Awesome guide to use Bitcomet in 2019

BitComet is one of the torrent clients popular among internet users.

You might be wondering:

‘‘How to download BitComet? Is BitComet available for Mac? Shall I use BitComet anonymously?’’

Short story about torrenting: how all started

The first attempt to share files was realized in the early 1970s but it didn’t remind the file-sharing we know today. The process of file-sharing gained its popularity only in the 1990s when those lucky guys who had computers found out that the machines could copy CDs.

It was probably the moment when peer-to-peer technology started developing. The beginning of the 2000s was the period when numerous torrent clients appeared. BitComet was among them. It was launched in 2003 and continues its existing even today.

What is BitComet client?

BitComet is a torrent client that serves for fast and convenient torrenting. It uses P2P file-sharing app. BitComet is a free, high-capacity and convenient torrent client.

Simultaneous downloading of several files, waiting list, chat, ports remap, IP filtering and numerous other features stand this torrent client out from others. Among the most attractive functions is the capacity to look through the downloaded files beforehand (MP3, WMV, Rmvb, qt).

BitComet offers a plain interface, which is understandable even for a non-technical user. Anyone will become familiar with this client easily.

Release dateAugust 6, 2003
Latest updateAugust 28, 2017
Operating systemWindows (98/Me, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
Interface languages52 languages

BitComet client stood the test of time because of its outstanding features:

  • BitComet can by right be called a fast client for file-sharing torrent files, as it uses the best and most powerful BitTorrent protocols such as Magnet Link, UDP tracker Protocol version 2, HTTP seeding and so on. These protocols allow increasing the speed of downloading.
  • The video file downloaded by means of this torrent client is possible to estimate before the client finishes the process of storing it on a device. Thus, you are allowed to watch it beforehand in order to understand whether the quality is good enough or not.
  • It is the first torrent client that bothers about your device hard drive. It stores, read, and write data necessary for an efficient work of the client in the memory. Thus, your device will not suffer from a lack of free space on it.
  • The process of downloading does not depend on other seeders. With BitComet client, you will not experience the situation when the file can’t be downloaded up to the end. Long-Term Seeding technology improves the process of downloading torrent files.

Just install BitComment and enjoy top torrent sites right now!

How to use BitComet client?

As you see BitComet is a great tool to choose for fast and reliable torrenting. The characteristics of this client are impressive as well as the process of installation and use.

To install BitComet client on your device it is necessary to visit the official website The system will identify the operating system of your device automatically and offer an appropriate version of BitComet.

Windows version of Bitcomet

Remember: It is utterly frivolous to download torrent client on other websites as they can be infected with viruses and malware!

Then, the downloaded client will be installed on your device automatically.

Setup window of Bitcomet

The use of BitComet client is really user-friendly. Furthermore, the client possesses a built-in torrent tracker. So, if you want to find any torrent file to download it is unnecessary to use some extra trackers. Type in the name of the movie or a pop group and the system redirects you to the list of torrenting files.

Search for files through BitComet

Also, the developers foresaw the function of file collection. Thus, you can find movies, games, software, and music torrent files without any troubles.

Pros & Contras of BitComet client

In spite of numerous facilities BitComet tenders its clients, the system is not without weak points. Let’s study both the pluses and minuses of this torrent client:

+ fast speed– interface overladen with elements
+ intelligent disk catching system– not ad-free
+ long term seeding technology– the torrent file contains a lot of paddings (unseen for BitComet clients)
+ video preview is not allowed to be used on some torrent trackers
+ multilingual interface
+ multiplatform nature
+ works through proxy servers
+ analyses the user’s statistics
+ chat
+ possibility to use ED2K links
+ a built-in video player for flv-files

As you see the number of pluses prevails over BitComet minuses. As a result, a torrent client is a reliable tool for torrenting files of any type (video, software or audio).

How to use BitComet anonymously?

There is no doubt, that BitComet is in the list of the best torrent clients for torrenting as it offers its consumers a great number of facilities, which make the process of torrenting fast and simple enough. Nevertheless, it is not a safe way to watch movies and series after torrenting.

Even if you start watching the video you have downloaded by means of BitComet client, you can’t relax as you may undergo risk to be punished for this action. Your IP is known for the Internet Service Provider, as a result, you can be rendered an impressive account for torrenting. That is why it is high time to undertake all necessary precautions to torrent safely.

There are several ways to do it anonymously.

The Onion Router

Tor comes to the mind first, when somebody wants to be anonymous on the Internet. This technology presupposes that your connection will ‘stroll’ through several nodes and in the process of this ‘walk’ your IP will be hidden from the ISP. Your real IP can be identified only by an experienced pathfinder. A great plus of this security tool is that it is absolutely free for users, so anyone can afford to use it.


Proxy servers can be used to mask your IP as well. Proxies are the computers located in different areas around the world. They function as mediators between a user and a website.


Virtual Private Networks are great helpers in this issue. A VPN makes your torrenting absolutely anonymous and secure. With a reliable VPN, you can hardly be found by ISP or the local authorities.

It is also possible to use Tor for safe and secure torrenting!

Unblock Bitcomet with VPN or proxy

Sometimes it may happen that your Internet Service Provider blocks access to sites such as The Pirate Bay or 1337x. If you face such a problem with downloading BitComet client, be sure you know how to bypass those geo-restrictions.

Want to know how? Ok, let’s dive right now!

If you pretend to be virtually from another country, you’ll be able to unblock BitComet site and download the torrent client on your device. You can do it with BitComet proxy or VPN.

How BitComet proxy unblocks

Here is the way an online proxy service works for BitComet:

  1. You visit the website of any free proxy website.
  2. Then enter the link of the website you want to unblock.
  3. The services create a proxy link to redirect you to the website of BitComet via a proxy server.
  4. The website is unblocked for you.

How BitComet VPN unblocks

A VPN for BitComet unlocks access to BitComet site in the following way:

  1. You download and install VPN software for OS of your device.
  2. You turn the VPN on.
  3. Then you need to choose the country to use its IP to unblock BitComet.
  4. Connect to the VPN server of this country.
  5. Go to the website of BitComet and get it unblocked.

Both tools are easy to use? Yes! But…

Still, a VPN for torrenting is far more reliable than using a proxy site:

  • Firstly, it encrypts the data with a military-grade encryption.
  • Secondly, the torrent traffic is passed through a secure VPN tunnel.
  • Finally, VPN servers are faster for torrenting and provide more stable connections.

BitComet proxy vs VPN: pros and cons

Let’s compare BitComet proxy and VPN services and find out which of them is better to use. That’s why let’s answer 4 questions:

  1. Does the service let you hide your real IP from your ISP?

As we have told you above, both services hide users’ IP addresses as they redirect the traffic via their proxy or VPN servers.

  1. Does the service create a virtual tunnel for your data?

Having connected to Virtual Private Network, your data go through a special tunnel where it is protected against hackers, and snoopers. As far as Bitcomet proxy is concerned, there is no virtual tunnel when you make use of this service.

  1. Does it encrypt the data you transfer?

A VPN – yes. Proxy – no. How does VPN codify the traffic? It is usually done with a 128-bit and higher encryption that makes it difficult for hackers to steal the data on the way to Bitcomet site.

  1. Is it fast to torrent with this service?

Actually, most of the Bitcomet proxies are too slow to download heavy torrents from the Internet. VPN providers have faster internet connections as their servers are faster than the proxy server.

VPN vs Proxy: compare the results

Hides real IPsYesYes
Creates secure virtual tunnelsYesNo
Encrypts internet trafficYesNo
Ensures with fast connection speedsYesNo

How to unblock Bitcomet with VPN: 4 short steps

Just have a look at the steps below to unblock Bitcomet:

  1. Subscribe for a VPN service.
  2. Then download and set up the VPN software compatible with your operating system.
  3. Finally, turn the VPN on and choose the suitable country to unblock Bitcomet.
  4. Download Bitcomet torrent client and enjoy torrenting!

Bitcomet alternatives that work in 2019

What is the qBittorrent client#1 QBittorrent torrent client

QBittorent is believed to be similar to a well-known uTorrent client, but it has its own unique features, pros and cons.

QBittorrent advantages:

- user-friendly interface;

- search option;

- simultaneous streaming and downloading;

- super seeding feature for faster downloading;

- torrents can be created.

tTorrent logo#2 tTorrent

It’s a torrent client which is compatible with Android OS only. It has both free and paid versions.

tTorrent advantages:

- easy to use;

- support of magnet links;

- encrypting;

- proxy support.

Bitlord logo#3 BitLord torrent client

It’s one of the torrent clients for Mac and Windows which is dead easy to use.

Bitlord advantages:

- built-in search and media player;

- absolutely free;

- subtitles supported;

- compatible with Apple TV

Tribler logo#4 Tribler torrent client

It’s a super-fast free torrent client compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Tribler advantages:

- anonymous torrenting function;

- fast speeds;

- built-in media player;

- easy-to-use interface.

Deluge logo#5 Deluge torrent client

It’s a multiplatform torrent client that has lots of pros: fast torrenting, free use and others.

Deluge advantages:

- free usage;

- lightweight on your hard drive;

- plugins to use;

- simple in use.


Now you know how to…

- … easily download, set up and use BitComet torrent client.

- … unblock BitComet with proxy and VPN if it is not available in your country.

Besides, you know that…

- … VPN services are better for BitComet. They provide you with safe and encrypted internet connections.

- ... you can use BitComet alternatives if you don’t like this torrent client for some reasons (to download KAT torrents).

Anything missed? Shall we add more information? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments!

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