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Project Free TV – Streaming Online for Free

Project Free TV has become one of the most visited streaming sites by the 2017. The site has been gaining the popularity even despite the fact that BitTorrent sharing is even more widely-spread nowadays.

What is Project free TV?

Project Free TV is neither a torrent tracker nor torrent search engine. It is a kind of free online streaming websites. As it is said on the website, they don’t host any content there, but provide links to the movies or shows that are published or uploaded on such popular sites as Veoh.com, Megavideo.com, YouTube.com, Google Video. That means that when you want to watch a video or show on Project Free TV, you click onto the link, and the website redirects you to the content that is on third party websites.

It should be noted that according to Project Free TV Disclaimer the website is not responsible for any content linked to or from the website. They do not aware of who uploaded the content or where the material came from.

What content links can you find on Project Free TV?

When you visit Project Free TV, you will see that that the website allows you to watch popular movies and TV shows online without downloading on your device or buying a subscription like on Netflix, for instance.


How can I search forTV shows on Project Free TV?

There are at least two options for content search on Project Free TV:

  • You may type in the title of a TV show, you would like to watch. One can find the search in the left part of the webpage as it is on the screen below.


  • It is also possible to browse for the latest added TV shows or popular ones and find something to your taste.


Why is Project Free TV popular on the network?

The question really deserves being answered. More and more internet users take advantage of torrent trackers and BitTorrent sharing technologies, others would prefer private online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Project Free TV is an additional alternative to torrenting that collects content indexes from all possible ‘’internet points’’ in one place.

Internet users might love Project Free TV as:

  • The website’s easy navigation
  • Easy ways to use and search for the content
  • Huge database of movies and TV shows

2015: Project Free TV was closed down

As many other similar websites, Project Free TV was not available for some time. According to internet resources when it became unavailable for its users, the only word that could be viewed instead of the interface of Project Free TV was Goodbye. A lot of unsatisfied and disappointed comments were published on forums and social networks. Fortunately, it is on the go again in 2017.

Is it safe to watch films on Project Free TV?

The problem is connected with the fact that the author of the website does not carry any responsibility about the content provided on Project Free TV. Once clicking onto the link, you might or not get difficulties. What kind of them may you get?

Firstly, you might catch a virus and infect your computer system.

Secondly, the content you watch on Project Free TV might breach copyright laws.

 Should I use Project Free TV anonymously?

Yes, it is even strongly recommended.

Since the content is not hosted on the website of Project Free TV, the origin of it is unknown. It is quite necessary to take precautions to stay secure on Project Free TV. Being careful in usage of Project Free TV, you may avoid undesirable virus infections or warning letters from third party agencies.

How to use Project Free TV safely?

A reliable tool for being secure has been developed a few years ago, and began popular for various purposes. What is that tool?

A VPN service is a helpful instrument to stay safe, private and anonymous on the network. Such services allow you to change your IP address by connecting via special foreign servers. Besides, strong data encrypting protocols are applied to cipher the traffic transferred. The will give the security you need for watching films and shows on Project Free TV.

These are 3 best VPNs for Project Free TV:

#1 – ExpressVPN (visit site)
Express VPN

Normal Price - $12.95
Best Price - $8.32
ExpressVPN is the best tool that will help you to torrent safely. Numerous functions make it number one in our rating:

  • absolute anonymity;  

  • unblocking of websites and services;

  •  fast servers in 90+ countries;  

  • compatibility with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, Router, iPhone and iPad;  

  • 256 bit encryption;

  •  round-the-clock support service;

  • unlimited bandwidth;

  •  30-days money back guarantee.

#2 – NordVPN (visit site)

Nord VPN

Normal Price – $11.95
Best Price – $5.75

NordVPN is a security tool operating for torrent lovers security. Having chosen NordVPN you will benefit from:

  • super fast servers around the world;  

  • built-in kill switch function;  

  • double encryption;  

  • malware protection;  

  • IP masking;  

  • 700+ servers in 90+ countries;  

  • access to the restricted services.

#3 – CyberGhostVPN

Cyber Ghost

Normal Price – $10.49
Best Price – $2.9
CyberGhostVPN is the last but not the least in our rating. It is a powerful tool that helps to be anonymous while torrenting. With CyberGhostVPN you will get:

  • free access to any torrent sites;

  • the facility to hide IP;

  • choose servers around the world;

  • strong data encryption;

  • high speed;

  • zero logs.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to be in touch with our visitors to legaltorrents.com.

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