LimeTorrents: All you need to know in 2019

LimeTorrents is a fairly great search engine of torrent material which is located on the Internet space. The torrent website was first launched in 2009 and now it is fairly popular among torrent users around the network. Why?

The first reason might be a user-friendly interface which appeals with its simple searching ways and colorful design.

The second one is the torrent categories offered for search: anime, apps, games, movies, music and TV shows (they seem to be the most frequently shared within such networks).

Besides, the tracker is on the list of top 30 most attractive torrenting sites.

LimeTorrents users: who are they?

LimeTorrents users by country

As for the audience of LimeTorrents, it is necessary to point out that it consists mainly of the residents of the USA, China, and India.

However, the people living in these countries may be accused of illegal activity, as some torrent files distributed by means of this torrent tracker may be protected by copyright law.

Thus, the authorities of the USA discourage torrenting activity.

In such a way, it is advisable to use a VPN for LimeTorrents to hide an IP and torrent safely.

A short guide into LimeTorrents content links

As it was noted above, LimeTorrents is a service that allows people to search for links to torrent content and does not store any torrent files. Offering a dead simple algorithm of searching, LimeTorrents provides a wide range of torrent categories to find for download. Having a look at the content you may find numerous torrent files in different languages on LimeTorrents.

Films with LimeTorrents

The website offers almost 1 515 000 movie torrents. Any film lover will find a torrent to his or her taste. It is notable that the movie content on LimeTorrents is safe-family oriented that is why there are no links to adult materials.

At the same time, there is a lot of entertaining LimeTorrents movies. One can find mainstream movies ‘‘Pirates of the Caribbean’’ and ‘‘Captain America’’. Still, one needs to apply a VPN or Proxy to unblock LimeTorrents in some countries.

Games with LimeTorrents

One can find game torrents available for PCs, Macs, PS2, XBOX360 and other platforms on LimeTorrents. All in all, there are almost 275 000 torrent links to multiple games. With the variety of games that can be downloaded from there, any gamer can be pleased with the service. At the same time, a VPN is in demand for unblocking LimeTorrents in some countries.

Music with LimeTorrents

More than 680 000 music torrents are waiting for downloading. The number includes not only popular music tracks but also music videos that can be found there.

Applications with LimeTorrents

One may also find dead useful torrents with applications for Windows, Mac, Unix, and other platforms. The number of applications torrents achieves is more than 710 000.

Among other categories offered for downloading from LimeTorrents are:

  • TV shows;
  • anime;
  • e-books;
  • pictures, comics, and audio books.

In such a way, in case LimeTorrents website is accessible in the place a person lives, one may easily download any type of material: entertaining and useful, audio and video.

How can I search for torrents on LimeTorrents?

It is dead easy to find a torrent on LimeTorrents which can be performed in a few ways:

  1. You may type in or insert the title of a movie or game if you know it exactly, filtering the search by putting a tick near a movie or game category.
  2. It is also possible to click on the torrent category and perform the search directly from there.
  3. Besides, one can browse the latest or top torrents visiting special section on LimeTorrents website.

Note: It is worth noting that like other torrent websites, LimeTorrents is often blocked in some countries that’s why an additional tool is needed to bypass restrictions. They say that a VPN is a good variant for it. The service would be also helpful to hide a real IP address of a torrent peer.

LimeTorrents is blocked: what shall I do?

Being a torrent website, LimeTorrents is blocked for some internet users who live in those countries where such websites are censored by local governments. So how to download torrents from LimeTorrents from your countries?

You can go to this torrent tracker through LimeTorrents proxy websites and get it unblocked. You are just redirected through a proxy server to unblock the website in your region.

Another worthwhile method to unblock Limetorrents is a VPN that hides your own IP as well to access the website of a torrent tracker. Besides, a VPN service makes torrenting anonymous and secure.

What to choose for LimeTorrents: proxy or VPN?

LimeTorents proxy sites or mirrors are easy to use, but you not all of them work properly. Moreover, some of them are slow to be to download torrents from via them.

Here is the list of LimeTorrents proxy sites that still work in 2019:


Still, a VPN for torrenting is far more reliable than using a proxy site:

  • Firstly, it encrypts the data with a military-grade encryption.
  • Secondly, the torrent traffic is passed through a secure VPN tunnel.
  • Finally, VPN servers are faster for torrenting and provide more stable connections.

Thus, we’d rather recommend you to prefer VPNs to download torrents from LimeTorrents. Keep on reading and you’ll know how to choose the best VPN for LimeTorrents.

How to find a VPN provider that works with LimeTorrents?

Although there are countries that are reckoned to block Virtual Private Networks, it is still possible to bypass such restrictions and install a VPN client. Among the countries that are against VPN usage one could find:

the UAE





North Korea





However, if you are lucky enough to live outside the countries listed above, you may still face the troubles while locking for an ideal VPN for LimeTorrents.

Either way, one should take into consideration some features that a VPN for LimeTorrents should possess:

#1 P2P

To download movies, soft, music and what not on top torrenting sites, A VPN one is going to use is to support P2P file-sharing. Otherwise, torrenting will be impossible, as a VPN subscriber will not be a seeder while connected to a VPN without P2P feature.

#2 Speed

Few people can bear queues in shops, there are even fewer people who can put up with slow speed while downloaded a long-expected movie or a TV show. In this regard, the speed of a VPN provider is to be unlimited.

#3 Bandwidth

It is quite the fact that torrent files’ size may reach 4-5 GB. In case the bandwidth is limited, a netizen will manage to download as many torrents as bandwidth allows. Thus, one may conclude that bandwidth, as well as speed, should be limitless.

#4 Server locations

The physical location of VPN servers may NOT be ignored. The legal status and attitude to torrenting are not the same in countries around the globe. There are places where it is strictly prohibited to download torrents and fines for such activity may be up to $1000. Besides, there are countries where the access to the best torrent sites is blocked. VPN servers in such states are useless. That is why VPN servers located in Switzerland, Spain, and Canada are preferable.

#5 Anonymity

With the best VPN for LimeTorrents, one will not be caught while downloading torrents, as no one including the ISP knows what activity a person conducts on the Internet. The traffic of a VPN subscriber (including IP address, visited pages, downloaded files, etc.) is to be reliably ciphered while passing through secure tunneling protocols such as L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN or others.

Having taken the necessary features a VPN for LimeTorrents should possess, it will be dead easy to unblock the website if the access to it is restricted and be unknown while downloading torrents on LimeTorrents.

Having opted for one of VPNs, one will experience utterly new torrenting.

Firstly, LimeTorrents, as well as other working torrenting sites, will be unblocked from every corner of the world.

Secondly, the identity of a seeder will not be revealed.

Thirdly, it will be impossible to accuse a user of copyright infringement, as nothing is known about his/her activity on the Internet.

Fourthly, due to the function of ad-blocking, unnecessary pop-ups will NOT disturb you. Besides, the speed may be improved by means of it.

How to unblock LimeTorrents with VPN: 5 super-easy steps

Be sure you follow these steps below to get LimeTorrents unlocked:

  1. Find the best VPN for your needs. If you want to get a get the most reliable VPN, try the leaders – ExpressVPN or NordVPN.
  2. Go to the official website of the VPN provider and buy a plan which is more suitable for you.
  3. Download the app for your gadget.
  4. Then install the software and turn it on.
  5. Finally, go to the site of LimeTorrents and enjoy torrenting there.

LimeTorrents alternatives

 Here is the list of 9 best alternatives to LimeTorrents with our reviews (click the website’s name to find everything you need to know about them).

  1. The Pirate Bay site
  2. RarBG torrent tracker
  3. 1337x tracker
  4. Seedpeer site
  5. Demonoid site
  7. iDope site
  8. Toorgle site
  9. TorrentKing site

You can also try free online streaming services which are also highly popular today:

  1. Project Free TV service
  2. Putlocker website
  3. 123movies site

Now learn more details about top 3 LimeTorrents alternatives:

#1 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is believed to be the best alternative to LimeTorrents. It has the richest collection of movie torrents. You can search, download or upload torrents there. Best choice!

#2 RarBG

RarBG, which was founded 10 years ago, is another decent alternative to LimeTorrents. It has a lot of categories of torrents, such as movies, TV shows, online games, and even software.

#3 1337x

A distinctive feature if this torrent website is that all the downloaded torrents are verified. You can download various torrents from there: movies, music, apps, anime, TV shows and others.

Unfortunately, we can’t advise you ExtraTorrent website as it was blocked in 2017. However, you can check out its alternatives as well.


Even top torrent sites undergo shutdown or blocking in some areas. The most well-known examples are:

ExtraTorrents was shut down forever in May of 2017.

 The Pirate Bay website underwent blocking several times. The last one was in August of 2017.

 In view of DDoS attacks, RarBG website was temporarily blocked in 2017 as well.

Nevertheless, there is a way to overcome such difficulties and access them. The point is that VPN providers serve to replace IPs making it possible to bypass the restrictions imposed by the government, ISPs or any other third parties.

Having subscribed for one of the best VPNs for LimeTorrents, you will experience unrestricted torrenting.

☝ No fines.

☝ No restrictions.

☝ No speed reduction.

Interested in subscribing for one of them?

If your answer is affirmative, study the detailed VPN reviews presented on our website and torrent securely!

Feel free to leave comments in case there are some uncovered or unclear points. With a great pleasure, the team of Legaltorrents will assist you and answer them in the shortest possible time.

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