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Among the existing torrent websites or torrent search engines Torrent Project occupies a special place as it collects torrent links from a number of mainstream torrent trackers. It is believed to be as an alternative to disappeared torrents sites, as Torrentz and Kickass. The database of torrent website has been estimated to almost 8 000 000 files of torrent content. The tracker may appeal by a number of torrents it offers. One may download not only movies, but also games, applications, music and other pretty useful torrent files. But what is more interesting is that there is its own material produced by Torrent Project. As far as its interface is concerned, it has been called as one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-navigate.

The torrent storage is constantly updated: new torrents are added and those which are unpopular among seeders and are not downloaded for or than a week are deleted from the list. Unfortunately, technical troubles are widely common for torrent websites, and lately a few torrent trackers has been suffered from DDoS attacks, Torrent Project is in the list as well.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS attack, or Distributed Denial of Service Attack, is a kind of DoS which involves mass hacking attacks with the purpose of disabling the functioning of the system. When such attacks take place, common customers can’t access the service in order to take use of it.

Torrent Project which is one of the most often visited torrent search engines is not at access for several days, since last week. Every user who desires to open the website of Torrent Project can observe the following message which you can see on the screenshot. What they can read in it is ‘’403 Forbidden’’ and nothing more. Who knows what reason really stands behind this error message. The example proves that not only user, but torrent systems themselves are susceptible to technical shutdowns and attacks.

At the meantime, torrent users hope that Torrent Project will be available as soon as possible. In order to seal yourself off other possible hacker attacks targeting common users, one has to take certain precautionary measures. As a good example of protecting yourself online when torrenting would be a VPN. It will hide an IP address from malicious technicians, which will guarantee a certain level of privacy. Additionally, the traffic, including your sensitive information will be ciphered. They won’t be able to open it as it should be decoded first. There are also other effective security measures, such as Tor, for instance, which behaves in a similar way. Though, the Tor is believed to slow down the internet speeds, which is not good for file-sharing.

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