qBittorrent client: everything you should know

When you start torrenting for the first time, you might not be aware that this activity is rather ambiguous as you usually download the files which do not belong to you and might be under a copyright holder’s control.

ISPs and copyright trolls monitor actively the BitTorrent network and have a right to undertake required actions if they find you illegally torrenting.

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What is the qBittorrent client?

The contemporary world of BitTorrent clients is vast and infinite, but only a few of them are supplied with additional useful features. Such clients allow downloading torrents on the best torrenting sites.

One of these clients, called qBittorrent, has been designed to compete with uTorrent service. qBittorent’s feature set is quite similar, but it is not just a copy.

Despite the similar to uTorrent features, qBittorrent is supplied with the following tools:

  • sending emails about the completed downloading process,
  • web-based remote management,
  • a built-in search engine,
  • IP filtering,
  • port forwarding,
  • bandwidth scheduling,
  • torrent creation tools.

uTorrent vs qBittorent: pros and cons

qBittorrent and uTorrent are both popular torrent clients. They are quite similar in features, but at the same time, their pros and cons are quite different. Let’s find them out:

Pros/ConsPros/Cons of uTorrentPros/Cons of qBittorrent
Pros+ User-friendly interface;

+ Multiple compatibilities with the major operating systems;

+ The client is not developed in Java;

+ It has the search function;

+ It doesn’t occupy too much memory space;

+ It doesn’t make your Internet slower.

+ The interface is pleasant and not difficult for users;

+ Search option is available;

+ The torrents can be opened from a folder in an automatic way;

+ Simultaneous streaming and downloading are possible;

+ Super seeding feature allows users to upload torrents faster;

+ Torrents can be created with a qBittorrent client.

Cons- The advertisements are shown, though you may turn them off;

- Third party plugins are not supported;

- There is no tracker exchange feature.

- To use the search feature, you will have to install python;

- Reinstalling is sometimes required.

Is torrenting legal?

Well, the answer to this FAQ will be reliant on the content you share: upload or download on the torrent networks.

  1. In case the shared files belong to a copyright holder and no permission was released to spread this content over the Internet free of charge, torrenting is considered to be illegal.
  2. If you the torrents are not under copyright rules, torrenting isn’t considered as illegal.

Still, various countries have certain distinctive features as regards to copyright laws. So, using qBittorrent and other torrent clients to download torrents from torrent trackers anonymously is number one precaution nowadays.

Moreover, government agencies and copyright trolls might monitor the most popular torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents in search of IP addresses of those users who would abuse copyright laws.

How to use qBittorrent anonymously

Like any other torrent client, qBittorent is vulnerable to the security risks coming from the global network. Usually, users face the issue with publicly-visible and unencrypted downloads, that can be potentially tracked by ISPs and third-party companies.

According to the statistics, the greatest threat to personal privacy when torrenting is an IP address leakage. Seeing the fact that the tracker provides a list of all IP addresses participating in the process of data exchanging, your actual traceable IP address will be visible if you do not undertake steps to mask it.

The other major threat lies in the possibility of your ISP to monitor your internet activity. In fact, data is transported unencrypted when torrenting that allows ISP for:

  • tracking the torrent websites you are visiting;
  • seeing what content you are downloading or sharing;
  • throttling and even blocking your network bandwidth.

Is qBittorent safe?

When you don’t use qBittorrent, your ISP will:

ISP facilities

3 productive ways to unblock qBittorrent site

In this section, we'll cover three effective ways how to unblock the qBittorrent website.

qTorrent VPN: Is it really work?

One of the best ways to effectively hide your qBittorrent activity is to use a trustworthy VPN service. Having subscribed for a torrent-friendly VPN that keeps no logs, all the transferred data will be encrypted. Besides, your actual IP will be hidden from websites and torrent peers.

Why is Qbittorrent VPN efficient?

This is because VPN mechanisms re-routes all the internet traffic through a server in a geographical location you choose, that allows for changing your real IP address. In such a way, a prying eye will be able to see the temporary address assigned you by the VPN server which is simultaneously used by hundreds or thousands of other customers. This feature is a significant layer of online anonymity that makes it more difficult to track you.

Having supplied torrenting with encryption, you can easily prevent your internet provider from tracking your torrent downloads. The experts recommend using a VPN, which encodes all the traffic before it leaves your device. In such a way, ISP has no chances to monitor your torrenting activity and even track what websites you visit.

There is another option for secure torrenting might be Tor. It can be defined as a free technology that allows netizens to overcome online censorship and other types of restrictions. The traffic is passed through a few proxy nodes at random.

qBittorrent proxy: is it worth using?

A proxy is the second measure we want to cover in our article. Proxy servers are very popular among torrent users though they're not always safe. Proxies are completely free, this is their main advantage. You can find numerous amount of websites such as hide.me on the Internet, where a list of proxies for your country is available. However, we recommend you to be very careful with them as you can put at a risk our data or your devices.

Pros and cons of Tor

On the one hand, it unblocks torrents and free of payments. On the other hand, the internet speed is not ultra-fast which is not a plus for torrenting, for sure

Pros of Tor vs VPN: which is better?

Codifies the torrent traffic with strong encryptingIt is free
Unlocks most of the blocked torrent websitesUnblocks access to restricted torrent trackers

Beyond a reasonable doubt, in order to avoid any illegal online activities, the best way is not to download or upload torrents. However, if you insist on using qBittorrent, be sure you have protected your privacy online by implementing necessary security measures.

How to select qBittorrent VPN

Having decided to share torrents via qBittorrent, your next step should be to subscribe for the plan of a decent VPN provider for a reasonable price. You shouldn’t think that it is possible to select any VPN and use qBittorrent to download movies.

You need to know about some basic features to look for in qBittorrent VPN. What are they?

5 Basic features every qBittorrent VPN must have:

#1 Torrenting feature

A VPN for qBittorrent must simply allow P2P sharing which is required to be able to upload and download torrent files. So, be sure the VPN provider will let you perform P2P connections.

#2 Fast connections

As it was mentioned above in qBittorrent pros, a user can stream and download torrents at the same time. Thus, a VPN should provide with fast enough speeds so that the performance of qBittorrent won’t be slow.

#3 qBittorrent and strong encryption

When you use a VPN for torrenting, you expect that your Internet Service Provider will not track what torrent sites are visited by or what content is downloaded from your IP. That’s why encryption should be advanced so that any third party won’t be able to hack your traffic.

#4 IP Leak protection

Number one susceptibility while torrenting is your IP address which can tell much about you. Torrenting under VPN lets you hide your IP address and IP leaks are not desired in this situation.

#5 No-logging

In order to use qBittorrent anonymously, the VPN provider shouldn’t keep any users’ logs. Otherwise, torrenting won’t be anonymous.

How to set up a VPN for qBittorrent step-by-step

Are you a VPN beginner? Is it your first time when you deal with VPN download and setup? Then you are in the right place as we’ll provide a short, but definitive guide for you through the example of the best qbittorrrent VPN - NordVPN.

  1. Start with opening the official website of the VPN provider and be sure P2P is allowed (which is necessary to be able to share torrents). This time it is NordVPN and P2P is allowed as you can see from the screenshot below.

NordVPN features

  1. After that choose the best VPN plan for your needs (You can find the plans in ‘’Pricing’’ section. Take into consideration the period and the amount of money you might save.
  2. When the plan is chosen, and you are ready to subscribe for the service, you should click ‘’Get a ‘’ …’’ plan’’.
  3. The next step will be to create your personal account and select you will pay for the service. (Cryptocurrency is thought to be the most confidential).
  4. If your subscription is paid and the account is ready, you can download the VPN software for you operating system. In case you use Windows-based PC for torrenting, click Windows to download a VPN app for your device.
  5. Finally, after the VPN software is downloaded on your device, install it following the instructions which can be found in tutorials on the website. They have a lot of them for various platforms.

Actually, if you decide to setup another VPN for using it with qBittorrent, the algorithm will be pretty the same as these are 6 major steps to undertake for qBittorrent VPN setup.

How to use a VPN when using qBittorrent

  • Sign up for a reliable service.
  • Download and install VPN client.
  • Connect to a VPN server.
  • Verify your actual IP address is hidden.
  • Open qBittorrent and start downloading.

Privacy-conscious users that run qBittorrent software for downloading media content should install additional online security tools such as a VPN. The service is aimed at keeping internet activity hidden from internet providers, government surveillance and all third-party agents.

With a wide range of applications, some services are better suited for torrenting than others. Thus, if you want to keep your ISP from monitoring your qBittorrent activity, select a VPN service that does not keep logs.

Why to avoid free VPN for qBittorrent?

Sometimes internet users for some reasons may take use of free VPN services to download torrents ‘’anonymously’’. Unfortunately, that’s not the best idea!

Let’s understand why it is better to avoid free VPN for this purpose.

Several paragraphs earlier we have suggested you 5 basic features that every qBittorrent VPN must have. Let me remind you what these features are:

  • Torrenting feature
  • Fast connections
  • qbittorrent and strong encryption
  • IP Leak protection
  • No-logging

Are these features performed well by free VPN providers? Can you really trust them and feel confident that you are anonymous?

Firstly, P2P is often not provided in free VPN software. For this reason, it is more difficult to find the app that will allow torrenting for free.

Secondly, as regards to fast connections, free VPN services often slow down internet connections, which makes the process of downloading slow or even impossible.

Thirdly, while some free VPN providers might codify the traffic with a 256-bit key, the others use primitive methods.

Finally, such free VPN providers often collect various types of users’ information, and IP addresses are leaked (very often). Tor service is not a good solution either. It makes the process of file loading very slow.

5 proven qBittorrent alternatives in 2019

We've found out 5 amazing qBittorrent alternatives for you. If you want to try another tracker, look through our list. Let's go!

uTorrent as an alternative to qBittorrent

  1. uTorrent downloader

qBittorrent and uTorrent are the most popular clients for file sharing. People like uTorrent for its user-friendly interface. You can also get some extra benefits after paying for uTorrent Pro.

Vuze as an alternative to qBittorrent

  1. Vuze

This client was previously known as Azureus. It is valued and appreciated by a number of users worldwide. It is one of the few clients which runs well with Tor Router. It is across-platform software with a great function for anonymous torrenting.

Deluge as an alternative to qBittorrent

  1. Deluge

Deluge is not so widely-known as uTorrent or qBittorent though it is a nice open source software. There are lots of plugins for Deluge which make it even better. There are plugins for Chrome or Firefox as well.

BitComet as an alternative to qBittorrent

  1. BitComet client

The client has such a name not for nothing. It is truly one of the fastest clients for torrents. It supports numerous helpful features which will make your torrenting extremely pleasant.

Tribler as an alternative to qBittorrent

  1. Tribler

Tribler is stood out from the rest clients a lot. This software was developed by students from Harvard. They were trying to create an ideal software for torrents. Many users can say for sure that Harvard students managed to do this.


Now you know:

  • What qBittorent client is;
  • What uTorrent vs qBittorrent advantages and disadvantages;
  • About legal issues of torrenting
  • 3 productive ways to unblock qBittorrent site;
  • How to use qBittorrent in an anonymous way via VPN;
  • What 5 basic features of qBittorrent VPN are;
  • How to set up qBittorrent VPN on your device;


  • Why to avoid free VPN for torrenting.

Now you know how to download music or game torrents without the fear to be caught by the ISP.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment! Ask any question you have on the issue!

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