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iDope: alternative to Kickass torrents

 iDope is one of those torrent search engines that is worth mentioning. It works as other well- known torrent search engines like Torrentz or Toorgle. It has become fairly popular because of the number of good facilities that are provided for this search engine.

What is iDope?

It has been created to be an alternative to Kickass that has been closed. The torrent search engine seems to be relatively new, and the developers promise that the website will be as popular as the previous kickass.

How iDope works

iDope torrent search engine provides with direct magnet links to the content. One may visit the website and by means of the search option find the appropriate magnet URL for downloading.

What content can I find on iDope?

There five categories of content that are available for search on iDope:

VideoThe category includes magnet links to popular movies.

TV showsHere you can find mainstream TV shows
XXXThis content contains links to adult contents, such porn torrents
MusicThose looking for music torrents can find something on iDope.
GamesComputer games are provided in this particular category.

How to search on iDope?

The mechanism of torrent searching is the simplest one. You just need to type in the title or part of the content you are going to search on the homepage of iDope.


Then you will see the search results with the possible magnet URLs for the request you have typed into the searching box.


There is another alternative for those who can’t decide what to watch. Open recent torrents or the most popular ones. There you can find newly-added magnet URLs and the most torrented content as well.


iDope app: search for torrents on mobiles

The developers offer the visitors to download iDope app for sing it portable mobile devices. What does it give you? The following goodies are offered who download the app:

  • The search results are mobile friendly as they are viewed in a different order: by quality, size or others.
  • Free and large collection of torrents for mobile devices.
  • Simple and fast sharing of files.

Want to know the best part?

The developers claim that with iDope app one can search anonymously and privately as they don’t track you. In addition, you may avoid annoying ads while searching for torrents.



Note: it is worth mentioning that to support iDope app, you need to have of the torrent clients, such as uTorrent or Flud on you device. Otherwise, it won’t work.


What to do if iDope is blocked?

It may occur that Internet Service Providers restrict or block access to iDope. In such a case, you may try the following proxy links to visit iDope. These are the fastest ones:


Is it safe to search on iDope?

The developers claim that they don’t track their users and guarantee anonymous search on iDope. Still, when you click onto the link and go further, you might become vulnerable to get a virus or other malicious programs on your device or being monitored by third party agencies.

How to use iDope more safely?

A reliable instrument for being secure has been developed a few years ago by talented programmers, and began popular for various purposes. What is that instrument?

A VPN service is helpful to stay safe, private and anonymous on the network. Such services allow you to change your IP address by connecting via special foreign servers. Besides, strong data encrypting protocols are applied to cipher the traffic transferred. The will give the security you need for searching films and shows on iDope (Especially, when you search for porn torrents).

What can I get with VPN for iDope?

If you search on iDope via VPN, you:

… make yourself safer online.   Why?           Because of data encrypting protocols.

…stay anonymous on the network. Why?    ISPs can’t see your real IP address.

… have the opportunity to unblock if it is not available. Why?  You get connected via foreign servers.

Here you can find 3 top VPN services for iDope:

#1 – ExpressVPN (visit site)
Express VPN

Normal Price - $12.95
Best Price - $8.32
ExpressVPN is the best tool that will help you to torrent safely. Numerous functions make it number one in our rating:

  • absolute anonymity;  

  • unblocking of websites and services;

  •  fast servers in 90+ countries;  

  • compatibility with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, Router, iPhone and iPad;  

  • 256 bit encryption;

  •  round-the-clock support service;

  • unlimited bandwidth;

  •  30-days money back guarantee.

#2 – NordVPN (visit site)

Nord VPN

Normal Price – $11.95
Best Price – $5.75

NordVPN is a security tool operating for torrent lovers security. Having chosen NordVPN you will benefit from:

  • super fast servers around the world;  

  • built-in kill switch function;  

  • double encryption;  

  • malware protection;  

  • IP masking;  

  • 700+ servers in 90+ countries;  

  • access to the restricted services.

#3 – CyberGhostVPN

Cyber Ghost

Normal Price – $10.49
Best Price – $2.9
CyberGhostVPN is the last but not the least in our rating. It is a powerful tool that helps to be anonymous while torrenting. With CyberGhostVPN you will get:

  • free access to any torrent sites;

  • the facility to hide IP;

  • choose servers around the world;

  • strong data encryption;

  • high speed;

  • zero logs.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to be in touch with our visitors to legaltorrents.com.

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