Torrent Downloads: what and how to search

Torrent Downloads is a decent example among the torrent sites. Like other similar torrent sources, Torrent Downloads has a huge mass of content for choice and a pleasant and fairly simple interface. Let’s explore the website: how to use, what to search and others.

What types of torrents can I find on Torrent Downloads?

Any follower of Torrent Downloads is offered these categories for browsing: TV Shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, books, and others. By clicking any of the categories, one may get into the section and scan for selecting a torrent file in demand.

TV Shows

When you get into ‘’TV Shows’’ category you are able to view them all or open subcategories. The total number of shows offered for viewing is quite impressive: almost 500 000 files within 276 subcategories.


The section devoted to movies is also filled with a great quantity of torrents (nearly 700 000). The torrent files are grouped to genres principles, which make it easier to search for the movies to watch. As an alternative, one is able to view all of them at random, though the first option seems to be more preferable.


Although, the choice of music torrents is less than for movies or shows (more than 300 000), a music lover will be able to a track to his or her taste. All the torrent files in this category are classified by genre as well.


One may also find games torrents to download for Mac, Windows, mobile phone and others. As in the previous parts, you have the opportunity to browse them all, page by page, or opening the subcategories for games.


It should be noticed that the total quantity of applications for torrenting is fairly large. There are almost 300 000 files available. It won’t be difficult to search for the one you need as they are also viewed in subcategories. The largest number of programs is offered for Windows, as you can see from the screen.


Those who search for anime torrents may try to find them on Torrent Downloads where approximately 70 000 files are available to torrent. The search is simplified with subcategories which can be easily opened to look through the content.


Book worms can take use of nearly 150 000 audio books, ebooks and magazines from Torrent Downloads. You may either scan them all at once or following the link to the relevant subcategory.

How to search on Torrent Downloads?

It is dead easy to find a torrent on Torrent Downloads which can be performed in a few ways:

  1. You may type in or insert the title of a movie or game in the search if you know it exactly

  1. It is also possible to click on the torrent category and perform the search directly from there.

  1. Besides, one can browse today’s or yesterday’s torrents visiting special section on Torrent Downloads website.

It is worth saying that like other torrent websites, Torrent Downloads is sometimes blocked in some countries that’s why an additional tool is needed to bypass restrictions. They say that a VPN is good variant for it. The service would be also helpful to hide a real IP address of a torrent peer.

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