from 1.6 upwards.

If your device is Android 1.6 and up follow several simple steps described below.

  1. Open ‘Google Play’ on your Android smartphone and find tTorrent. We advise to start with the ‘Lite’ version. Download and install it. It’s beneficial that the application doesn’t take too much free space on a device like some other clients do. Only 6 Mb is required!

The process of installation and first running takes about a minute.

The process of installation of tTorrent

It is even unnecessary to visit its official site, as it’s impossible to download there a tTorrent installer file.

  1. Then you’ll be able to start downloading torrent files. After Clicking a ‘loupe’ badge, you’ll be redirected to the browser of your device.

Searching torrent files in tTorrent client

  1. Open one of the best torrenting sites (LimeTorrents or the Pirate Bay, for example) and find the necessary file there. Download it via tTorrent client directly on your device or a digital memory card.

Opening one the torrenting sites width=300 height=534 srcset=

You may monitor the process of downloading by means of the app. Just visit the input ‘Downloading’.

Also, it’s offered to make pauses if you want to go outside but don’t want to use your Internet traffic provided by your mobile operator.

Pros & Contras of tTorrent client

+ Easy to use– Android OS only
+ Magnet links support– Interface only in two languages
+ Three versions of tTorrent client– Lack of a built-in torrent search engine
+ Encryption
+ Mode of operation (Wi-Fi only)
+ Proxy support
+ Files order arrangement

How to use tTorrent anonymously?

tTorrent authors mention that the encryption is provided, but it’s unclear what data are encoded. Even if the torrent files you load on your Android device are ciphered, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be accused of torrenting by the ISP, as your IP isn’t masked.

To be unrevealed by third parties you are given a choice of three extra security tools while torrenting via tTorrent client. They are:

The Onion Router

Why not to be hidden by means of Tor browser?

It’s really helpful if the speed isn’t a decisive characteristic for you. Besides, some resourceful hackers can access these data.


Proxies may hide you, but the chance to download torrent files anonymous isn’t big.


A prevailing problem many torrent fans face online is monitoring. Thus, correctly selected VPN is a linchpin of secure torrenting.

What is so special in a VPN protection? Tick it off on your fingers:

  • data ciphering;
  • access to web services;
  • IP masking;
  • fast speed.

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