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Top 5 Torrent Games 2017 for PC with BitTorrent

It is well-known that torrenting is used not only for video downloading. Using torrent trackers one can find software, music, books and even games. The last category is really popular among gamers as there is no need to look for the versions on the Internet. What is more, the games can also be updated by means of torrenting. The best torrent games for PC downloaded by means of BitTorrent client are presented here.

  • Endless Space 2: Digital Deluxe Edition

Endless Space 2 is an incremental overall strategy game for PCs, which slides apart the boundaries of this genre. A gamer is to run one of eight civilizations and lead it to the supremacy in the galaxy. While playing it is necessary to compete with friends or rivals, whose actions are ruled by artificial intelligence.

  • Absolver

Absolver is a role-playing game based on the martial arts. Gamers create individual combinations of blows and feints to fight with other gamers and characters run by computer. Gamers control warrior character (known under the name of Prospect), who bangs about the invented place Adal. The aim of the game is to fight with other gamers and show your value in order to become among Absolver peace-makers.

  • Beat Cop

New-York is not an ordinary megalopolis but a real predator. Having downloaded this game one will study the most desolate alleyways and reveal the secrets of this city, becoming a character of Jack Kelly – a former detective, who was charged with murder. Being Jack Kelly a player is depressed as he is forgotten by friends and relatives. The aim of this game is to search out the truth and find the real murder. The game is full of other actions, which make it captivating and gripping.

  • F1 2017

F1 2017 is an advanced version of Formula1. A user will plunge into the new functions of car handling, which require from a gamer balance of resources for a productivity gain and car reliability-oriented action. The innovations of the game are the following: 20 official tracks, 4 additional ones.

  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Season Pass Edition

This shooter game is among the most popular torrenting games by means of BitTorrent client. A gamer is supposed to find himself in the den of the enemy. He will become a sniper of the USA Naval Forces in Georgia near the borders of the Russian Federation. Game conditions are very close to the reality. In general Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a game about friendship, faith and treason in the world full of blood because of the civil war.

BitTorrent is among the most reliable clients for torrenting games but to torrent in a safe way it is necessary to use a VPN, which provides users with a high level of confidentiality. Thus, one will not undergo any troubles connected with torrenting.

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