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Toorgle is one of the leading and most-visited torrent search engines currently in use. When searching a torrent file you want to download, Toorgle indexes the online platforms where the file is available. However, the website does not host torrent files; it just supplied you with a list of the reputable sites from where you can download a torrent file or receive a magnet link.

Toorgle was designed in 2007 as an example of the Google search engine of torrent sites. has gained popularity among netizens that have paid tribute to the usefulness of this torrent search engine. Indeed, you are able to easily perform a search on Toorgle to find a relevant list of downloads or magnet links available on the Internet, instead of manually searching through thousands of torrent sites.

What can you find on

As it was said above, Toorgle makes it easier to find links that are considered to be reliable and secure, while having many seeders. For each search visitors perform, this torrent search engine provides a list of the websites where a required file is available, along with a short description. offers approximately 450+ torrent sites used by the search engine for providing relevant links with over 55 million torrent files indexed.

How to search for the torrent file or magnet link on Toorgle?

The option of searching necessary content is provided on like in a well-known Google search engine.

Actually, searching Toorgle is pretty easy. You have to type what you are interested in finding into the search box on the Toorgle web site.

After you’ve searched, you’ll get a page full of results. All you need is to choose the most suitable link to download. You may also see ads that appear above of the main search results. Nevertheless, Toorgle keeps the ad separated from the search results and labeled with the word “Ad”. Privacy Policy

Having visited, its web server automatically recognizes the user’s domain name and e-mail address if possible. In addition, they identify on what pages users access or visit. All the information received is collected and can be used for internal review, for customizing the website’s content or layout of web pages for each individual visitor.

Besides, uses cookies to store visitors’ preferences, record user-specific data, including browser type and exchanged information, aiming at customizing the website content.

If you provide Toorgle with your postal address or telephone number, you will receive the information for the reasons which you have supplied these pieces of sensitive data.

Toorgle has a custom of providing the e-mail addresses of its visitors to reputable organizations. This is because Toorgle considers their products or services interesting and even helpful for users. Nevertheless, you have a right to protect your anonymity and contact Toorgle support by phone if you do not want them to share your e-mail address with a third party.

As far as an online ad is concerned, the website features the companies of interest that are allowed to place their links on Toorgle’s web pages. Having visited, such personal data as your domain type, actual IP address, and clickstream information may be collected by ad server companies.

What is more, Toorgle keeps up with appropriate security measures aiming at protecting against possible loss, misusage or alteration of users’ personal data that has been collected at the website.

Top 5 Toorgle alternatives

For torrent users who are searching for Toorgle alternatives, here is a list of trustworthy websites:

Why you have no access to

There is a risk of Toorgle being down and inaccessible due to DDoS attacks, DNS issues, bandwidth limits, and others. Usually, the issues are temporary and solvable in a few minutes. Nevertheless, Toorgle may be blocked by your ISP or web filtering that require using additional apps and services to bypass restrictions.

  • Deleting your web browser cache

Having no access to Toorgle website, the quickest step to undertake is to restart your web browser, reload the web page by clicking F5, clear the browser’s cache, and disable the recently downloaded browser extensions and the firewall software. It is also possible to wait a few minutes before visiting and do not forget to activate the firewall software.

  • Updating default DNS servers

You are also recommended to change the default IP address utilized by the DNS servers. As practice shows, the Google Public DNS is able to resolve some connection problems while accessing Toorgle.

  •  Using a VPN service

If you live or stay temporarily in a country with adopted internet restrictions and where filtering of web content is the norm, the possibility of accessing Toorgle is unlikely and even impossible.

Anyway, utilizing a reliable VPN service is the best choice for accessing restricted websites and online services whenever and wherever you are. Being supplied with a high-quality encryption, it is impossible for government agencies or local ISPs to discover your identity and track your torrenting activity.

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