T411 won’t cause joy to the French

Torrent 411 was among the top sites in France because of its wonderful facilities and unlimited torrenting. It was a great torrent tracker for French torrent lovers for almost 10 years.

Torrenting is not a safe harbor today as it was previously. Currently, any entity can find out what you are torrenting now. Security on the net became an urgent issue, especially today when torrent lovers face the mass blocking of torrent websites. For example, Kickass underwent shut down some time ago, but today it is available.

If you use BitTorrent technology to watch movies and series you like, listen to music and load soft, the time is right to take precautions and hide your identity.

Today we are going to get to know one more torrent tracker – T411.

The reading will not take much time but will definitely be captivating for you. All the relevant information is inside. Let's get started!

What is T411?

The website of t411 torrent tracker

T411 is also known as a torrent tracker under the name Torrent411. This torrent site was launched in the year of 2008 and was used for file sharing among torrent fans. Peer-to-peer technology underlies this tracker.

The site was available in 5 languages, but T411 targeted chiefly Frenchmen. The popularity of this torrent tracker in France couldn’t be compared to any other torrent sites. User-friendly interface and diversity of files to load made this tracker number one in the country of romantic movies.

Is T411 down?

T411’s way is not an easy one. During its history, this torrenting site’s users suffered a lot from the problems with the access to it. From time to time, Torrent411 developers changed the domain name, and it worked. But T411 torrent tracker doesn’t function since the 27th of June 2017.

Swedish and French police suppressed one of the most visited torrent sites – T411. This shutdown stimulated numerous disputes in the IT sphere.

As well as other torrent sites, T411 gave an opportunity to load music, games, and movies without hosting the files themselves. At the same time, Torrent411 was one of the most visited sites as of 2013 and served for over 5 million clients.

Among other torrenting sites that haven't stood the test of time are Torrentz, NyaaTorrents, and others.

Why T411 is down?

Two men were arrested on suspicion of infringement of copyright and laundering of money. These men were connected with the torrent tracker launch.

The French authorities work towards this issue on a regular basis.

“But why?” – you will ask.

Torrent411 became the basis of a complaint from the direction of the French musicians and composers society. The artists are against torrenting in general. They want people to visit cinemas, theatres, concerts, but not to download audio and video files by means of BitTorrent technology.

How to unblock T411?

As soon as the T411 website does not work anymore, there is no way to unblock it by changing an IP address (through VPN software).

Thus, even if the IP is changed, T411 website will not be accessible, as it ceases to exist.


This isn't the time to give up the idea to download torrents, as there are different ways to find content on the Internet. And now not streaming is meant.

Read further!

T411 alternatives that are worth using

On the grounds of the Torrent411 shutdown, people find the alternative variants to keep on torrenting. And here we are to help.

Read this article and you’ll know what are the best variants to take T411 place in its absence.

The last domains the site used were the following: t411.al and t411.ai. The access to the torrent tracker is not available by means of these domains.

Attention! There are NOT any mirrors for Torrent411! All the sites with ‘t411’ in its domain name(apart from described here) are not connected to a former French torrent tracker.

There are a lot of fraudsters who try to use Torrent411’s fame and attract its consumers by means of it. You should know that such sites may offer the content with the malicious software.

Thus, let’s have a closer look at the best alternatives to T411:

This torrent tracker takes the first place

#1 Yggtorrent

This torrent tracker takes the first place, as it is available in French. Yggtorrent is also known as a T411 digital follower. The visual environment of this torrent tracker doesn’t remind earlier popular Torrent411 but possesses alike database of torrent files to load.

Yggtorrent can be used by both Frenchmen and those who know the French language and want to improve it. A great library of movies, series, TV shows, audio, soft, books, and other files are presented here. 

The Pirate Bay - alternative to t411

#2 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is perhaps the best database of torrent files in various languages. French is available as well. That is why it won’t be a difficult task for you to use it as T411 alternative.

This tracker takes leading positions among other platforms of this kind. Millions of people use it for peer-to-peer file sharing. Thus, you won’t have any troubles with the speed.

#3 T411 v2

t411v2 -alternative to t411This website is a good alternative to Torrent411. Besides, the authors of this platform state that they exerted every effort to make this tracker a replacement of a recently closed Torrent411. It is vivid that their aim was reached.

The alternatives mentioned in this article are really worthy, but not everyone can access them. They are simply blocked in some countries.

Besides, if you are not well-informed about Torrent411 mirrors, it is possible to fall into a trap and visit the sites targeted your steady life. That is why you are to be protected while torrenting.

Do T411 proxy sites work?

Proxy servers work through third-party websites, which allows bypassing torrenting sites' blocking. However, they may slow down the speed and make the process of P2P file-sharing extremely slow and therefore time-consuming.

Besides, when the site is shut down, there is no way to use proxies.


It is possible to make use of its mirror sites.

Torrent trackers mirrors' look very similar to the real ones. As a rule, they have the same navigation, interface, and content. However, some of them are just a pathetic excuse for real torrenting sites.

Thus, it is extremely important to find a worthy website to keep on downloading torrents.

But as for Torrent 411 (or simply T411), there are neither proxies nor mirrors. The only way to share files through BitTorrent technology is to make use of T411 alternatives.


When you download a torrent file, you connect to the group of people, who know the IP address of a computer you use. It is convenient when you use files jointly with other internet users. Nevertheless, this convenience makes you unprotected against any entity on the net.

As a matter of fact, anonymity is the only way to torrent securely. It turned out that anonymity is not always free. However, it is possible to find the service that provides it for free.

Would you like to know about the ways to secure torrenting?

Then, spend a couple more minutes and read this article till the end.

Variant #1

The example of the service that will make your web browsing confidential is Tor. Tor is suitable in case you use it to load torrent files. A user can be anonymous until the moment he setups BitTorrent routing.

Tor advantages

Tor disadvantages

+ no one can trace your IP

– slow speed

+ distributed network serves to prevent DoS attacks

– Tor browser is a good place for cybercrime

+ Tor is 100% free

Variant #2

Another way to access a torrent tracker in case it is unavailable in the place you live is to make use of a proxy server. Proxy servers are used as a mediator between a user and a target server. Thus, a user is given an opportunity to open websites using the IP address offered by this intermediate proxy server. There are both paid and free proxy servers for torrenting.

Proxy advantages

Proxy disadvantages

+ compatible with the majority of browsers

– failures are possible

+ DNS requests by means of proxy

– free proxy servers are restricted in facilities

– anonymity is not ensured

Variant #3

VPN servers are used more often than proxy servers and Tor to achieve the desired anonymity and security while surfing the Internet. And there’s a rationale to that!

What is the best way to torrent anonymously?

Virtual Private Networks have similar functions as proxy servers. Nevertheless, if proxy encrypts only your torrent traffic (the files you up- and download), a VPN encodes both torrent traffic and internet traffic. It means that all your data are hidden: files you load, visited pages, the time when you access this or that online service. Besides, it is impossible to get to know your IP.

Note! Torrent clients will not make the process of torrenting anonymous but they will definitely help you download and sometimes even search torrents in a convenient way.

There are the best ones:

VPN is a good thing, which offers us confidentiality. And what is more beneficial, it is possible to browse the net and load torrents on a high speed.

How to choose the VPN you need?

It is not an easy task to find the VPN that would meet all your needs. But here we are to assist you. Pay attention to some characteristics and you will not have to spend hours to find the best VPN for you:

Server locations

The number of servers and their geographical diversity will serve you good, unblocking more websites and making your digital footprint non-identifiable.


Both upload and download speed may decrease significantly with VPNs (free ones). Thus, it is recommended to take hold of a free trial and test the VPN service for torrenting before paying for it. Remember that speed is important when downloading game torrents.

Unlimited bandwidth

Looking for a VPN for torrenting don’t forget about the main characteristics a good VPN should possess – limitless bandwidth. Otherwise, you will have to stop your activity, as the VPN protection will be over.

Devices allowed

Opt for the VPN service on the assumption of the number of electronic gadgets you are going to use for torrenting. Don’t forget that there are VPNs that allow only one connection per account.


Perhaps you understand that a trustworthy VPN service is to be paid. But it will not be detrimental for you, as VPN provider care of their customers and offer very alluring discount systems.

Summarizing the talk…

T411 is not available at this very moment. But nobody knows the destiny of this torrent tracker. In case you still prefer torrenting to streaming, it is possible to use the alternatives to T411, as there are many worthy torrenting sites.

But making torrenting possible, it is necessary to watch out of your security, as torrenting activity may result in unintended consequences.

Here there are 2 main fears of torrent fans:

  1.  torrent files often contain malicious software and as a result, the device one uses for torrenting may be infected;

  2. Internet Service Providers identify seeders and leechers by means of their traffic investigation and inform the rightsholders and special authorities about copyright infringements.

Thus, to prevent such negative consequences of torrenting, why not to spend a couple of dollars per month and become protected!

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