Best ways for torrenting via BitTorrent

Sometimes we wish to find a program or a movie on the Internet and download it. But almost all links we find bring us to the websites, which offer to pay before getting access to the necessary content. And even if you pay, nobody will guarantee the speed will be ok and the downloaded file will correspond to your requirements. There are the examples, when people downloaded files with malware even after payment. So, would you like to pay for something, which is even not necessary virus-free?

Torrenting sites (trackers and search engines) were created with the aim to provide internet users with the quality material. Torrenting is an effective way of data exchange. The information you load by means of torrent technology has nothing in common with torrent clients.

Torrent downloaders don’t possess libraries, they only serve as platforms for file sharing. It means that if you want to share legal content by means of a torrent client (for example your own video), you will not face any problems. But if only you try to share a copyright-protected movie, you may be accused of infringement of copyright.

What is BitTorrent?

Logo of Bittorrent client

The year of 2016 became fruitful for BitTorrent downloader, as the torrent client took up the second position in the rating of the most popular torrent downloaders. The figures show that the client is used by a great number of people – 11.9% of torrent users. Such position is the result of the unlimited facilities the torrent client provides us with:

BitTorrent client is among the best ones thanks to the gradual loading of torrent file pieces. This technology allows down- and uploading ‘big’ files in the shortest possible time.

Unlimited bandwidth makes this torrent client even more attractive in consumers’ eyes. Thus, there is no need to wait till tomorrow if a user wants to download gigabytes of data. Download as much as you like thanks to BitTorrent client. What is more, it is possible to run the downloader as a background, which is very convenient for those, who want to use the device for numerous purposes at a time. The simultaneous use of BitTorrent and other programs doesn’t decrease the speed of a device.

BitTorrent possesses a remote control function, which makes torrenting at a distance possible. It means that you will have to use BitTorrent both on your computer and a portable gadget. Thanks to it, you will manage to download the torrent file on your computer being far away from it by means of a special application on your tablet or smartphone.

Having chosen BitTorrent client for file-sharing you will definitely be right. Two versions of BitTorrent are available: free and paid.

Logo of Bittorrent Free plan

Free version of BitTorrent is a good choice for those, who can’t pay for service, but want to torrent video, software, music, etc.

Logo of Bittorrent Pro

Paying $19.95 for a year subscription to BitTorrent, you will get extra functions, which will make the process of torrent file sharing even more captivating, easy and fast.

BitTorrent characteristics

Statusfree, $19.95
Release dateJuly 2, 2001
Latest updateFebruary and November 2016
Version7.9.9 built 42924 for Windows OS, for Mac OS
Operating systemWindows, Mac
Interface languages66
Official website

Interface of Bittorrent client

Possible threats of torrenting by means of BitTorrent client

The monitoring of BitTorrent users became known to the broad audience in the year of 2012 thanks to the research conducted by Birmingham University. Since those times the need to find the tools to download securely and anonymously became more evident.

Monitoring of Bittorrent users

The reason to identify as many torrent users as possible is connected with money. Some years ago, when the internet wasn’t so available as it is now, the only way to listen to a new album of a singer was to buy a CD. Then, it became possible to download any content on the Internet, but in this case the right-holders suffer a lot (they can’t earn money). Thus the number of sold CDs decreases together with the income of celebrities, right-holders and so on.

In such a way, Germany laws forbid torrenting activity.

Nevertheless, the authorities try to make us pay for such products by means of the fines for torrenting copyright-protected material. The fines sometimes reach a great amount of money.

Malware icon

The second threat that lies in wait for you is malicious software, which can be downloaded with the torrent file. It is known that using BitTorrent client for torrenting the files are divided into numerous pieces and are downloaded from several computers. /tor/The computer of a seeder can infect the file you download from it, and as a result, you will download malicious file. If you don’t want to have a closer look at such troubles, it is high time to take measures and use BitTorrent anonymously.

The ways to use BitTorrent securely

There are three ways that will help toy use BitTorrent client safely both for you and your device. They function in a similar way, but have different number of functions. Let’s study them in details.


How proxy works for Bittorrent

Proxy server can become a tool to use BitTorrent safely, as it provides us with the function of anonymous access to the services. Proxy server can keep data about its users back. In this case, the target server knows the information of a proxy server (for example, its IP), but it can hardly be possible to identify the proxy user. One can also use proxies, which garble the information about proxy clients.


How Tor works

The onion router is used to hide torrent lovers’ IPs while using BitTorrent clients. It is allowed by means of Tor technology of running through three volunteer nodes (minimum). Tor technology serves to make the process of IP identification impossible.


How VPN works for Bittorrent

VPN use is described the last in this article, but it doesn’t mean that its functions are less significant. Vice versa, the benefits a VPN subscriber gets using this reliable tool are impressive:

Anonymous BitTorrent use.

Torrent users will not be identified by the authorities or ISP. That is why they will not be subjected to downloading copyright files.

Transferring data encryption.

Both downloaded and uploaded torrent files will be encrypted. Besides, a VPN encodes your IP, time of access to the websites and pages on the Internet you browse.

Access to the blocked content and services.

BitTorrent users sometimes experience lack of access to some websites and services. Thus, it unblocks them for you to use.

For example, the TPB site is bloacked in many regions of the world, but a credible VPN provider will manage to make it accessible notwithstanding the place you visit.

IP change.

The VPN provider not simply hides your IP, it also changes it into an IP of the country you want.

Log absence.

This characteristic is perhaps among the most vital ones, as it guarantees that the information about the users will not undergo leak.

The price is the only minus of VPNs. It varies from $2 up to $20 a month.

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