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  • Every time you torrent without VPN, your identity is open for prying eyes. Hide your IP from ISPs!

  • Governmental agencies are able to interfere into your torrent activity. Avoid being detected by governments with VPN!

  • Copyright trolls have been collecting the info about torrent users and passing to rightholders. Stay invisible for copyright trolls with a VPN!

  • When you torrent, your computer is vulnerable to being hacked. Torrent securely with a VPN!

  • Advertisers make profit by selling the sensitive data to third-party agencies. Make it impossible with a VPN!


Want to torrent gigabytes of files? No problems!

Torrenting is undoubtedly the most convenient way to share files. The distance, location, file size are unimportant. Peer-to-peer technology allows transferring a great number of files quickly.

This facility makes torrent lovers download more and more files. And many face the problem – no free space on hard drives!

DVDs and CDs are inconvenient and out-of-date. Besides, the data can be lost forever. USBs can be left by us somewhere in public places.

Thus, to solve this problem, Czech developers launched a platform that allows storing all the torrented files to a secure cloud. Your computer or other gadget by means of which you download will not suffer from lack of free space.


The service is called Bitport. It is possible to download it on its site www.pitport.io. A free trial will be allowed to evaluate the service work. It lasts for 30 days. The developers consider it to be enough to understand the necessity of the service. After a month use it is proposed to pay $84 a year, which is quite moderate price for this service.

What are the benefits?

The facilities Bitport provides its users with are great:

- unlimited torrenting;

- immediate streaming from any device;

- additional security;

- super speed.

Notwithstanding all the pluses, the service can bring its users a lot of troubles. That is why before becoming a Bitport user, it is recommended to study ‘Terms of use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ documents attentively. Thus, it is said, that the company can provide third parties with data about its users.


In this regard, it is evident that it is necessary to use some other tools for being protected on the Internet. A VPN is the best way-out. It hides its users and makes their online activity anonymous.

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