How to start torrenting: a guide for torrent beginners

Every day people over the globe share various types of files online. Torrenting which is performed through special data transfer P2P or Bittorrent protocols seems to be under discussion and controversial at present, as certain copyrighted files are believed to be shared on the torrenting websites.

In order to get started, one might need some basic things to know about torrent technologies. If you want to be well-equipped for torrenting you have to read this 3-step guide to the world of torrent technologies. Keep on reading and enrich your background knowledge.

Step 1 ‘’ What is torrenting & How does it work’’

Let me give you some background on how torrent networking appeared. In 2001 Bram Cohen, Python-language programmer, invented Torrent technology with the purpose of sharing it with others.

Indeed, it has become very popular since 2005, and 4 years later millions of internet users shared web content with the help of this game-changing technology. Since most of the torrent files are downloaded free of ads and spyware, at fast speeds, they are getting more and more popular nowadays. By the way, bittorrenting is believed to be the most popular activity on the Internet.

Now you need to understand how the process of bittorrent sharing works. It can’t be performed without 4 elements which operate together to allow users to share files.

Bittorrent sharing process

What do these 4 elements stand for?

Swarming describes the process of chopping torrent files into small pieces or ‘’bits’’ and transferring it via a swarm of connected users.

Tracking is aimed at helping users to find each other in a swarm o linked torrent users.

Torrent clients are used for uploading, downloading and collecting the bits into a usable file.

.torrent files work as so-called pointers for the users to find others to swarm with. Besides, they enforce quality control on shared torrent content.

Streaming vs. torrenting

We are often asked about the difference between streaming and torrenting. Let us explain how they different in plain words:

Streaming means that you watch a program or film online, while torrenting allows you to save them on your computer.

Is torrenting illegal or not?

Torrenting might be riskyThe issue of torrenting legality seems to be rather controversial, and one should a lawyer at least in order to be able to discourse upon the topic. Still, let us try to consider the answer to the question.

Many internet sources ensure that torrenting is completely legal and does not carry any risks. But why are plenty of torrent sites are blocked or restricted in some countries.

Do you have any ideas?

Yes, you are right.

The question is in the files that are shared there. Many of them are uploaded illegally there, and the copyright holders’ rights are violated. That is why it is pretty risky to be on the torrent network under the true IP as one might encounter some kind of such content.

 Now you understand how the technology of torrent file-sharing works and what it really is. You can keep on going to step 2.         

Step 2 ‘‘All about Torrent clients’’

In order to download torrent content, one needs to install torrent software or client on the device used for torrenting. As it was mentioned above, a torrent client is an application program for uploading, downloading and reconstructing the ‘‘hops’’ of torrent files.

Here you can see some examples of mainstream torrent clients you can take advantage for bittorrenting.


It is believed to be one of the most frequently-applied torrent apps. uTorrent can be easily used for downloading large amounts of information via Bittorrent protocol. Unfortunately, if one is going to access a desirable torrent, it is necessary to enter a 100% correct name, as soon as the engine is not Google and can’t perceive enquires with typos. It is available both for free and on a paid basis. Paid versions provide additional features for their users.

uTorrent client's logo


It is like uTorrent’s twin-brother which can be easily installed on various platforms. It provides free and fast torrent files delivery and unrestricted downloading. One may easily set up Bittorrent client on a computer for free.

Bittorrent client's logo


Another torrent client which is distributed for free on the network and represents similar functions as uTorrent does. In addition, qBittorrent is compatible with all leading platforms, such as Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS and FreeBSD. The client offers a user-friendly interface and an advanced search engine.

qBittorrent client's logo

How to download with Torrent clients?

Having Torrent software on your computer, you may torrent without difficulties. Follow the steps below, and you will learn how to make it possible.

  • You will have to install the software. We think it won’t be very difficult to cope with the installation process. Most of them are easy to set up, even for non-technicians.
  • Ensue that you VPN service is on. Performing internet connections through VPN you will be able to bypass possible censorship of torrent trackers in your country. Besides, you will conceal your IP from other seeders and hide your downloading activity from your ISP.
  • The next step will be browsing a torrent tracker for the web-content you might be interested in. There are often reviews of torrent files are provided which will simplify the selection. It s very convenient we should say.
  • When you believe that the torrent has been chosen, you should follow the torrent link. Your torrent client will be opened and you’ll observe the process of downloading.
  • Now you can get pleasure from the downloaded material!

Is it safe to use torrent clients?

Torrent clients for downloadingAs it was mentioned above, torrenting is dead risky as one may be punished for copyright infringement. And what about torrent clients? Are they safe to use?

For example, torrenting in Germany is ilegal, and fines are possible.

Well, as you know, when someone downloads torrent files, his or her IP address is identified and can be seen by all the peers and other internet users. Any third party has the opportunity to track it and use for their purposes. Thus, it is not safe to use torrent clients without hiding your real identity.

Do you think step 2 is handy for you? Ok, let’s move on.

Step 3 ‘’Enforce your protection with a VPN!’’

Why should I have a VPN for torrenting?

You know that the process of file sharing through BitTorrent protocol involves both parts of the process: uploading and downloading files. Having connected to a torrent client you become its peer, you need to share some of your already downloaded data with other participants of the process. Moreover, many of the offered files contain malicious codes, which make your system susceptible to infecting.

While you are choosing effective ways for online data protection you can come across plenty of apps. One of the most credible services is believed to be a VPN.

How do VPNs work?

Having established a virtual private network, the app makes everything possible to provide your system with suitable solutions such as IP hindering and traffic encryption. While using the service, you are free to get access to any geo-restricted torrent website without being noticed or tracked back through your IP address. Besides, all the transferred information will be thoroughly encoded, which deprives your of sensitive data exposure.

Torrent users are vulnerable online, aren’t they? What are the risks?

Yes, they are. There are at least 4 risks that are may be caused by torrenting:

  • First of all, it is malware that can infect you computer. Having downloaded a malicious file, one can impose the computer to virus attacks that lead to shutdown of computer systems or even worse.
  • Another risk is associated with your sensitive information safety. This is of special importance for those get used to keeping passwords and other sorts of information in torrent folders that might be compromised by third-party agencies. It may happen as the peers get access to those folders when they torrent.
  • Torrent users are also vulnerable to being targeted by online hackers. They collect the IP addresses of torrent peers and seek for the susceptible one. One should scan the computer for viruses and malware as often as possible.
  • The last but not the least vulnerability is a trouble with the law. Downloading illegal content, the person is susceptible to be caught and suspected of copyright infringement. A lot of countries have developed severe enough laws related to it. People can be fined or even arrested.

Safe torrenting

Well, we hope that after you have read our beginners’ guide, you will be able to start torrenting. As you can see, it is not so difficult. Nevertheless, you should be careful with the torrent content you download. Your connecting to torrent websites must be defended with a VPN or the Onion Router.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you! Thanks for following us!

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