NyaaTorrents: is it available now?

If someone is not in the know, NyaaTorrents is down more than a year already. Thus, if you want to download ‘No game no life. Season 2’, it’s high time to find Nyaa alternatives.

The fame of NyaaTorrents might be compared to KAT only.

If you are not in the know, the main anime torrent site Nyaa, which supplied the whole world with anime products, stopped its existence on the 1st of May, 2017.

NyaaTorrents: Brief history

Suppose, you’ve heard not once that NyaaTorrents is also called ‘cat’. If not, currently you know about it. The history of this name is quite interesting.

Have you heard about onomatopoeia?

Onomatopoeia is a term that describes the use of words which sound like the noise they refer to. Thus, the English ‘meow’ in Japan sounds like ‘nyaa’. Besides, anime characters look like cats.

In this regard, NyaaTorrents team decided to call the project like this. Users find this name very suitable and cute for anime torrent tracker.

What is NyaaTorrents?

Nyaa is a torrent tracker, which provides internet users with anime products only. The primary audience is the residents of East Asia, namely the Malayans. Besides, people living in the USA and Russia are also active users of NyaaTorrents website (although torrenting in Russia is rather problematic).

NyaaTorrents audience in 2018

Nyaa was probably the last anime-oriented torrent tracker on the internet, which specialized in new titles while all the rest were down.

As a matter of fact, almost all anime-oriented torrent trackers were based on Nyaa. Nyaa down influenced a great number of anime cartoons sharing by means of peer-to-peer technology.

Is Nyaa down now?

Unfortunately, the answer is positive. Nyaa is down as well as  Torrentz. The former domain name nyaa.se is deregistered and the current status is declared as offline.

Why Nyaa is down?

There aren’t any public comments regarding Nyaa shutdown from the direction of torrent tracker owner. That is why anime lovers can only confide in the rumors.

New laws are expected to be passed by the European Union. Besides, it was said that the laws on such services support will be tightened.

According to some reasoning, Nyaa owner was so frightened, that he had to stop Nyaa existence immediately.

It is in the highest degree improbable, that Nyaa down is the result of real actions against the anime website or its owner. It is explained by the fact that the NyaaTorrents site remained standing even during the severe struggle against anime torrent sites.

The message of NyaaTorrents moderators team

The date of May 1, 2017, was decisive for anime fans, as the outstanding torrent tracker, Nyaa stopped functioning. For now, Nyaa is a mere shadow of its former itself. No files, no users, no even a message are left.

There are no even plans to conduct a business under the label NyaaTorrents. What’s more, any appearing projects are not connected with Nyaa.

What about Nyaa website?

Before Nyaa shutdown, the site was accessible under the domain nyaa.se.

This torrent tracker was available only in English, but it wasn’t a problem for anime fans.

NyaaTorrents was available under different domains in different times:

nyaa.se ⇒ nyaa.eu ⇒ nyaa.org.

It was possible to download anime cartoons, audio, books, pictures, software, and games.

Where to torrent after Nyaa shutdown?

Are you an anime fan?

Be quick to start torrenting anime again. We’ll propose you a set of the best Nyaa alternatives.

Despite the fact that NyaaTorrents underwent a shutdown, there are some ways to download anime torrents on the Internet.

Here’re the best ways:

4 Nyaa mirrors you must know about

As NyaaTorrents is not available anymore, it is high time to start using its mirrors:

  • nyaa.si

This torrent tracker for anime provides its users with thousands of anime files to download. Visiting this torrent tracker it’ll be possible for you to find trusted files only thanks to the function of filtering.

Besides, it is possible to use nyaa.si both as a guest and as an active user (in case of registration).

  • nyaa.pantsu.cat

Nyaa Pantsu was launched with the aim of substituting the former popular and well-known NyaaTorrents. Its database counts over 800 000 anime files.

  • nyaa.rip

This mirror contains about 5 thousand anime files. Nyaa.rip content is subdivided into categories. The registration is required for a more convenient work.

  • nyaa.eu

Previously, this domain was used as an address belonged to the real NyaaTorrents. But currently, it’s used as Nyaa mirror. Similar to NyaaTorrents this anime site doesn’t require registration. This feature was appreciated by anime fans a lot.

3 best Nyaa alternatives

Apart from the Nyaa mirrors, it is possible to visit Kiss Anime. This torrent tracker was intended for anime fans. Thousands of anime cartoons, music, pictures are possible to download there.

RarBG site is a good Nyaa alternative. The distinctive feature of this torrent tracker is the facility not only to download the desired Anime cartoon but to stream it immediately.

Soon after Nyaa shut down, the popularity of the Pirate Bay website increased dramatically. The thing is that TPB is accessible in 35 languages, therefore everyone will definitely find something to his/her liking. Not only anime cartoons are available on this Nyaa site alternative. Here one will find TV shows, music, movies and many other files concerned with Anime.

TV shows, music, movies and many other files concerned with Anime.

Have you found a Nyaa alternative for you? In case the answer is “Yes”, it is time to think of your privacy.

Be secure while torrenting anime

The former popular torrent tracker for anime products Nyaa was secure enough for its users, as it presupposed some security tools, for example, no registration.

Nevertheless, whatever website authors say about the security of a site, it is not enough. To download torrents securely it is required to be anonymous online. It is possible to reach using Tor or a VPN.

Although they both offer anonymous browsing, still they function differently. Moreover, the Onion Router can’t provide the desired level of security and can slow down the speed.

Thus, it’s better to use a VPN to download anime safely.

How to find the best VPN to torrent on Nyaa alternatives?

There are hundreds of VPN providers in the market today. On the one hand, it suits users well, as the diversity of VPN services gives rise to healthy competition. But on the other hand, such a wide variety of VPNs makes the choice REALLY difficult.

And the team of Legaltorrents has prepared a short list of steps to find the best VPN for torrenting.

Step #1

To begin with, it is necessary to make certain that a VPN one is going to opt for allows P2P file sharing. Otherwise, it will be impossible to become a seeder.

Step #2

Also, it is necessary to study the server locations. It is recommended to subscribe for a VPN provider with the servers in such countries as the Netherlands, Canada, and Sweden.

Step #3

After it, one is to check whether the VPN is compatible with the OS of a device that will be used for torrenting. Don’t think that a VPN for Android gadgets is always compatible with Windows or Linux.

Step #4

It is of high importance to study the privacy policy document of a VPN for torrenting. The VPN provider is to be consistent with zero-logging policy. In this case, a user may be convinced that he/she will not be caught while downloading torrent files (it is extremely vital for the residents of countries where torrenting is prohibited).

Step #5

As the last step, while choosing a VPN for NyaaTorrents alternatives, it is recommended to pay attention to the VPN plans. A long-term subscription allows saving up to 80%!

Is it safe to use free VPN for NyaaTorrents alternatives?

No matter how alluring free VPNs might seem, it is NOT recommended to use them for torrenting anime cartoons.

There are several reasons not to opt for a free VPN for torrenting:

#1 Free VPNs are usually overloaded with users, which make the data transferring rate extremely slow. As a result, it might take hours to download a 1GB anime cartoon.

#2 The servers of free VPN providers may be located in the places that do NOT help to bypass restrictions. Besides, the number of servers and their locations are usually insignificant.

#3 The support service of free VPNs provides its consumers with live chat assistance quite seldom. That is why the solution of a problem may last too long. The guides and instructions may be useful but they are less efficient than real-time support.

#4 Another weak point of free VPNs for torrenting is that the feature of servers switching does NOT always work. In other words, the VPN app decides what server to use without the will of its user.

#5 Limits of bandwidth (which are quite often for free VPNs) can restrict seeders in unlimited torrenting.

These five reasons explain why free VPNs are not on the list of best Virtual Private Networks for NyaaTorrents alternatives.

However, some users are satisfied with the work of such providers as VPNBook, Betternet, HideMyAss, Whoer VPN and others.

Should I install a VPN for NyaaTorrents alternatives?

Undoubtedly, VPN services are multifunctional. They are used to reach numerous aims while surfing the Internet. And sometimes netizens don’t make a guess about some REALLY beneficial VPN facilities everyone would adore.

4 VPN functions that will change the way you download anime torrents:

⇒ Anonymity on the Internet

Thanks to the capacity for changing a VPN subscriber’s IP address, a user acquires absolute anonymity on the cyberspace.

⇒ Torrenting websites unblocking

In the event that a torrent tracker is blocked in a country, it is possible to change an IP address into an IP of a place where the website is accessible. It enables users to use services and access anime cartoons that are blocked on the basis of geolocation.

⇒ Fast download speed

Some Internet Service Providers limit internet speed in case they detect users to download torrent files. VPN services make all the traffic masked and thus, the speed will NOT be slowed down.

⇒ No troubles with copyright holders

VPN services not only change user’s IP address but also hide it from third parties (including the ISP) to make it impossible to track a person.

Be sure, nobody will manage to identify you while seeding!

How to unblock Nyaa alternatives with VPN?

You should follow the instructions below to unblock Nyaa torrents with VPN:

  1. Thoroughly read the reviews of the best VPN services and choose the VPN for your needs.
  2. Then go to the official website of the VPN provider and obtain a VPN subscription.
  3. After you subscribe for the VPN service, you need to download the software compatible with the OS of your device.
  4. The next step will be to install it on the device.
  5. If the setup is successful, turn the VPN app on and connect to any foreign server to hide your IP.
  6. Finally, go to the website of Nyaa alternatives and enjoy torrenting there.

Don't forget to install a reliable torrent client (like uTorrent or BitTorrent) to download torrents easily.

Is proxy better than VPN?

There is another service used to change users’ IP addresses for bypassing geo-restrictions. It is a proxy server.

How does it work?

You are just redirected to a proxy server and with a new IP, you can unblock Nyaa alternatives censored in your country. It seems that a proxy works the same way as VPN. What is more, it is usually free. Still, there are some features that proxies don’t have.

A proxy doesn’t…

… create a secure tunnel to transfer users’ traffic through it.

… encrypt the data which is passed on the way to websites.

… provide with speedy internet connections necessary for torrenting.

That’s why there’s nothing better than a reliable VPN service to unblock Nyaa alternatives.


It goes without saying that one should study the VPNs in a scrupulous way to bypass the restrictions of a place one lives in and download anime torrents with no limits.

NyaaTorrents alternative websitesWell, what one should do to access NyaaTorrents?

Actually, nothing!

NyaaTorrents website is down since May 2017. However, it is possible to make use of NyaaTorrents alternatives.

Note! Althought Putlocker, Extratorrent, and other trackers are not on the list of alternatives to NyaaTorrents, one might find some good anime cartoons on these websites.

Can’t open torrenting website?

It proves the fact that VPN is a must for torrenting, as it…

… unblocks restricted services.

… hides user real IP.

… prevents punishment for torrenting.

Is there any information you want to find out? Leave us a comment with a question and it will be answered in the shortest possible time.

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