Torrents in the UK and Pakistan

In one of our articles we told what countries are believed to be the safest for torrenting due to their liberal legal system relating to privacy. Here and now we are going to provide you with a piece of information about the aspects of file sharing in the UK and Pakistan which are known for filtering access to definite web-content on the network. As far as torrenting in these particular countries is concerned, it is worth considering.

Can I torrent in Pakistan?

The internet content is severely censored in Pakistan that is why lots of top-rated mainstream websites, including torrent trackers, are not accessible for Pakistanis. Nevertheless, a practical solution to this problem does really exist. Want to know how you can unblock torrent websites in Pakistan? We’ll get back to this a little bit later as we think it would be helpful for you to understand that you can be monitored while torrenting.

  • Your local ISP has the opportunity to track your torrent activity which implies that everything that you upload or download, what websites you visit can be available for monitoring.
  • As your IP address is open for the rest of peers and internet users who might be third-party agencies, you are vulnerable to being logged by them. Such outside agencies may pass the data about you to the authorities or copyright holders.

You might be wondering what one should do to prevent it. Well, the solution is a decent VPN service that will allow you to connect via anonymous VPN web servers. What is more all torrent traffic is codified with sustainable data transfer protocols.

4 ‘’ISPs can’t do’’ in case of torrenting under VPN protecting in Pakistan

They can’t:

  • restrict access to torrent trackers;
  • track torrent users’ online ‘‘life’’;
  • log the IP addresses of torrent peers;
  • keep an eye on the torrent you torrent.

What about torrenting in the UK?

The government of the UK with support of the local ISPs is constantly filtering web-content on the virtual space. Specifically, those websites that are related to the following essential categories are blocked:

  • P2P file-sharing;
  • instruments to bypass internet censorship;
  • advertising of alcohol and tobacco;
  • online gambling.

There are more types of targeted websites on the network, but these are the main ones to be aware of.

Since our article is devoted to torrenting, we’ll further develop this issue.

Torrent websites are under special control and monitoring in the United Kingdom. Regretfully, numerous mainstream file-sharing sites are not available in the UK. Have a look at some examples provided below:

The list of blocked websites can be extended as there more of them are blocked in the UK.

Still, things can't be all that bad. A few technologies have been developed to bypass internet censorship in the UK. One may find free and commercial services to unblock restricted access to torrent websites there. It is up to you which of them would be the best for your torrenting, but we’ll provide you with the data about both paid and free of charge technologies.

Firstly, you may unblock censored torrent websites by applying a VPN. You have already been aware of its benefits and mechanism of functioning, when you read about torrenting in Pakistan. The strategy will be the same for the UK. All in all, you will not only make the torrent tracker unblocked, but ensure your torrent traffic with protection against prying eyes of the authorities. It is worth mentioning that there are paid and free VPNs, but free one lack some essential for torrenting features or simply do not provide you with sustainable encrypting.

Secondly, another tool to unblock torrent websites in the UK is Tor. This technology helps you to rout your torrent traffic through multiple servers in such a way that it is encrypted on each of the layers. You stay anonymous on the torrent networking. The torrent website you are going to visit will not know that it is you. The biggest advantage of Tor is that it is available for free and you will install it easily.

If you feel uncertain about the choice, we recommend you to take into account the abovementioned considerations and try to find the answer to the questions below:

  • Do you just intend to unblock torrent websites?
  • Do you want to access torrent websites and get strong encrypting?
  • Do you care about download speeds?

If you have answered ‘‘yes’’ to questions 2 and 3, you preferable choice would be a VPN. Still? It is only you who can make your own choice, and, of course, we can’t decide instead of you.

Thus, we have learnt about torrent opportunities in the UK and Pakistan. The authorities of both countries tend to block access to torrent websites because of potentially pirated content which can be shared within these websites. Though, certain ways out of the situation do still exist that is why it is possible to upload and download torrents there.

If you still have any questions, remarks or suggestions, let us know and we will provide feedback within the shortest possible period of time. We’ll be glad to hear from you! Thanks for following us!

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