Sling TV: how to unblock in your country

Undoubtedly, cable TV is not so popular nowadays as it was earlier. Of course, older generations continue to use it, but young people prefer such online streaming services as Sling TV, ProjectFree TV or others. They like wireless connections for the ease and convenience it gives to them. Moreover, streaming services are usually cheaper than cable TV. Users no longer want to pay for channels they don't watch.

The best part?

According to Cord Cutters News, cable TV could be dead in two years. It is not surprising, streaming services like Netflix, Sling TV, Sony Corporation have become great competitors to cable TV. While some media companies have realized the change in customer behavior and try to take some measures for offering their own streaming services, other small networks will probably fade away.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is an American TV service which gives access to US cable TV channels. It was launched in February 2015. Today Sling TV contains 135 channels, including FOX, Disney, ESPN, CNN, Showtime and others. All these channels users can get only for $20 per month. The company also has begun selling extended packages for $ 15 per month, where a user can get additional channels.

In fact, Sling TV is extremely popular in the US. Today the number of Sling TV subscribers in the United States is about 100 million. Almost all of them are representatives of Generation X. Such users usually have access to broadband Internet, but they aren't subscribed to the services of traditional pay-TV operators.

Why use Sling TV?

The answer is plain - to get access to the whole amusing stuff. Are you a sports lover or a big movie fan? Sling TV caters to all tastes and ages. Moreover, Sling TV offers its customers numerous Sling packages, among them: Comedy Plus Extra Package, Sports Package, Kids extra Package, World News Extra Package, and many others.

That's not all:

Consumers need to be aware that Sling TV is similar to other online channels like Hulu or Netflix. The main difference is that Sling specializes in linear TV and broadcasts programs as well as cable TV does.

Sling TV may become a good choice for any person who has cable at the moment and is looking for an easy way how to use it. The main advantage of Sling TV is that it is much more affordable than usual cable TV.

Here are some examples of channels American users have access to.

Sling TV channels:

Sling Orange and Sling TV Blue are the main Sling packages. They provide with a huge amount of TV channels. As soon as you pay for one of this package, you will get access to the following TV channels:

  • Disney Junior;
  • Disney XD;
  • National Geographic;
  • Nat Geo Wild;
  • SyFy;
  • Food Network;
  • Cartoon Network;
  • FOX Sports;
  • FS1;
  • Comedy Central;
  • and many others.

But there is a catch

Sling TV is available only for people who live in the USA. If you want to use this streaming service, you have to take particular measures. For instance, Tor allows getting access to more channels.

How to unblock Sling TV

Unfortunately, Sling TV is a US exclusive service. It isn't available in other countries. To get access to the service you need to change your IP. An IP address is a series of number your ISP gives to your devices that connect to the Internet. The IP address also contains such information as country and city markers. Websites or services can dispose of undesirable residents by blocking their IPs.

It is evident now that to have an access to Sling TV programs one has to change his IP to an American one. There are two main ways to do this: a Proxy and a VPN. They are both effective for getting a new IP, though a VPN gives a number of extra privacy features. it makes a VPN more reliable and trustworthy.

Let's consider proxies and VPNs in details.

Sling TV proxy: what is it?

The first measure is to use proxies. This method is easy and free. Proxies can be highly useful in avoiding geo-blocking and hiding your IP. For this reason, it is popular among a huge number of customers.

In a nutshell, a proxy is a pass-through middle ground between your device and the Internet. Your computer connects with the server and "tell" it where to go and what to do. It means, that if someone wants to capture your traffic, he'll see not your real IP but the IP of a proxy you use.

To access Sling TV you have to change your local IP to an IP of a proxy server which is located in the US.

Free USA proxy list

We'll find out best proxies for you. Here they are:

Free USA proxy list

You can also find numerous amount of websites on the Internet, where a list of US proxies is available, for example, We hope this information will help you to bypass geo-blocking.

In spite of the fact that proxies are convenient to use, there is one fact you should know. Though your IP is hidden from your ISP or any third-party person, the owner of the proxy server can see it and enclose your data as well. For this reason, we recommend you to take some extra measures to protect your device as well as personal data.

A VPN for Sling TV: is it a good idea?

In fact, a VPN is the most reliable way to unblock Sling TV. As any proxy, a VPN will allow you to change IP address and bypass restrictions. It works like a private network between the Internet and your device.

What made a VPN better than a proxy?

In contrast to proxies, VPNs not only hide your IP but also encrypt your data, making it unavailable for third parties. There're lots of advantages of using a VPN with Sling TV for US residents as well.

5 Benefits you will get while using a VPN

No matter what country you live in, you'll get a lot of benefits while using a VPN (for example, you will unblock any good torrenting site). There are a bunch of them, but let's cover the most evident. You'll also learn in this section about functions a trustworthy VPN should have.

  1. As we speak about unblocking streaming service which available only in the US, bypassing censorship is the foremost benefit. It is convenient to change your IP via VPN, just choose a server, click the button and an access to Sling TV is available. Needless to say that while choosing a VPN, you should be attentive and get one with a server in the US. Otherwise, you'll fail to unblock the service. In general, it would be convenient to get a VPN with a bunch of servers worldwide. In addition, you may use your VPN for YouTube, Netflix or Reddit unblocking as well. A VPN for torrenting should also have a wide range of servers all around the globe.
  2. As we have already mentioned above, a good VPN will prevent data leaks and protect your devices against malware. To stay safe and secure on the Internet, we recommend you to choose a VPN with the following functions: a Kill Switch, firewalls, DNC leakage protection. Even the best VPN service can sometimes drop the VPN connection, but if your VPN provider supports a Kill Switch, there is no need to worry about your data. If this happens, a Kill Switch will stop your Internet connection, preventing your data from leakage. Firewalls are also extremely useful. They filter your data and allow only VPN-specific packets to pass.
  3. A VPN will protect all your home devices. A lot of VPN providers support connections of several devices simultaneously. It means, not only your PC but mobile phone or laptop will be protected as well. Moreover, almost all VPNs are cross-platform software and you can choose the best VPN for Android, or Windows. A VPN for Mac is available either. It is not a secret that not all public Wi-Fi spots are reliable, but having a VPN on your mobile device will obviously protect it.

The list can go on and on. To make a long story short, we've considered the main features within our topic.

You've learned about the main benefits of a VPN. Now it's a high time to know how to unblock Sling TV with a VPN.

How to unblock Sling TV with a VPN step-by-step

  1. That shouldn't be a problem, even for not advanced user to unblock Sling TV with a VPN. You just need to handle the following steps.
  2. Choose a VPN. As we have already mentioned above, pay attention to the services with a wide selection of US servers.
  3. Subscribe to the VPN service you've chosen.
  4. Download and then install the software on your device.
  5. When you get a VPN on your computer, laptop, tablet, whatever, you have to connect to one of the US servers. A trustworthy VPN will provide you with a number of servers situated in one country.
  6. Now when you've got a VPN and chosen US server, your IP is hidden and personal data is encrypted. You can surf safely.

Free VPNs: are they safe?

One way or another, VPNs are used by people to stay anonymous online. Even if you just want to unblock one site or another and bypass any restriction, anyway it's connected with anonymity because you need to hide your IP first.

The truth is

Reliable VPNs have a number of features which contribute to that. They support users with:

  • Fast connection
  • Strong encryption
  • No-logging
  • Firewalls
  • IP Leak protection
  • A Kill Switch
  • Robust protocol

All these features are crucial for staying anonymous and safe online. How do you think, can a free provider support all of them? Of course not. Free VPN services often reduce speeds of the Internet, this slows down videos or movies, making them impossible to watch.

Secondly, not all free VPN providers use a 256-bit key to encrypt data. Some of them use primitive methods.

Thirdly, the protocol matters. OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 protocols are considered now as the most reliable. A free VPN hardly uses them.

The best part?

Free VPNs can use your personal data for their advertising purposes and sell it to third-parties. Of course, not of free providers so unsatisfactory, but we can't know for sure worth they using or not.

Needless to say, creation, support, development, and promotion of VPN services involve certain expenses. There are hardly VPN developers who want to throw money away. The project should at least pay off, not to mention a certain profit. So, we should understand that we will have to pay one way or another while using a free VPN service.

4 amazing Sling TV alternatives

Sling TV is undoubtedly a perfect streaming service. As is known, so many men, so many minds. We've found perfect alternatives for you. We hope, you'll find one to your taste.

  1. Hulu with Live TV

In spite of the fact that Hulu with Live TV is currently in the beta stages, they've achieved 450 thousand subscribers. The Hulu developers haven't created a user interface either. Nevertheless, this streaming service is a good Sling TV alternative. The company is going to improve their service by giving its users more control over various settings and adding a TV guide. Next year they plan to add social functions, including those that will allocate TV preferences to friends, allow users to create lists of recommendations and share with friends.

  1. YouTube TV

As Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV is rather a new service. Within the YouTube service, users will have access to approximately 40 channels. One can watch such programs as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN. In addition, YouTube TV offers Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which work through a cloud service. Thanks to this, the user does not need to worry about the available space on his target device for viewing. Finally, YouTube TV includes access to YouTube Red, so you can watch videos on YouTube without ads.

  1. DirecTV Now

We just can't omit DirectTV Now. It's a wonderful service for watching the latest TV shows and movies. You can get 60 popular channels for %35 per month. DirectTV has a wonderful interface and videos with high quality. Unfortunately, the service supports now only 2 devices for streaming simultaneous. This is the main disadvantage of DirectTV Now.

  1. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a good choice for a big family. The service supports 5 devices for streaming simultaneously. It isn't cheap but worth it. If you want to get full access to channels you need to pay nearly 75$. For this price, you will get access to some extra features like pausing or fast-forwarding. Finally, PlayStation Vue has a DVR feature, it means you can record numerous programs and save them for 28 days.

Do you want to know the best part?

Torrenting is a good alternative to Sling TV streaming. There are thousands of trackers but not all of them are worth using. In this regard, we have prepared for you the list of torrenting sites that are really good:


As we can see, people can easily do without cable TV now. There are a number of online streaming services which provide users with the most popular TV channels. Such services are usually are usually cheaper and more convenient.

If you're tired of unnecessary programs on your TV too, we recommend you to try a streaming service. We hope our article will help you to choose a server to your taste. Luckily, there're ways that will help you to get access to these streaming services wherever you are.

We hope our article was helpful. If so, share it on social media and leave comments below. Best wishes!

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