Skytorrents: a fresh eye on finding torrent files

A handy searching service is presented in this article. Registration is not required, which is very alluring for those, who don’t want to furnish information on themselves. Thanks to Skytorrents search engine you will find almost any torrent game, music album or movie without ratings, ads or tiresome searching.

Peer-to-peer networks show themselves as one of the best ways to get any content as fast as it is possible.

How does it function?

The algorithm is the following:

  • One user organizes the so-called sharing and publishes a tiny file – torrent.
  • By means of a torrent client (uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitComet, etc.) another user opens this file and loads the content directly from the computer of the user who shared it. During the moment of file-sharing, the computer of the first user functions as a server.
  • When the process of downloading is finished, the second computer in this succession becomes a server as well.

This network protocol building allows loading files very quickly. In this case, the file size doesn’t play an important role. Besides, thanks to this technology, there is no need to be anxious about the bandwidth.

Skytorrents service developers created the aggregator and search engine that meets such requirements. If the description is to be trusted, Skytorrents database numbers over 11 million sharings.

How to use Skytorrents search engine?

Skytorrents is a very user-friendly service that allows finding necessary files in a matter of seconds.

Want to use this search engine to find torrent files?

Then, look through the steps presented here and start loading any content you like successfully.

  1. First of all, it is required to visit its official site
  2. Type in the title of a necessary movie, album, app or game, you are going to load and start searching.
  3. After these actions, you’ll see the results. Thus, we’ve found 995 files. It means that Skytorrents search engine contains 995 files for sharing with the title ‘The Games of Thrones’. The info on file’s size, data of adding, seeds and peers are presented.
  4. Choose the file and download a magnet link.
  5. Having chosen the file to load, you’ll see the detailed information. Besides, a Skytorrents user is welcomed to leave a comment. If the file meets torrent lover’s requirement, it is necessary to click the image with the magnet. After it, the process of ‘The Games of Thrones’ will be started.

Skytorrents user is welcomed to leave a comment

Skytorrents search engine is very easy to use, isn’t it?

Then, hurry up to start fast and convenient torrenting with Skytorrents engine.

About Skytorrents site

The official site of Skytorrents search engine looks very plain. It is not overloaded with numerous images, texts and alike. It looks very user-friendly.

Here you’ll see the inputs:

  • ‘About’

Here you’ll read the information about the work of this engine for torrenting. It’s stated that Skytorrents functions like Google or Yahoo engines but aims at finding the torrent files only.

  • ‘FAQ’

The most frequent questions are answered there. The questions touch upon Skytorrents work, the language of this torrent search engine and donation. In this regard, it is to be pointed out that Skytorrents is absolutely free for its users, but the donations are welcomed.

  • ‘Privacy’

The only but essential for torrent lovers sentence is presented on Skytorrents official website.

Thus, you may relax and be sure, that any data connected with you will not be shared with third parties by Skytorrents team. It is possible, as the engine doesn’t keep logs because of donations. Thus, one may conclude, that the formula torrent search engine plus log-free policy equals success.

  • ‘DMCA Policy’

Visiting ‘DMCA Policy’ page on Skytorrents site, you’ll be sure that you load safe products. It means that it is impossible to find and load copyrighted products such as movies, soft and so on. Thus, using Skytorrents you won’t be accused of using copyright-protected material.

Attention! The material loaded by means of peer-to-peer file-sharing is meant for an eye only.

The main advantage of Skytorrents is that you don’t need to register on popular torrent trackers to find interesting for your content. More probably, the tracker is already included in Skytorrents database. Besides, the Skytorrents developers foresaw the instruments to sort out the results: the number of seeders, the file size, and the adding date.

Should I use Skytorrents anonymously?

The answer is ‘Yes’. Some seeders prefer Tor bacause of its free usage, however, it is not the safest way. Thus, it’s better to try a reliable VPN provider like VPN Unlimited, for example. Notwithstanding the legal activity of Skytorrents, it is possible to face the problems.

If you have read the information presented on ‘DMCA Policy’ page, you know, that the time to identify the legality of the content online is required. So, you may download pirated material accidentally. In this case, the problems with the authorities are guaranteed.


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