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Torrent websites allow for mining cryptocurrency

Since The Pirate Bay team featured a cryptocurrency miner to their website, some private torrent trackers are designing solutions focused on improving their own economic environment.

The upgrade is based on the idea that users are able to generate revenue for an online resource. Besides, they are provided with a possibility to upload credit in return that can be used for buying content. In other words, being integrated into a website, a piece of software runs on a visitor’s device and uses its CPU cycles for producing revenue for the original source.

bitcoincryptocurrencyDownloading content over BitTorrent, users simultaneously upload the same amount of data. The scheme allows for ensuring that every user while exchanging files in a torrent swarm completes necessary actions.

Private trackers monitor the amount of downloaded and uploaded content and store the results on their servers. Having downloaded 5GB and uploaded twice as many files, a user has 5GB in credit. In such a case, he is able to download additionally 5GB of data.

Nevertheless, the main concern is users’ consent. The practice shows that some websites provide the option depending on the wishes of the users. In such a way, the decision to mine is controlled by users that are allowed for refusing the option. At the same time, the other resources run the miner without proper permission.

The question of mining on torrent websites is relevant and controversial. However, mining is considered to be a profitable way for websites to generate revenue by refraining from vulnerable and easy-to-monitor payment systems.

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