Torrenting with Kickass (Step-by-Step)

Kickass Torrents is a former trendy website for downloading torrent files. Founded in 2008,  Kickass Torrents (or simply KAT) exists and today. In spite of numerous troubles KAT stood the test of time and is among most haunted torrent sites.

Every torrent users knows that torrenting without a VPN is neither safe, nor private.

Kickass Torrents is so popular among torrent lovers that it attracts huge numbers of visitors to the torrent tracker.

How many users a day visit KickassTorrents?

Nowadays Kickass is used by over 100 500 unique visitors a day, and the daily income reaches up to $1000 a day (by means of ads), which is very impressive for a free torrent tracker. The geography of Kickass is significant.

Countries where kickasstorrents is avaialble

The infographics bellow represents the current state of affairs. As you see, the residents of the USA are the most active Kickass users even in spite of the fact that such streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime are available for them.

Kickasstorrents users by country

Nowadays, Kickass Torrents supplies KAT users with files for torrenting music, TV shows, movies and games. To access Kickass Torrents it is necessary to register.

The system DOESN’T require:

  • real name,
  • surname,
  • phone number or..
  • alike information about a user.

What is required to be registered on KickassTorrents?

Only a password and a username are required.

How private are you on KAT?

Being a responsible torrent search engine,as well as Torrentz, Kickass Torrents familiarizes its users with ‘Terms of Service’.

It is necessary to read it attentively, as such a document usually contains information about:

  • logs,
  • user’s right while using visiting the website,
  • warranty, and etc.

After successful registration a user will be allowed to download torrent files, which are accompanied by the information on name, size, seed, leach and age. These data allow timing the process of file downloading.

Get upset because of Kickass shutdown? Use the alternatives to KAT

The majority of websites with torrent search engines contain the copyright protected files and as a result their activity is considered to be illegal(Some countries’ governments are extremely strict about torrenting, so torrenting without a VPN there is not safe). As for Kickass Torrents, the situation differs a lot as it keeps Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

What does it mean for KickassTorrents activity?

Thus, the activity of KAT is legal.

But there’s a real catch:

The website undergoes blocking at regular intervals. Therefore, the domain of KAT was changed several times. Initially it was, but three years later it was changed into Its last and still existing address is

When was the last shutdown?

The last serious shutdown was connected with the arrest of Kickass owner Artem Vaulin in Poland in 2016. Unfortunately, we don’t know when Kickass will undergo the next shutdown again. In this regard, it is necessary to take measures and be ready for it. That is why let’s get a closer look at the best alternatives to Kickass torrent tracker.

KickassTorrents alternatives: what are they?

The Pirate Bay  is definitely the best alternative to Kickass, as it stands on its own two feet since the year of 2003 and provides its users with the best content to torrent.

The second rewording Kickass alternative is RarBG. The facilities this torrent tracker provides us with are fantastic: movies, TV shows, games, software and so on.

LimeTorrents is another worthwhile website in case Kickass is blocked. User-friendly interface, gigabytes of available content and compatibility with the devices running on diverse platforms are the advantages of LimeTorrents – a great alternative for Kickass.  is a torrent tracker that specializes in movies and series. If you are looking a tracker to find Kickass movies, feel free to use this one.

Torrent Project is in the list of good alternatives to Kickass torrent search engine, as it contains over 8 million files in its database, making it possible to find almost any content available for torrent users.

Loads of movies, games, apps, documentaries and what not will become available for you if you choose 1337x. Why not to substitute Kickass for the time of its shutdown by means of this wonderful torrent search engine?

Torrent Downloads can also become an alternative variant to Kickass. The torrent tracker is dead easy to use.

Coming back to the issue of Kickass activity it should be mentioned, that in spite of the fact that Kickass Torrents’ activity is legitimate, still there are some troubles with torrenting. It is connected with some weak or unclear points in legislation. For example, the government of Germany conducts extremely strict policy in respect of copyright. In this connection, watching free movies online or torrenting can lead to law problems.

How to unblock Kickass Torrents with a VPN?

If you fail t access Kickass Torrents in your country, take it easy as there I an efficient tool that will unblock the torrent tracker for your region. Want to know what it is? Got interested?

We aren’t going to make waiting anymore. The best tool to unblock Kickass Torrents is VPN (Virtual Private Network). Don’t know what VPN stands for? Well, let’s explain it in a few words.

What is VPN?

If a user gets connected via VPN, all the traffic is passed via special tunneling where it is encrypted and goes out of this VPN tunnel as codified data. Moreover, the user’s Real IP address is hidden and not visible for any prying eyes online.

In case VPN is not a ‘’strange unknown’’ word for you, check well your VPN service works with What is my IP tool.

So, now you understand how VPN works and ready to know how to unblock Kickass Torrents with VPN.

Take a few simple steps below and Kickass Torrents will be unblocked for you:

#1 Subscribe for a VPN.

It is necessary to use a paid VPN service as free VPN for torrenting is not as efficient and private as a paid one.

#2 Download a VPN app for your platform.

Whatever platform you use, VPN services from various providers are compatible with a great number of operating systems and devices. You just need to download the one for you platform and install it.

#3 Get connected to the Internet via a VPN server.

When a VPN app is installed and ready for work, turn the app on and choose the server located in the country where Kickass Torrents isn’t blocked.

Are you surprised it is so easy to unblock Kickass Torrents with VPN?

Kickass Torrents mirrors

To capitalize on the former fame and popularity of, some ready-witted people create the sites with the similar domains. Such sites are attractive for Kickass torrents fans, as they hope to start using the site with resembling structure, torrents and navigation.

But unfortunately, it is not always so. Some sites with the words “kickass” or “kat” as a part of their domain names can hardly function.

So, we are here to help you! Look through the best Kickass Torrent mirrors and don’t waste your time in vain looking for them on other sites.

kat. how

The first mirror for is kat. how. Having typed in this domain in an address line, you’ll be immediately redirected to There you’ll find the torrent files for games, movies, TV shows, music and what not. Besides, this torrent tracker allows uploading the files. Thus, it is a great opportunity to share the files stored on your computer with others.

katcr. to

A vast diversity of torrents is offered on katcr. to. Apart from usual torrents for entertainment, katcr. to offers to download applications and books. This Kickass mirror possesses the support services, blog and the section with the frequently asked questio

KAT: copyright infringement issues

As any other torrent tracker Kickass Torrent possessed the links to the torrent files. On users could find movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, books, songs and what not.

But many of them included a copyright notice in the beginning. According to such notice it was forbidden to distribute these materials without a special permission. KAT functioned without such license, so the legality of the platform was open to question.

A special agent was used to download the copyright protected files by means of Kickass Torrents. Among the downloaded files there were Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men Apocalypse, Now You See Me 2 and others. Some of KAT movies were downloaded hundreds and even thousands of times. Thus, the rightholders lost a great amount of money.

According to the Criminal Complaint the sum reaches $1 000 000.

The sum according to the Complaint

KAT team was notified about the “Copyright Complaint”, but the answer was surprising.

 “Copyright Complaint” sent to Kickasstorrents team

The evidence of Vaulin’s guilt

The USA special agencies worked out the special operation involving an undercover agent.

Let’s study it in details.

How did they manage to contact Vaulin?

Kickass Torrents was always free for its users. Nevertheless, the torrent tracker succeeded in earning money. It was possible owing to two factors: visitors and ads.

The site was used by about 50 million unique visitors daily, which meant that the platform is popular. And in the modern world, top-rated platforms are used for advertising. It occurred to Kickass tracker.

The tracker was in existence at the expense of advertisements. Big companies were proposed to place the ads. So, Kickass owner charged from $300 a day for advertisement.

This scheme hit the US special agencies upon an idea to identify Mr. Vaulin. So, ads became the vulnerability of Kickass owner.

Having contacted Kickass administrator via Kat forum, the agent managed to know the email of the platform.

In November 2015 an undercover agent contacted the torrent service with the suggestion to post an advertisement on one of Kickass banners. The price was $300, but later it reached the sum of $3200. The customer was offered to transmit money via different banks: first in Latvia, then in the Republic of Estonia.

The KAT admin let the potential advertiser know beforehand about the necessity not to mention Kickass Torrent while paying for service.

Vaulin’s fatal mistake: the US special agencies identified the IP of Vaulin and analyzed the information granted by Apple.

KAT owner’s IP address was identified when he accessed KAT account on Facebook and then it the same IP was notices while iTunes transaction.

The current state of things

Kickass Torrents is not available under its former used domains,, and Nevertheless, the fans of torrenting technology have an opportunity to download torrents via KAT mirrors.

As for the lot of KAT owner Artem Vaulin, he was released from custody in May 2017. It was a compulsory measure, as KAT owner had health problems. The bail reached $ 108 000. Besides, the passport was confiscated in order Vaulin had no chance to leave the country.

Anonymity will help torrent lovers

In this regard, a user is to undertake all reasonable precautions to avoid such troubles. Anonymity plays an important role in this question, as it is impossible to bring an accusation against an unknown person. The only way to stay unrevealed on the Internet is to hide an IP. But how to do it, as it is well-known that user’s ISP is always aware of this data. An Internet user will solve this problem by means of a Tor, proxies or a VPN, for example.

Tor, or the onion router, is a service which is used to hide user’s IP. It functions in the following way: a user puts an inquiry to Tor server, in its turn this server connects to the next one and then to the required website. All the data routing through the servers are encoded and the server is able to identify the IP of the previous one.

Proxy, or proxy server, can hide your IP as well. But it functions a bit different and it has some weak points: restricts access to some services, slows down the speed and keep info on other users.

VPN functions even more efficient and simpler. It both encodes the data and makes its user absolutely anonymous on the Internet. That is why Kickass Torrents users will be under the strong protection torrenting their favourite series or featured movies and games. There is a vast diversity of facilities a worthwhile VPN supplies its users with.

Use Kickass anonymously. But why?

There are several reasons to use Kickass torrent tracker anonymously:

#1 Being not identified while torrenting Kickass users will not be subjected to downloading copyrighted material.

#2 Censorship will stop being a problem for you. Thus, you’ll access any contend you wish via Kickass torrent search engine and download it on your device.

#3 With  a trustworthy VPN, you will not be monitored by your ISP, the authorities or other people/organizations targeted at identifying Kickass users.

To conclude, it should be covered that one must not save on his security, as it may lead to irreversible backwash effect.

How choose a VPN for Kickass Torrents?

Having understood that you should download torrents on Kickass Torrents or other torrent websites with a VPN, you need to know how to choose the best for Kickass Torrents.

Feature 1: P2P and bittorrent allowed

A VPN for Kickass Torrents should allow this kind of data transfer. Otherwise, the VPN won’t work for torrenting.

Feature 2: No-logging policy

You need to choose a VPN provider that doesn’t keep any type of logs from their customers. For this reason, free VPNs are not suitable for torrenting, just because they don’t provide you anonymity.

Feature 3: Payment with Bitcoins

Copyright issues are widely-discussed as far as torrenting is concerned. That’s why paying for a VPN subscription with bitcoins is far more anonymously.

Torrenting with Kickass: 5 Main Highlights

  • Kickass Torrents hasn’t disappeared, it is available. If it isn’t, you may access it either through mirrors or a VPN service.
  • You should use Kickass Torrens anonymously so that you won’t get a warning letter from copyright owners or trolls.
  • To unblock Kickass Torrents, you need to subscribe for a paid VPN, download and install the VPN app, choose a VPN server and get connected via this VPN server in order to hide your real IP.
  • Free VPN services are not suitable for torrenting with Kickass!
  • Choose a VPN that allows P2P,  paying with bitcoins and keeps no users’ logs.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about torrenting with Kickass. Have a nice day!

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