Seedpeer: the greatest torrent site worldwide

Being a former Meganova search engine for all types of torrent files, Seedpeer is one of the best online platforms for searching movies, TV shows, and music torrent files.

The resource was launched in 2005 and renamed in 2007. An anti-piracy group that is also known as MediaDefender, targeted Seedpeer in 2006 by uploading fake torrent files to the website.

What is more, Seedpeer has been blocked by major UK ISPs in accordance with the court order obtained by the Members of British Recorder Music Industry.

Actual Domain

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The structure of Seedpeer

The Seedpeer homepage is presented by the list of the recently-added torrent files, helpful tags, useful links and a single search bar to find torrents in all the categories.

All torrent files, available on Seedpeer, are categorized into 8 main categories and 600 subcategories that make it one of the most user-friendly and organized online platform with well-structured torrent data.

The list of the torrents categories is presented by:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Video Games
  • Apps
  • Music and Albums
  • Books
  • Animes
  • Pictures and videos with adult content
  • Others

Seedpeer is also supplied with a verified torrents section where you can look for files that have been verified by the community and earned its credibility. Usually, these torrents are marked by green ticks.

Users can upload torrent files anonymously. Besides, online registration provides extra benefits, such as commenting on torrents, bookmarking, uploading personal torrent files and managing them.

How to use Seedpeer torrent website?

As soon as one takes a decision to show priority to Seedpeer, it is necessary to think about the process of registration. After this procedure is over, access to the full library is guaranteed.

The registration process is simple and takes a few minutes by following the steps:

  • Once you are forwarded to the registration page, you are provided with a registration table to be filled in.
  • First of all, you need to create the login and password for your personal account on Seedpeer.
  • Secondly, your e-mail address will be also provided for confirming the registration.
  • Finally, you will receive the confirmation letter to a provided e-mail address meaning that the registration is completed.

Seedpeer provides Usenet binaries which amount to more than 6 million torrents including almost 250 thousands of verified files.

It should be also mentioned that Seedpeer is available in 7 languages. The system automatically displays the website in the language of the region you are located. Nevertheless, if you want to change the language, just click on the flag icon on the top right page’s position and select a preferred option.

How to search for the torrents on Seedpeer?

Seedpeer offers two user-friendly ways to find the necessary content there:

  • Common search

Type the title of the torrent file you want downloading in the search bar. By doing so, you will be provided with a list of all possible variants meeting your expectations. In this case, you will not have to use third-party torrent search engines like Toorgle, for example.

  • Search by categories

By choosing a required category, you are able to download torrent files from the designed catalog. This option is extremely useful for people who have not yet decided what file exactly needs torrenting.

What troubles one could face while using Seedpeer?

One might think that torrenting is an entertaining activity and brings only joy and pleasure. However, it may be a matter of some difficulty.

IP address determination

As practice shows, the majority of available torrent trackers on the Internet is monitored by the ISPs or government agencies. What is more, users’ online identity, consisting of public IP addresses assigned by their ISPs, is not hidden and vulnerable to be discovered by the malicious spies.

Malware and viruses

However, IP vulnerability is not the only threat a visitor of torrent sites may face. Having an infected torrent file downloaded user’s device may be lost forever. Another outcome may be connected with an impressive sum of money that is to be paid for a gadget unblocking. Anyway, it is better to solve the problem before it’s too late. VPNs help in such situations.

Information loss

When a person makes use of P2P file sharing all the rest users of a network have a chance to access the data stored on the device. The most resourceful of them (hackers) steal such data with the purpose of further ransom.

Law issues

Until the legal status of torrenting is unclear in the majority of countries, a man may become a law-defying person. Only the residents of torrent-friendly countries (e.g. Mexico, the Netherlands) may open torrent sites securely. The penalties for torrenting are different. But some countries are extremely strict to torrenting, therefore a penalty of $250 000 and even a 10-year imprisonment is possible.

In such a scenario, your online privacy is security threatened, so it is highly recommended to use Seedpeer anonymously by installing extra software compatible with your devices.

How to unblock Seedpeer website?

Low issues became a real nightmare for the modern internet users. The copyright trolls make their best to prevent people from sharing movies, songs, soft and whatnot.

However, the fans of the Seedpeer website can make use of VPN software and walk over the people who become the obstacle on the way to unrestricted torrenting.

Thus, having subscribed for a VPN for Seedpeer…

… user's IP address is masked and changed.

… online activity of a seeder is hidden.

… Seedpeer website is unblocked from any place around the world.

Are you still thinking on whether to subscribe for a VPN for Seedpeer?

Keep on reading!

How to stay anonymous when browsing Seedpeer?

Beyond all doubts, there are different options recommended on the global network for protecting privacy and anonymity while torrenting on Seedpeer. All you need to do is just browse the Internet looking for the most suitable and reliable one. Usually, privacy-concerned users choose between running Tor, VPN or Proxy.

Nevertheless, if you are aimed at browsing Seedpeer anonymously and protecting your privacy at the most efficient level, VPN will be the best choice for you. Having subscribed for a reliable VPN, your IP address is hidden, so Seedpeer may not be able to identify and trace your activities.

What is more, if you have no access to Seedpeer with your device because it is blocked in your geographical region, VPN may be used for bypassing filters installed by the government or internet providers.

In addition, you will be able to access any website or online service you need by connecting to multiple VPN servers located in different countries around the globe. This is because VPN service assigned an IP from the server you are connected to, making the other internet users think that you are located in that country.

Finally, a decent VPN service encodes all the internet traffic with the strongest encryption protocols, protecting it against prying eyes, like malicious hackers and spies.

The tips to choose the best VPN for Seedpeer

Having the right understanding of what the threats of torrenting are, a person becomes absolutely sure that VPN for torrenting is a must.

And small wonder!

Study the following pieces of advice and be sure you’ll make the right choice:

Tip #1

The number of servers and the countries where they are located plays an important role for a successful restriction bypassing. Connect to the countries where the status of P2P file sharing is not prohibited by the law.

Tip #2

What is even more beneficial for a VPN subscriber is that IP changing serves to access the websites restricted in the country one lives in.

Tip #3

As soon as a person took a decision to subscribe for a VPN for torrenting, the characteristic of bandwidth and speed cannot be ignored. Only in case these features are unlimited one be 100% sure that the protection will not be stopped all of a sudden.

Tip #4

Reliable methods of user’s traffic encoding will help a VPN client to become anonymous while downloading or sharing torrent files via a P2P network. An IP address, visited websites, time spent on them, downloaded and uploaded files will be ciphered.

Tip #5

The facility to choose the IP address to connect to will help a VPN consumer to connect to the server located in a definite country. For example, if a Seedpeer website is not available in Germany, but easily accessible in Mexico, a person may connect to it via a VPN server placed in Mexico.

Tip #6

One is to take the tunneling protocols seriously while choosing a VPN for torrenting with Seedpeer. It is not a secret that VPN may slow down the speed. In order to reduce this speed fall, it is recommended to opt for VPN service that offers OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec tunneling protocols.

Tip #7

The feature of an automatic kill switch is really important for seeders. Unfortunately, even the most reliable VPNs may lose the connection. Even in the case, it lasts 1-2 seconds, a user may be exposed. To steer clear of this problem, it is recommended to opt for the VPNs with an inbuilt kill switch function.

However, not only seeders need protection. Those who prefer streaming services like Project Free TV, for example, should use security tools as well.

Tor and proxy for Seedpeer: are they worthy?

As it was already mentioned in the article, there are 3 ways to download torrents by means of Seedpeer website:

  • proxy servers;
  • the onion router (Tor);
  • Virtual Private Network service (VPN).

As for the last mentioned (VPN), it is clear that it offers numerous advantages. In this regard, it is necessary to have a closer look at proxy servers and Tor.

Proxies for Seedpeer

What will you do when one day find your favorite website or service is inaccessible? Of course, you will start searching for the problem solving on the Internet. And the results you will find will be connected with proxy servers.

To put it simply, proxies are websites that copy other websites (interface, content, etc.) and have domain names similar to the originals.

However, they do NOT make netizens anonymous while downloading torrents. Thus, in case you live in a place where torrenting activity is punishable by law, a proxy for Seedpeer is not your variant.

Tor for Seedpeer

Tor stands for the Onion Router. Tor serves to make a user more secure on the Internet. It encoded user traffic, but the ciphering mechanism cannot be called 100% safe. Besides, Tor makes internet speed very slow.

Furthermore, in case the Seedpeer website is not available in the place you are physically located, it will be impossible to unblock it.

Thus, Tor may be used when Seedpeer is NOT banned by your ISP. However, one cannot count on fast download speed while torrenting.

What to choose to use Seedpeer without punishment?

To know it, you are to answer the questions below:

How to access Seedpeer

Worthy Seedpeer proxy sites to use today

While some netizens stop torrenting because of Seedpeer inaccessibility, others keep on using this torrent tracker through proxies.

Are you among them?

If no, we will help you to get to know Seedpeer proxy sites that still work:


All the proxies mentioned-above are working.

Besides, it is safe to use them, as these Seedpeer proxy sites are reliable in terms of security.

Seedpeer alternatives: the sites you will like!

In case you found Seedpeer site inaccessible in the place you inhabit but don't want to use proxies, there is one more way to keep on torrenting.

Note! Don't forget to install a client on your computer before starting using teh tracker. Among the best ones are uTorrent and BitTorrent.

Seedpeer alternatives are a matter!

Only torrent trackers will be mentioned here since the Seedpeer website is a tracker but not a search engine for magnet links.

Well, let us start!

Of course, there are many websites that provide internet users with torrents, but in this list, you will find only the best ones to use instead of Seedpeer:

 Kickass Torrents

This service is awesome! It can be a good substitution to almost any tracker. In spite of numerous Kickass Torrents shutdowns, the site is still working in 2019. More information in our dedicated article about Kickass Torrents.


The number of files stored in its library is very attractive for users of torrent trackers. Besides, new torrents appear there at regular intervals. Thus, everyone will find something to one's liking. More information in our dedicated article about LimeTorrents.


The fans of torrenting adore this website, as its navigation is very similar to Seedpeer. The content is diverse, whereas the process of downloading doesn't take much time! More information in our dedicated article about 1337x.


If it happened to you that one of the best services for torrenting - Seedpeer website is not accessible in the place you live, there are some variants to bypass the restrictions imposed by the ISP or the government.

The easiest way is to try Seedpeer proxy server. Among currently operative are only two:


But the best way to access Seedpeer from every corner of the world is a VPN. Due to reliable encryption, unlimited server switching, bandwidth, and speed, you will definitely be protected round-the-clock accessing Seedpeer without troubles with the law.

Besides, extra features will make your torrenting activity hidden from the prying eyes and really unrestricted.

If you have already tried this felicitous combination of VPN and Seedpeer torrent site, share your experience in the comments. And if you like the article, don’t hesitate to share it on social media.

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