Torrentking Review: Why to use with VPN

Torrent technologies are well-liked by people, and one can find a great variety of torrent trackers on the network that suggest free torrents for downloading. Not long ago, another kind of sites for torrenting has obtained mass popularity on the internet space.

Have you guessed what do we mean?

It is absolutely right! It is a torrent search engine. Here and now, we are ready to tell you about one of them, which has the following domain name – TorrentKing.

Now learn all the details in TorrentKing review!

What is TorrentKing?

TorrentKing is an awesome torrent search engine that is specialized on torrent links to movies only. The website can be really popular for a few good advantages of TorrentKing.

Firstly, it provides only direct links to a movie which makes it more appealing for movie lovers. They don’t have to search for them among a huge number of other torrents like music, software or games.

Secondly, a simple, but the fashionable design is a great plus for a torrent search engine website. Every webpage is easy to use and does not contain annoying content.

Finally, TorrentKing’s search engine is convenient and aimed at maximum usability for its visitors.

Official Domains

  • Primary domain is
  • Secondary domain is

How TorrentKing works

TorrentKing is a representative of torrent search engines that cooperates links to torrents in one place. As far as TorrentKing is concerned, it deals with movie torrents that is why you can find there only links related to movies.

The principle of functioning is almost the same as in the other most popular torrent search engines.

How does it work?

A visitor types in the request into the search torrent on the main webpage of TorrentKing:

Searching fir torrents on Torrentking

Then the user selects the appropriate torrent link:

how to search for torrents on Torrentking

When you follow one of the suggested links, you are offered to choose between torrenting, magnet links or inline streaming of the content you have desired to watch.

Torrents on TorrentkingIt is important to know that one also needs to install a torrent client to be able to download the desired movie onto a computer.

What content can I find on TorrentKing?

TorrentKing is a good source for movies as it provides 500.000+ full movie torrents downloads and 62.000+ movies online.

If you search for a particular film genre, you are lucky enough to find there the following ones:

  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Adult
  • Biography
  • Christmas movies
  • Comedies
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Family films
  • Fantasy
  • Film-Noir
  • History
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • War

Comedies on torrentking

In case you are a great fan of TV shows, you may find a great number of links to talk shows, news, and sport sprogrammes as well.

How to search on TorrentKing?

Option 1

Torrentking provides with a direct magnet, torrent and streaming links to the movie content. One may visit the website and by means of the search option, find the appropriate URL for downloading or watching online.

Note: It wouldn’t be very convenient to search for movies without filtering the search process that is why you’d better have a look at…..

Option 2

With the purpose of torrent search optimization, TorrentKing makes it possible to filter the results. A torrent visitor can identify the genre he or she is looking for.

The next step will be to sort out the way how the results will be viewed on the webpage. They can be sorted by genre, duration, rating, and others.

In addition, for better navigation, a user is able to sort out the order which can be ascending or descending.

What to do if TorrentKing is blocked?

Torrentking is not available in many countries and could be blocked by the Internet Service Provider in your country.

Have you already faced the problem? Can’t access TorrentKing in your region, but want to try it? You have chosen the right webpage as we show you how to unblock TorrentKing with the help of the services which do work for TorrentKing.

Experienced torrent users know that in order to unblock torrent search engines or trackers, it is necessary to change your authentic IP address so that to avoid geo-blocking of the content. How can you change your IP address?

You can use

What unblocking tool will be more efficient? Stay here and you’ll definitely know it.

TorrentKing proxy servers: do they work?

When talking about torrent proxy, we have in mind a gateway that serves to mask users' IPs and therefore provide them with the access to the targeted torrenting sites.

Likewise, any other website, TorrentKing has such servers to provide netizens all over the world with unrestricted access to its content.

Would you like to get the list of TorrentKing proxy site?

We'll help you to do it. Here're the ones that work in 2019:


Disclaimer: the information here is pure of an introductory nature. Proxy servers undergo shutdown too often!

The best TorrentKing alternatives for 2019

Another good way to keep on downloading torrent files is to make use of TorrentKing alternatives. It is well known that there are many worthy torrent trackers to use instead of TorrentKing.

Are you ready to have a closer look at them?

Then, here we go!

RarBG logo

#1 RarBG

Having been founded in the year 2008, RarBG is a good alternative to TorrentKing in 2019. Thanks to its rich library with diverse content this torrenting website will help to find all the desired content to download.

Read more about RarBG.

The Pirate Bay logo

#2 The Pirate Bay

You will appreciate this tracker in case you want to up- and download torrents on the Internet. This website stood the test of time and works in many places around the world.

Read more about the Pirate Bay.

Zoogle logo

  #3 Zooqle

Fans of torrenting adore this service because of its safe nature. There is no information to be stored on this website. Only registration data are kept for users' convenience.

Torrentz logo#4 Torrentz

In spite of the fact taht this website was blocked, its mirrors are widely used by netizens. The main torrentz website mirrors are, and Here you may find a huge range of content to your taste.

Read more about Torrentz.

Why is TorrentKing blocked in some states?

As you know torrent sites are paid strong negative attention, and the country’s government has the right for ordering the blockage of torrent sites. The list of targeted torrent sites is long enough, and TorrentKing is among them.

This means you need some fast and active proxy links to access TorrentKing from your place. You can try this one.

Unfortunately, proxy links are not perfect, and even they are sometimes unavailable as well as the torrent website itself. What to do then? How to access blocked TorrentKing?

Here is one more and much more reliable alternative to unblocking TorrentKing.

Unblock TorrentKing with VPN

As it has been noted above, there are three actionable tools to unblock TorrentKing in geo-restricted locations. All of them can be applied to do that, but it is VPN which is considered to be more efficient as regards unblocking and using torrents.


Top VPN allows you more opportunities as you can pretend to be from another foreign country where TorrentKing is still available. VPN users change their authentic IP addresses in to ‘’fake’’ (IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY DO NOT EXIST, THEY ARE REAL).

Thus, your Internet Service Provider cannot trace it is you trying to access TorrentKing. Most VPN providers offer a multiple choice for their users, and they may change the country to visit the website of TorrentKing.

If you unblock TorrentKing with VPN, you will:

  • access TorrentKing from your country (in case it is not available for your geo-location);
  • codify everything you share within torrent trackers;
  • secure your internet connections while downloading torrent files.

How to access TorrentKing with VPN?

Having decided to unblock TorrentKing with VPN you should turn the VPN on and change your IP address. It is important to choose the server which is not located in your country. Having connected to a foreign VPN server, you will be able to overcome geo-restrictions.

It is important! Ensure that the country you have chosen does NOT block access to this torrent tracker!

Why codify torrent traffic?

Torrenting is one of those ambiguous issues which are under the prying eyes of the government. Actually, it is connected with copyright infringement. Copyrighted files are very often shared on torrent websites, which is illegal in most countries that have copyright laws. Thus, encrypting will be reasonable if you care about your privacy and safety.

Just think!

The authorities of the UK are very strict towards torrenting. Thus, people living there could spend up to 10 years in jail if they were caught while downloading content protected by the copyright law.

You know that torrent sites are actively tracked by the governments in order to find those who abuse the copyright laws.  That’s why encrypting of the data transferred while downloading torrents makes it less possible to receive a warning letter from third parties (Remember that copyrighted torrents have no any marks on this point. You might fall victim occasionally)

Why use TorrentKing anonymously?

It is not new that sharing torrents is not safe enough due to copyrighted content that can be found on such websites as TorrentKing or other torrent trackers such as Seedpeer or Toorgle. What is more, users’ IP addresses are open for a prying eye of not only common torrent users but ISP, copyright holders or trolls.

Unless you want to receive a warning letter from you ISP and pay a fine by mistake, think of being anonymous while torrenting.

How to use TorrentKing safely and anonymously?

A VPN can serve as a sustainable service that will make you safe and secure for torrenting on TorrentKing.

These are 3 top Why-answers to use a VPN for TorrentKing search engine:

  • Why to use a VPN for safe torrenting on TorrentKing?

A VPN codifies the traffic transferred: you become less vulnerable to hacker attacks and ISPs’ tracing your torrent activity.

  • Why to use a VPN for anonymous torrenting on TorrentKing?

You torrent under a foreign IP, which makes you hidden from prying eyes of authorities and ISPs.

  • Why not use Tor instead of VPN for anonymous and safe torrenting on Torrentking?

TOR is not good decision for torrenting on TorrentKing as it makes your internet connection much SLOWER than it is with a VPN.

Is TorrentKing safe? Any risks?

TorrentKing is rather big and popular platform for torrent search visited by a huge number of visitors daily. There are users of various kinds who search upload and download torrents of various types.

It seems that there is no guarantee that TorrentKing is safe. There are certain risks which are widely-spread within such types of websites. Don’t know what they are?

Virus and malware: be careful!

Since torrent websites such as Demonoid are free and easy to access, there is much torrent content can be found. Unfortunately, malware infections are quite ordinary things on torrent trackers. Once having downloaded a malicious torrent file, a user takes risks of infecting the device used for torrenting.

Copyright abuse issues: don’t fall victim to it!

If such words as copyright trolls, tracking and warning letters are not new for you, you are not a torrent beginner. Then there is no need to provide you with the detailed explanations of these risks and why it is not safe to visit TorrentKing without VPN. Still, one should know these 2 key things on the issue:

  • In case you don’t hide your IP address while torrenting, ISPs will know that you visit torrentking and share torrents there.
  • If you don’t connect via a VPN for TorrentKing, ISPs will be aware of what you are doing there (what torrents were downloaded by you).

Taking into account the abovementioned risks, you’d better follow these preventive measures to avoid possible negative outcomes:

  • Be sure you’ve read the comments on the torrent you are going to download from TorrentKing. If most of them are not positive, think twice before you decide to download that content.
  • If you know exactly that a torrent file is pirated, you’d better not to download such content so that you won’t receive a warning letter from Internet Service Providers.
  • Use a VPN that encrypts the data with a strong 256-bit key. This tool will ‘’hide’’ your torrents from third parties’ eyes. Thus, your ISP won’t be able to throttle or restrict your traffic to such websites.
  • Remember that it is unsafe to torrent without a VPN for torrenting. Keep your traffic away from any prying eye.

Torrents not downloading with VPN: what to do?

It is strongly recommended to torrent via Virtual Private Network. Still, one may sometimes face the peculiar problem: torrents not downloading with VPN. Why may it happen so?

  • Your VPN simply doesn’t support P2P.
  • Your Internet Service Provider identified that you use a VPN app and restricts your traffic.
  • Your IP address is leaked to the network, and the torrent site is unavailable for your region.
  • The VPN you use for torrenting is not speedy enough to perform fast downloading.

What should you do to get rid of the problems mentioned above?

 VPN simply doesn’t support P2P.

When you choose a VPN for torrenting (YTS or Yify, for instance), you need to check whether it actually allows torrenting. The information can be found either on the website or you may ask the support specialists. That’s very important to know before you subscribe for the VPN. Otherwise, it will be useless for torrenting.

 Your Internet Service Provider identified that you use a VPN app and restricts your traffic.

Internet Service Providers in certain countries, such as the USA, apply progressive tools to identify torrent traffic. One of them is Deep Packet Inspection which allows them to unlock torrent traffic and what users do on the Internet. So, it would be more reliable if you subscribe for a VPN that will provide you with additional protection features (split tunneling, double encryption, etc.)

 Your IP address is leaked to the network, and the torrent site is unavailable for your region.

Such situations may take place if a VPN is not strong enough. Never subscribe for a VPN for torrenting without previous thorough reading of the VPN review on the Internet. You may also leave a comment to ask the specialists about the service. In case your VPN leaks your IP, consult your VPN provider about the problem, maybe it is just a temporary error.

 The VPN you use for torrenting is not speedy enough to perform fast downloading.

Finally, it is known that VPN can slow down internet connections, so it is dead necessary to have a speedy VPN to be able to download a heavy torrent file at fast speeds. Thus, be sure your VPN offers fast speeds (You may conduct a speed test using free online services). Besides, you may find any free software to boost your speed on the Internet.

Feel free to leave us a comment! Be safe and private on the network!

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