P2P sharing with 1337x

The platform for P2P sharing 1337x was introduced in 2007 and started standing on its own two feet when Kickass Torrents (or KAT). 1337x works by means of BitTorrent. It supplies its users with a vast library of torrent movies, series, and other streaming videos.

Problems with the access to 1337x?

Many people think that this website doesn’t exist anymore, as not everyone can open its page on the Internet. The domain of 1337x is 1337x.to. If this domain is blocked for you try to use 1337x.is or 1337.st.

And after typing in it into an entry line, users may see the message, which provides the information about the last testing of the website and possible problems with the access to it.

Test results showing availability of 1337x

It is difficult even to find the link to 1337x by means of the Google search engine as this website is removed from the system.

How to access 1337x.to?

Torrent trackers and torrent search engines are exposed to the threat of being banned every day. The reason for it can lie in the following: torrenting is free for Internet users, so it will always be trendy and wide-spread.

Nevertheless, there are people, who are ready to pay for media on the Internet. Especially for these people, web developers created platforms for streaming video online. To watch a movie or a TV show a client of such platform is to pay money and register. Then he can watch videos online or at any possible time.

But torrenting takes away the chance from such platforms to make money. That is why there is a serious struggle against torrenting.

The website 1337x.to is available only in four countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and Singapore.

What can 1337x do?

Lucky residents of the UK, Japan, Singapore and Canada can torrent movies, TV shows, music, games, applications, anime, etc. on 1337x site. Such diversity of files to torrent is available not on every website. It makes 1337x.to unique among them.

To evaluate all functions of 1337x.to a user should register and sign in. It is necessary to fill in a form on a website: username, password, email, and country.

However, one migh face serious troubles when accessing torrent sites in Pakistan or the UK.

What to download on 1337x?

There hundreds of torrent files on 1337x, divided into 8 main categories:

 ⇒ movies (15 621 movies of various genres are available in 62 languages are at users’ disposal);

 ⇒ television (27 series);

 ⇒ games (3000 torrent files for Windows, PSP, Xbox and other games);

 ⇒ music (3000 music files);

 ⇒ applications (2160 apps for Windows, 64 – for iOS, 662 – for Linux, 3000 for Mac);

 ⇒ anime (3000 cartoons);

 ⇒ documentaries (3000 films);

 ⇒ xxx (up to 3000 18+ movies).

Still don’t know how to spend time?

We have prepared for you top 5 most torrented 1337x movies.


Thor: Ragnarok

God, Sex and Truth

Murder on the Orient Express

Pad Man

Indian drama fans made this movie #1 on 1336x. It tells us a story of a beautiful queen Padmaavat and severe conquer Alaudin Khilji.

In this part of a movie Thor and Hulk are to meet Surtur – the enemy of 9 worlds.

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, the movie is shot as a monologue of a young lady who stresses the topics of sexuality, women and many more.

The actions of this mystery drama take place in Jerusalem. Hercule Poirot is back in the game! Don’t miss chance to watch it.

This biographic movie is about an Indian inventor famous for unusual inventions.

All 5 1337x movies are especially noteworthy. And would you like to know the best part?

The latest movies appear there regularly. So in case you’ve missed the first run of the film, you may feel free and download it on 1337x.

If you don’t live in Canada, the UK, Japan or Singapore

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in one of these four countries or you have to study abroad or make a business trip, it will also be possible to torrent via 1337x. To do it successfully it is necessary to take some precautions.

Anonymous linking to the Internet will be the solution to this problem. It means that user’s real IP is to be changed into an IP of Japan, Singapore, the UK or Canada.

Do you know how to change your IP?

It is possible to do it by means of Tor technology or a Virtual Private Network. While choosing the best VPN for torrenting media via 1337x.to it is obligatory to find a VPN with servers located in at least one of these four countries.

Otherwise, the access will be restricted even in case a user has chosen a popular VPN. Apart from access to the content of 1337x.to, a VPN gives its user privacy, so if he lives in Germany (that is very strict in torrenting issues), it will be not an easy task to find him.

How to unblock 1337x?

Since it has already been mentioned that a VPN is a necessary tool to unblock 1337x website (as well as many other sites like RarBG, YTS, and Limetorrents), it is time to specify what steps should be undertaken:

Firstly, one should decide what VPN provider to use (the tips on how to choose the best VPN for 1337x will be discussed in the next section of this article) and subscribe to it.

Secondly, after the VPN is installed on a device a person is going to use for file-sharing, it is necessary to change an IP into the one that belongs to Canada, Japan, the UK or Singapore.

Thus, if you live in the country where the access to 1337x is blocked, it is high time to subscribe for one of the best VPN services for torrenting. A logical question may occur: what VPN to subscribe for?

It is up to you and your needs:

Thirdly, check your IP address.

Voila! 1337x torrenting website is accessible.

How to choose the best VPN for torrenting on 1337x?

Thus, if you live in the country where the access to 1337x is blocked, it is high time to subscribe for one of the best VPN services for torrenting. A logical question may occur: what VPN to subscribe for?

It is up to you and your needs:

  • in case you live outside Japan, Singapore, the UK or Canada, choose the service that provides with the servers in one of these 4 countries;
  • pay attention to the number of simultaneous connection per 1  subscription, as some VPNs allows only 1 device connected;
  • if you want something more than access to the torrent tracker described in the article, pay attention to the encryption methods;
  • VPN’s logging policy is to be taken into consideration if you want to torrent anonymously.

Are there any good 1337x proxy websites?

Of course, proxy servers are the easiest way to bypass the restrictions of a place where a seeder lives.

How does a 1337x proxy work?

Inasmuch as proxies serve as intermediaries between torrent fans and targeted trackers, third parties (such as the government and ISPs) do not see what websites one visits.

As a result, they cannot track your real activity on the Internet and don't see the reason for blocking.

Top 5 1337x alternatives

If you don't want to use any tools for restrictions bypassing, it is possible to have a closer look at 1337x alternatives:

  • TPB site varies wildly! There are a lot of torrent files of any kind: music, movies, TV shows, soft and many more. And its database undergoes the update regularly.
  • Another prominent tracker for 2019 is Kickass Torrents. It's the database of thousands of torrent files. The use is simple and handy.
  • A good alternative to 1337x might become a RarBG torrent tracker which makes torrenting safe due to safe plugins for FireFox browser.
  • Reputable site Limetorrents is worth using as well in case 1337x is inaccessible. The tracker is perfect for P2P file sharing.
  • Being launched in 2005, Seedpeer is still popular due to its user-friendliness (in fact, it reminds search engines) and diverse library of torrents.

Inforgraphics showing 1337x alternatives

Sadly, we can’t advise you ExtraTorrent tracker, as it was shut down in 2017. If you’re interested in this website, check out its alternatives.

In conclusion

Torrent trackers may be blacklisted at any time in any country by the government or the ISPs. If you want to access any torrenting website (including 1337x), subscribe for one of the VPN services offered. Enjoy your favorite series and movies with VPN notwithstanding your location!

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