Torrent project down: what alternatives to use?

Among the existing torrent sites or torrent search engines Torrent Project occupies a special place as it collects torrent links from a number of mainstream torrent trackers.

Torrent Project is believed to be an alternative to disappeared torrents sites, as Torrentz tracker and TorBox. The database of torrent website has been estimated to almost 8 000 000 files of torrent content. The tracker may appeal by a number of torrents it offers.

One may download not only movies, but also games, applications, music and other pretty useful torrent files. But what is more interesting is that there is its own material produced by Torrent Project. As far as its interface is concerned, it has been called as one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-navigate.

The torrent storage is constantly updated: new torrents are added and those which are unpopular among seeders and are not downloaded for or than a week are deleted from the list. Unfortunately, technical troubles are widely common for torrent websites, and lately a few torrent trackers has been suffered from DDoS attacks, Torrent Project is in the list as well.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS attack, or Distributed Denial of Service Attack, is a kind of DoS which involves mass hacking attacks with the purpose of disabling the functioning of the system. When such attacks take place, common customers can’t access the service in order to take use of it.

Torrent Project which is one of the most often visited torrent search engines is not at access for several days, since last week. Every user who desires to open the website of Torrent Project can observe the following message which you can see on the screenshot. What they can read in it is ‘’403 Forbidden’’ and nothing more. Who knows what reason really stands behind this error message. The example proves that not only user, but torrent systems themselves are susceptible to technical shutdowns and attacks.

TORRENTPROJECT is not accessible

The best alternatives to Torrent Project

Adore the library of Torrent Project, but can’t access it? It’s time to have a closer look at the Best alternatives to Among them are:

  • The Pirate Bay

The first alternative to the former popular torrent site is the Pirate Bay. It mentioned the first, as it offers users a great diversity of torrent files to download. Among them you’ll find a long-expected movie, software for your device or a book to read on weekends. The Pirate Bay is in the rating of the best torrent sites on our website.

What torrents to download from the website?

Audio, video, apps, games and others can be downloaded from The Pirate Bay.
Do I need to register on the website?
You need your login, email and password for registration.


+ It is almost the biggest torrent tracker on the network.

- The Pirate Bay can be blocked in many regions (but it is available via VPN).

Further information about The Pirate Bay.

  • 1337x

1337x is a great torrent site to use instead of Torrent Project. 1337x database is diverse: music, movies, soft, anime, books and so on. But the only weak point of this torrent site is that it’s available only on the territories of the UK, Canada, Japan and Singapore. If you are not lucky enough to be a resident of one of these four countries, it is still possible to use it by means of a VPN.

What torrents to download from the website?

Films, TV shows, games, applications, anime and documents.
Do I need to register on the website?
The registration is necessary for torrenting on the website.


+ There are quite a lot of various torrent categories for any user’s taste.

- The domain is blocked for some countries. (1337x or are usually applied).

Further information about 1337x.

  • RarBG

RarBG causes joy to its subscribers for almost 10 years. There are no reasons not to use RarBG as an alternative to Torrent Project. It offers us numerous torrent files directly on our devices.

What torrents to download from the website?

Movies, music, games, software, trailers and TV shows are torrented from there.
Do I need to register on the website?
You need to create user’s name and password.


+ The site is not difficult for navigating and searching for torrents.

- To log in on the website, you need to enable cookies.

Further information about RarBG.

  • YTS

YTS torrenting website is one of the best one could ever use for file sharing and torrent downloading.  YTS possesses the richest torrent movies library. Content of any genre you will find and download here. With a reliable VPN for YTS you will access it even in Germany!

What torrents to download from the website?

Movies of any genre and quality are offered on this torrent tracker.
Do I need to register on the website?
Registration is necessary. It allows up- and downloading torrents.


+ The tracker is really useful and user-friendly.

- Only movie torrents are presented. No soft, music or books.

Further information about YTS.

  • LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a great alternative to Torrent Project because of its rather diverse library of torrent files. Besides, the tracker is accessible in many countries of the world. However, in case you cannot open it, change your geo location and connect to LimeTorrents through.

What torrents to download from the website?

A broad range of torrent files is presented on the tracker: movies, anime apps, misoc, games, TV shows, etc.Audio, video, apps, games and others can be downloaded from LimeTorrents.
Do I need to register on the website?
It is offered to create a username and a password to register on the website.


+ Great diversity of content to download is offered.

- The registration is required.

Further information about LimeTorrents.

  • TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads allows search for the most downloaded, leeched and seeded torrent files. Besides, anyone will find something to download. Thus, TorrentDownload is a perfect alternative to TorrentProject.

What torrents to download from the website?

TV shows, software, music, movies, games, anime, books, etc.
Do I need to register on the website?
Registration on TorrentDownloads  allows commenting, hiding ads and what not.


+ Extra facilities are offered for the registered users. Great database.

- The tracker is not accessible in some countries.

Further information about TorrentDownloads.

Still get upset because of Torrent Project shutdown?

Of course, you aren’t.

With these alternative torrent sites, you will not spend days on downloading the content you want. Just visit them and choose the most suitable for you. But be convinced, they all are worthy. As for mirrors, they are not available in some countries. Thus, they aren’t the best alternative to So it’s better to use Torrentproject alternatives mentioned above.

At the meantime, torrent users hope that Torrent Project will be available as soon as possible. In order to seal yourself off other possible hacker attacks targeting common users, one has to take certain precautionary measures. As a good example of protecting yourself online when torrenting would be a VPN. Why?

 It will hide an IP address from malicious technicians, which will guarantee a certain level of privacy.

 Additionally, the traffic, including your sensitive information will be ciphered. They won’t be able to open it as it should be decoded first.

There are also other effective security measures, such as Tor, for instance, which behaves in a similar way. Though, the Tor is believed to slow down the internet speeds, which is not good for file-sharing.

In a word, a VPN is the best tool that will help you to keep away from monitoring. Neither the authorities, nor adversaries will not be privy to your activity online.

Why is metasearch torrentproject down?

  • Torrentproject can be unavailable for numerous reasons. Amon them are:
  • Possible DDoS attacks or troubles with DNS;
  • Maintenance on the server of metasearch torrentproject;
  • Your Internet Service Provider may throttle traffic when you access torrentproject se.
  • It also may be possible that torrentproject has been simply shut down.

Torrentproject is down: what should you do?

Once you understand that you can’t access metasearch torrentproject, you shouldn’t feel upset or disappointed. There is a very efficient way out of this situation.

As we have mentioned above, you can take use of similar torrent websites which cans serve as the alternatives to torrentproject. At the same time, those torrent websites are not always available for all regions and they are geo-restricted for certain regions.

What should you do in order to have a stable access to torrentproject alternatives? Keep on reading and you will know how to do this!

Here is the way you can always download torrents if torrentproject is down:

1) Select any of the alternative torrent websites offered in this article: The Pirate Bay, 1337x or RarBG. (You have already looked through their short reviews earlier in the article. Have you chosen the best alternative for you?)

2) Be sure that you have subscribed for a reliable VPN for torrenting. (if you are not a dummy in torrenting, you know that it is vital to upload o download torrents only via Virtual Private Network!).

You need to know that if you are a torrent beginner:

#1 Is torrenting illegal?

Torrenting as a technology is not legally banned. It was created for sharing content in a quicker way. Nevertheless, within torrenting networks copyrighted material is often shared which is considered as copyright abuse and can be punished differently from country to country.

#2 Why shouldn’t you torrent without VPN for torrenting?

As regards sharing copyrighted content on torrent websites, most popular trackers are constantly monitored by the governmental agencies, Internet Service Providers or copyright trolls. They track torrent users’ IP addresses, what content is shared by them. This may lead to warning letters, blocking of access to torrent trackers and search engines, throttling of internet connections when connecting to torrent sites.

#3 How will VPN for torrenting work?

Have a look at the following chart and compare your torenting with and without VPN:

Torrenting WITHOUT VPNTorrenting WITH VPN
Your IP address is visible to allthe seeder and leeches within the torrent tracker you use.You true IP address is not visible to other torrent users, only VPN’s IP is visible.
Your ISP can easily see what you download from the torrent website.Since your traffic is encrypted, no one can now what you torrents you have downloaded.
Torrent websites are sometimes geo-restricted or blocked by ISPsHaving the chance to change your geo-location, you can access torrent trackers unavailable for your region.

3) Visit torrentproject alternatives and download torrents from there after you turn your VPN on. (Remember why you should torrent anonymously).

Torrentproject is down: how to choose VPN for its alternatives

Want to know how we ranked VPNs? What features should be taken into consideration?

✧ Reliable protocols and encrypting

If you want to access torrents and P2P content without being interfered into your traffic, you have to pay attention to the codifying tools. When you conduct a VPN connection, the government and ISPs won’t be able to see what torrents you download.

✧ No-logging policy

If you worry about your internet privacy while torrenting, you must apply a VPN for torrenting. But you also have to look for the one that keeps no-logging policy. Together with you traffic encrypted, no-logging policy will ensure you with private torrenting.

✧ Lots of VPN servers for changing geo-location

Firstly, a VPN tunnel is necessary for enabling access to the blocked websites. Secondly, being able to change your IP address and choose VPN servers in various countries and regions, you will be anonymous on the network.

✧ Trial period or money-back guarantee

During a trial period offered by a VPN provider you will be able to test the service and make your personal conclusion if it really works for torrentproject alternatives. Another similar feature is money-refund which lets you take your money back if you are not pleased with the service.

✧ Additional privacy and security features

Additional features to look for in VPN for torrentproject alternatives may be IP and DNS leak protection, kill switch and others.

What’s the bottom line?

4 key statements from the article that you should definitely remember:

  • What is a DDoS attack?

‘’DDoS attack … is a kind of DoS which involves mass hacking attacks with the purpose of disabling the functioning of the system’’.

  • The best alternatives to Torrent Project

‘’3 Best alternatives to torrentprojectse are The Pirate Bay, 1337x and RarBG which should be used only with VPN.’’

  • Torrentproject is down: what should you do?

‘’ Select any of the alternative torrent websites offered in this article or such websites as Yify and Rutracker. Be sure that you have subscribed for a reliable VPN for torrenting. Visit torrentproject alternatives and download torrents from there after you turn your VPN on. ‘’

  • Torrentproject is down: how to choose VPN for its alternatives

Take into account

  • Reliable protocols and encrypting
  • No-logging policy
  • Lots of VPN servers for changing geo-location
  • Trial period or money-back guarantee
  • Additional privacy and security features

when you choose VPN for torrentproject alternatives

If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, let us know and we will provide feedback within the shortest possible period of time. We’ll be glad to hear from you! Thanks for following us! Good luck!

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