CouchTuner: Best Free And Paid Alternatives

It is an open secret that torrent trackers and free streaming websites like CouchTuner are extremely popular today (a good alternative to it is Sling TV service). Especially among young Internet users, who prefer the Internet to cable television.

The truth is...

Younger generations no longer want to pay for channels they don't watch. People try to find cheaper and more convenient alternatives.

Today we're going to cover streaming websites in details. We've found a lot of helpful information for you and hope that it'll help you to stay anonymous and safe on the Internet.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a free streaming website. It has a wide range of popular TV shows. In spite of the fact that a lot of CouchTuner users complain about the organization of the content and the absence of an autoplay function on the website, it still remains highly popular among viewers from the USA.

As Americans are the main CouchTuner users, a content on this website caters to their tastes first of all. However, a person from any country can find a content to his liking.

Do you want to try CouchTuner? Let's see if it is worth it?

Is CouchTuner worth using?

CouchTuner is a pirate website. It is evident that the website contains illegal content.

It is quite unsafe to watch CouchTuner movie in America and Europe (even when using the best sites for torrenting). It can result in unfortunate circumstances. Moreover, there is always a risk to face criminal charges or be held accountable for watching pirated content.

Is CouchTuner Safe?

In spite of the fact that the actual content on CouchTuneris safe, the website itself raises some questions.

Which? Let's consider them in details.

Firstly, the website doesn't require an account to access the content. However, some users are asked to sign in as soon as they go to a website.

If you're going to check CouchTuner, we strongly recommend you not to click on this button. It'll obviously lead to unanticipated downloading of malicious software. You can be asked to update your media player as well, do not fall for it!

Secondly, as we have already mentioned, CouchTuner is a free website. It is clear that the owners have to make money in some way. For this reason, CouchTuner contains a lot of ads which can be rather spurious and bring harm to your computer.

As we can see, using CouchTuner is not safe enough. However, if it appeals to you as a way for fee-free entertainment, you have to be extremely conscious and take some extra measures.

We're going to cover these measures in our article. Let's start.

How to unblock CouchTuner

First, let's see whether CouchTuner is unblocked.

While some users are wondering about what happened to CouchTuner, others make extensive use of the website, avoiding cable channels.

As any pirated website CouchTuner violates the law. Not surprising that was shut down for pirating content from other websites. The owners of the website have to use other domains to continue working.

Why is it still possible to access Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is most frequently blocked in such countries as India, Norway, Australia, France, Denmark, Ireland, Malaysia, and many others. Nevertheless, people still manage to watch shows on this website.

How come? Let us see.

  1. There is no any special body, who surfs the Internet in search of pirated websites, their domains or proxies. It is just a civil affair. If nobody sues for copyright infringement, alternatives will continue to exist.
  2. It is expensive and inappropriate to chase a pirated content on the Internet. An ISP or a government won't do this. The owner of the content is the only person who should care about this issue.
  3. There are some legal measures, which are accessible in all countries. They help people to bypass geo-blocking.

What are working CouchTuner domains?

We've found the best CouchTuner websites for you. Here they are:

CouchTuner domains

Are you ready to try these domains?

Despite they run well, we strongly recommend you be careful and take some extra measures not to bring harm to your computer or personal data.

Why? Let's see...

Why use extra measures with CouchTuner?

While visiting any pirated website a user should stay conscious and protect his data and a device. Actually, we've already mentioned the reasons for this, let's revise for you to be sure everything is clear.


Firstly, you should stay alert to protect your device. CouchTuner is not the only website which contains viruses and other malware. We have already warned you not to click on suspicious pop-ups, ads or buttons. It is crucial because you always put your computer at risk while surfing free streaming services.

Secondly, to defend your data. While surfing the Net, you reveal your IP to your ISP or other third-party. Actually, you are not safe on the Internet at all. Your IP address can be easily disclosed. Needless to say how risky to use free streaming websites for residents of the USA, the UK and other countries where the laws about copyright infringement are extremely strict.

There are more and more causes when people get letters from their ISPs for doing this or that. In fact, there is one way to avoid such problems - hide your IP.

Now it's high time to cover the most robust ways to do this.

Got interested? Let's go then.

Tor with CouchTuner

The first method we are going to mention is Tor. Sometimes Tor is associated with suspicious activities in the dark Web and has, in general, a bad reputation on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is still one of the highly robust ways to stay anonymous online.

The Onion Router has its adherents all over the globe. It is not surprising, Tor encrypts your data three times as a minimum, making your IP highly-protected from any third-party. Moreover, it is absolutely, affordable and, what is important, absolutely legal.

But there's a catch!

In spite of all advantages, Tor is not designed for filesharing as well as for watching videos online.


Tor's bandwidth is extremely limited, it is inappropriate to use it for torrenting or streaming videos. Tor Router will slow your Internet connection, making the process of watching videos highly inconvenient.

CouchTuner proxy servers: are they safe?

The second method to hide your IP is to use a proxy. You are to choose an appropriated proxy with IP, which is not banned in your country.

Below you can find a list of CouchTuner proxies which can help you to get access to the website from the USA, The UK, India, Norway, or another country.

Proxy serverCountry
couchtuner.prox4you.pwThe USA
couchtuner.123unblock.xyzThe USA
couchtuner.mrunlock.icuThe UK

In addition, there are a number of services on the Internet like They can help you to find other suitable proxies for your country.

That's not all.

Each measure we cover in our article has its own disadvantages and a proxy is not an exception.

We've already known that a proxy can hide your IP. But will it protect your personal information? The truth is proxies don't encrypt sensitive data. It means, it can be easily disclosed by malefactors or any other third-parties.

However, a proxy can serve you well if a hidden IP is just what you want.

A VPN for CouchTuner: why is it so effective?

The last but not the least measure is a Virtual Private Network or, in short, VPN. Actually, it is the best measure you can take for unblocking not only free streaming websites but social network either. For example, you can use VPN for Reddit, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

What is a VPN?

The answer is hidden in the name itself. VPN is a technology that provides an encrypted Internet connection. Thanks to this technology you will be protected from an interception of logins, passwords or other sensitive data. Moreover, you’ll be safe using unprotected or public WI-FI points. Your history of browsing the web will not be accessible to anyone either.

Why is a VPN so effective?

There're two reasons why VPN is effective:

  1. A VPN replaces your real IP to another one as if you surfing the Net from a country when CouchTuner isn't blocked. In a nutshell, you're virtually invisible on the Network.
  2. A VPN encrypts your data, so it's impossible for attackers to disclose it. They just see that you surf the Internet via a VPN and that's it.

In an amount, these two abilities of a VPN make it so effective and provide you with anonymous online activity.

What are the best VPNs for CouchTuner?

The market offers a great variety of VPNs nowadays. Some of them reliable, others are not. How to know what VPN to choose for CouchTuner?

It's easy. A trustworthy VPN usually has a number of features which makes them so reliable.

What are those features? Let's consider them.

  1. Logs

Logs are files which contain information about a server or a computer. There two types of them: connections logs (contains such information as the amount of data is transferring, when, how long and how often you connect to a VPN) and usage logs (save your browsing history, connection time and your IP address).

Now you understand how important to choose a VPN which doesn't keep any logs.

The truth is

Many VPN providers claim that they don't save logs. Actually, that's not true.

Is your VPN reliable? Want to know?

The answer is simple - read a privacy policy and logging policy carefully. Do not neglect reading them if you want to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock CouchTuner safely.

  1. Protocols

The main protocols that are used by VPNs are OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and PPTP. OpenVPN is considered the most secure and fastest protocol. Moreover, it is supported by many platforms. You can install such VPN for Windows or other operating systems. However, for installing OpenVPN, third-party software is needed. Another reliable protocol is L2TP/IPSec. Check if your VPN supports one of these protocols.

  1. IP Leak Protection

An IP is a unique address on the network. It is the main susceptibility while surfing the Internet. For this reason, it's crucial for a VPN to support IP leak protection. In two words, it's a technology designed to prevent your data from leakage.

That's not all...

In addition, a trustworthy VPN usually has such functions as a Kill Switch and Firewalls. If a VPN drops the VPN connection (hardly), a Kill Switch will prevent your data from leakage by stopping your Internet connection. Firewalls are also extremely useful. They filter your data and allow only VPN-specific packets to pass.

  1. Simultaneous connections

After getting access to CouchTuner, you will probably want to watch TV shows from every device at your home. It would be better for you to install a VPN which provides simultaneous connections on different devices. If a VPN has this feature, it means all your devices will be protected. Isn't it great?

  1. Speeds

The main factors are download speed, upload speed, and latency. They show how fast a VPN runs.

Using a VPN will inevitably reduce your connection speed. It is not surprising, you'll have to pay for the process of encryption. You may not notice much difference while surfing the Net, but if you are going to use CouchTuner or other streaming websites, speeds are definitely the attributes you need to focus on.

Luckily, there are still some VPN providers that assure high speeds and don't influence a lot on your Internet connection.

5 main benefits of using a VPN

Are you thinking about using a VPN now? Let's summaries what benefits a VPN can give you. Getting the best VPN for Android or other platforms can lead to the following benefits.

  1. Bypassing geo-blocking: Unfortunately, numerous social networks are banned in certain countries. Getting a VPN for residents of such countries would be a good chance not only to get access to CouchTuner but also to unblock YouTube or other social media.
  2. Anonymity: Since you get a VPN on your device and your IP is masked, you're virtually hidden from any third-party. Almost in all countries, ISPs monitor their users, throttling their bandwidth. A VPN is a nice opportunity to get rid of being chased.
  3. Security: A good VPN will protect your personal data and your device as well. As we have already mentioned above, CouchTunerlike other free streaming websites can bring harm to your computer. You can stop worrying about this with a trustworthy VPN.
  4. Protection of personal data: Nowadays it's paramount to stay safe on the Internet. There are more and more cases of data leakage and 2018 is good evidence. A reliable VPN will protect your data from attackers by using the best protocols.
  5. Freedom of Speech: Unfortunately, people don't feel free on the Internet today. There're still cases of imprisonment for sharing pictures or benign jokes on social networks. It affects not only oppressive countries. More and more residents from European countries suffer from speech restrictions as well.

These are just the main benefits of using a VPN. They will obviously make your online activity anonymous and safe.

Is it still difficult to choose a trustworthy VPN? Don't worry, we've found great services for you.

We highly recommend you not to use free VPNs. We can't say for sure that they're reliable. The worst of them can use your personal data for their own purposes and sell it to the third-parties.

Of course, it is up to you what measure to choose for unblocking CouchTuner. All of them have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Nevertheless, they can provide you with anonymity on the Internet.

Top 5 CouchTuner alternatives

In this section, we want to cover the best CouchTuner alternatives. There're a lot of websites on the Internet that offer online streaming (for example, Project Free TV). Some of them are free, others - paid. Be sure a website contains a content you need before using it.

  1. Netflix (

Netflix - alternative to CouchtunerThe company started as a DVD-by-mail service. In 2007 it launched an online streaming service over the Internet. Today Netflix is extremely popular in the USA and Canada. This service caters for all tastes and ages. In the West, the company is called binge watching because it gives a possibility to watch a TV show in one sitting. Netflix is appreciated by people from many countries. Unfortunately, not all of them have access to the full content. If you are not from America but want to try the service it's better to use a VPN for Netflix. Why?

The truth is...

Because of censorship, Netflix libraries differ from country to country. Moreover, not all countries have a license for broadcasting this or that show or movie. For this reason, you need to use an American IP to get all Netflix stuff.

  1. Hulu ( - alternative to Couchtuner

Hulu is the second popular streaming service. It has almost 20 million subscribers. The price for Hulu content is $7.99 per month. Hulu available only in the USA and if you want to use its content you have to change your IP.

In 2017 the company launched Hulu with Live TV, which is gaining a rapid popularity today. This streaming service has already achieved nearly 450 thousand subscribers. The company is going to improve their service by giving its users more control over various settings and adding a TV guide.

Best free sites like CouchTuner

  1. Putlocker ( is an amazing CouchTuner alternative.

Putlocker is an amazing CouchTuner alternative. The website contains a huge collection of high-quality movies and TV series. There's no need to register on Putlocker, just visit the site and choose any movie. But remember, as any free website, Putlocker offers pirated content. There is always a risk of malware. We assure you to take some measures before using Putlocker.

  1. The Daily Fix ( Dare TV is an alternative to Couchtuner

The Dare TV is a great alternative to Couchtuner, it has one of the biggest library available today. Here you can find the latest shows as well. The website is totally free and you don't need to register here. All films are ranged by categories. Moreover, if you haven't found any movie, you can send a request to the website owners and they'll do their utmost to add the film to the library.

  1. Cafe Movie ( Movie is an alternative to Couchtuner

If you're keen on learning languages, you'll appreciate this website for sure. Cafe Movies provides with films in many languages. The website differs from other alternatives by its well managed and sorted library. The most popular and the latest TV shows are available there as well as old classic movies. However, first, you need to register on the website to get access to them.


As we can see, there is a huge amount of website on the Internet nowadays. No matter whether they're free or paid, one has to take certain measures to unblock them or just stay safe and anonymous online.

However, a good alternative to streaming is torrenting. The best sites to make use of are:

TorrentKing siteTorrentDownloads siteYIFY torrent site
Seedpeer siteToorgle siteTorrentProject site
iDope siteSky torrents siteTPB site

We've tried to raise your concerns about security on the Internet and sincerely hope we've managed to do this.

Thank you for reading our article!

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