Is it possible to torrent being in Russia?

Torrent tracker is a catalogue of links or a forum where fans of free peer-to-peer file sharing distribute the links for the downloading of useful soft, movies, games, books and what not. The loading of a torrent file is possible thanks to a special program called torrent client.

The attitude to torrenting is different from country to country. And today we are going to find out more about it, as there are people who travel a lot or are to study abroad. It means your torrenting habits may be changed because of the policy of this or that area.

Torrenting in Russia

torrentsrussiaThe Russians will have to fork out to watch a new season of a favorite series having downloaded it for free by means of BitTorrent technology. The Russian authorities think over introducing the system of fines for downloading content online.

Nevertheless, copyright experts say that this measure won’t be efficient. If their words are to be trusted, the availability of legal products will work better. Only it can stop torrenting.

How do the authorities react?

Currently, interdepartmental discussions are conducted in bodies of government on the occasion of punitive sanctions against those who prefer downloading torrent content via the net without registration, payment or SMS.

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation put forward an initiative to block the access to the torrenting sites before the official judgment. This initiative was launched as a run-time version. However, the initiative wasn’t supported by the leading Internet providers.

The authorities have plan B. They propose to collect payment from torrent fans by means of a special system similar to that function in Germany. Thus, if you torrent in Russia, your IP will be defined by the system, after which it’ll be easy to identify your home or legal address. This address will be used to send a letter notifying of the fine.

For what type of torrented content you are to pay in Russia?

The official establishment also informed that the users will have to pay for torrenting only domestically produced products of cinematography. The government is ready to strive for the protection of the Russian copyright.

Russian authorities and torrentingOn the one hand, Russian authorities think that it’s incorrect to shift responsibility for the content online onto users, as sometimes even lawyers can’t identify where is the boundary between legal and illegal content.

On the other hand, not only the person who has downloaded torrent file is to be punished, but the distributor as well.

Thus, the Russian authorities state that the only powerful method to stop torrenting is to block ‘mirrors’.

As a rule, mirrors appear after a torrenting site shutdown. Thus, the majority of Extratorrent mirrors were created immediately after the site had been blocked.

Why fines are not the best way-out?

The experts in the sphere of copyright say that the fine for those who download files by means of torrent sites and clients is a losing idea from the very beginning. It is necessary to punish those who provide the net with the copyright protected files. Otherwise, it would mean that the authorities don’t want to fight against the torrenting sites, but their consumers, who sometimes even don’t know whether the file is forbidden to load or not.

The menace of fine will not stop the people. They download because of two reasons:

  •  lack of the necessary content to stream;
  •  lack of money to pay.

Thus, the authorities of the Russian Federation state that it is better to make the content more accessible for users. It means that it’s necessary to create digital libraries. The access to such libraries should be paid but affordable for an average Russian.

Besides, some technical users manage to use somebody else’s Wi-Fi to download torrent files. Imagine, that you have never torrented, but receive a letter that says you are to pay a fine for torrenting. To say it is unpleasant is say nothing! This is one more reason not to make people pay fines for torrenting.

The position of Russian authorities is still unclear regarding the issue of torrenting. But it is very changeable and nobody knows what will happen in the future. Maybe today you’ll start torrenting and tomorrow you’ll be accused of illegal activity because of it.

Are there any ways to download torrent files securely being in Russia?

Luckily, such methods do exist.

To become an active torrent tracker user and load anything you want it is necessary to be anonymous while torrenting.

Many people are erroneous to assume that if you don’t register on torrenting sites and on the official website of a torrent downloader, you use, it’s said that your data are encrypted it’s impossible to find you. But it is a common misconception.

Is it possible to track users, who download torrent files?

In theory it’s possible thanks to the Internet Service Providers, who monitor every single user on the Internet. But there are some ways that make you anonymous online.

  1. Browser extensions

Those who try to download torrent files anonymously study a lot of material regarding the issue of internet security. It is possible to change the settings of your browser, delete cookie files and what not. But it’s the least efficient method to be protected online.

Browser extensions for torrenting in Russia

  1. Proxy

Proxy servers are used to access services which are blocked in a particular area. From this point of view, this tool is useful. But as for your security, it’s better to look for the alternatives, as your data are not hidden from the preying eyes.

Proxy for torrenting in Russia

  1. Tor

The Onion Router technology serves to encrypt your data including IP, traffic and what not. Besides, it is absolutely free. The benefits of Tor technology are really impressive, but hacking attacks are its weak spot. There are some other vulnerabilities that make us think about more reliable security tools.

Tor for torrenting in Russia

  1. Virtual Private Networks

A VPN is favorite security tool of technical users. It’s impossible even for the government to identify your IP in case you use a VPN. Still don’t know whether it is worth using or not? Then let’s enumerate its facilities:

  • data and traffic encryption wherever you are;
  • access to any blocked content, sites and services from every corner of the world;
  • unlimited bandwidth and speed.

VPN for torrenting in Russia

Want to torrent being in Russia? No problems just subscribe to a VPN provider and sleep the sleep of the just.

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