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ISP in Canada suggests blocking access to torrent sites

It has been known recently that Bell, one of the Canadian telecompanies, supports the measures that are aimed at restricting or even blockade of access to torrent websites each time their customers open on the network.

The following measures are taken to contribute to better work of the NAFTA trade agreement.

It is worth noticing that that it is not uncommon nowadays when the ISPs apply this method of blocking the access to popular pirate sites. What is more, in various countries government give a legal right to Internet Service Providers to perform this without the decision of courts.

Many of the world’s telecommunication companies do not agree with that while Bell in Canada has an active position on it claiming that it is a vital need.

The company makes a definitive statement on how to struggle with virtual piracy before the Standing Committee on International Trade on NAFTA.

According to Senior Vice President of Bell Rob Malcomson, the US is constantly unsatisfied with that fact that in Canada copyright violation commonly widespread. The following situation is believed to be negative in terms of development of the digital economy of NAFTA. The company suggested launching a special agency for copyright issues and giving priority to laws against virtual pirates.

In addition Bell considers that the other similar companies that provide internet services should join this policy and block any ability to access this or that torrent website.

Finally, whether Canadian ISPs will be forced to block access to torrent trackers or not, it will become clear in the future. All in all, despite the fact that Bell’s suggestions are based in the US critics, the USA themselves do not require blocking access to pirate sites from their local ISPs.

The only thing required for them is data retention for a certain period of time.

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