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Easy way to torrent with Tixati

Many novice Internet users sometimes hear the phrases like: “You’ll find it in torrents” or “Download a torrent” and so on. But what is torrent, what can you find there and the most important what for should you use it? These questions worry users, who even didn’t face anything like this. But the wish to find out about torrenting is evident.

Torrent (or bittorrent) is a special protocol aimed at file sharing among torrent users. The outstanding feature of this protocol is that users download not from a server, but from the computer of another torrent user. In so doing, exchange scheme is organized in a resourceful and effective way: the protocol picks out the fastest source. In case of some troubles with this source, the system will find another fast source and continue downloading. To download torrents it is necessary to use a torrent downloader, which is also called torrent client.  Tixati is among the most popular torrent client among modern computer users.

What is Tixati client?

Tixati is a free bittorrent client for MS Windows and Linux. It differs from other torrent downloaders, as the user is supplied with a more extensive control over the torrent files. At the same time, it reminds µTorrent and Halite, as it doesn’t require much main storage of a device.

The first version of Tixati torrent client became available for a wide audience on the 27th of June 2009. It is known that Tixati creator previously worked on WinMX (the network for file sharing popular in the early 2000s) development.

Tixati is a wonderful free torrent client used mainly by English-speaking users. Tixati in contrast to other popular torrent trackers µTorrent, BitComet and Vuze is not adware, and as a result it doesn’t impose banner adverts on torrent users.

Status free
Release dateJune 27, 2009
Latest updateFebruary 22, 2017
Operating systemWindows and Linux
Interface languagesEnglish
Official websitewww.tixati.com

Tixati torrent downloader not only is steady on its legs, but continues to gain popularity among users. In its turn, Tixati consumers benefit from Tixati outstanding facilities:

Tixati is in the list of torrent clients, which are really easy to use. The developers gave priority to simple and easy navigation. Thus, if you don’t want to face any troubles while downloading torrent files, this client is 100% for you.

The client uses superfast algorithm for downloading. Thanks to it, you will not spend hours on the process of torrenting. It is possible to download a cherished torrent file in a matter of minutes and start watching it immediately.

Tixati torrent downloader supports the function of RC4 encryption. This cypher is used to protect data transferring by means of computer networks. Thus, the files you share by means of Tixati are under the protection of this torrent client. The personal messages, file lists and streaming multimedia broadcasting are encoded as well.

Tixati has a function that allows users to export torrent files from magnet links and vice versa. It is very convenient if you want not only to download, but upload files as well. This function serves in order you to become an active torrent client user.

How to use Tixati client?

Having estimated all the facilities of Tixati torrent downloader, it is high time to test it in real-life. Thus, the first step you are to do is to visit the website www.tixati.com and click the input ‘Download’.

It is surprising, but unfortunately the system doesn’t identify the operating system your computer is running on. It is proposed to do on your own instead. To do it you will have to follow several steps: click a ‘Start button’ ® click the right mouse button on the element ‘Computer’ ® choose ‘Properties’ ® check the version of your computer operation system.

When you have identified the software of your PC, choose the appropriate link to download Tixati installer. There are three variants: Linux, 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows.

After the installation of Tixati on your computer, you will see the window:

As you can conclude, the interface is very easy, no extra buttons.

After testing this torrent downloader, it becomes clear that the program was created in a user friendly manner.

Pros & Contras of Tixati client

Although Tixati torrent downloader is worth being called a reliable tool for file sharing, still it is not without weak points.

Advantages Disadvantages
+ fast speed– available only in English
+ user friendly interface– limited in platforms
+ RC4 data encryption– interface view
+ ad-free
+ no spyware
+ capacity to export torrent files
into magnet links and vice versa
+ import and export of IPs filter
+ peer selection algorithm
+ outliner of torrent loading
+ graphic data on torrent status
+ flexible settings
+ free

In a word, Tixati is an interesting variant in fact. If the interface view is not important for you, but you are looking for a torrent downloader with flexible settings, Tixati client is worth testing. It is a great workhorse, all the more, free and without any spyware or ads.

How to use Tixati anonymously?

Having chosen Tixati as a torrent client to download video to relax or software to install you will definitely make the right choice, but still the problems with the authorities can catch up with you. The process of torrenting can make a real trouble if the IP of a torrent user isn’t masked. In this regard one can find the solution in:

This tool is used to hide user’s IP successfully, as the volunteer run servers work as encoding machines for your IP. Thus, running through several Tor servers, your IP becomes absolutely unrevealed.Proxies are used with the same purpose – to hide your IP. Proxy servers manage this task easily.Virtual Private Networks are used to mask IPs as well. But the facilities this tool provides users with are more impressive. They are also used to encrypt the data, unblock services and so on.

What tool is better for anonymous torrenting with Tixati?

You might get interested what to choose and which of them are the best for Tixati torrent client. The choice will depend on the purpose you follow: whether you want to be private and anonymous, secure or just unblock inaccessible torrents.

With all of them, you will probably get unblocked torrent websites, but taking into account anonymity and privacy, they are not equal in terms of the issue. With Tor you can’t be anonymous for 100% as the torrent files are not codified like with VPN, for instance. It is worth mentioning that you should not wait for fast downloading with Tor because of transferring through several proxy nodes which slows down internet connection.

The best VPNs to use Tixati anonymously are presented below:

#1 – ExpressVPN (visit site)
Express VPN

Normal Price - $12.95
Best Price - $8.32
ExpressVPN is the best tool that will help you to torrent safely. Numerous functions make it number one in our rating:

  • absolute anonymity;  

  • unblocking of websites and services;

  •  fast servers in 90+ countries;  

  • compatibility with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, Router, iPhone and iPad;  

  • 256 bit encryption;

  •  round-the-clock support service;

  • unlimited bandwidth;

  •  30-days money back guarantee.

#2 – NordVPN (visit site)

Nord VPN

Normal Price – $11.95
Best Price – $5.75

NordVPN is a security tool operating for torrent lovers security. Having chosen NordVPN you will benefit from:

  • super fast servers around the world;  

  • built-in kill switch function;  

  • double encryption;  

  • malware protection;  

  • IP masking;  

  • 700+ servers in 90+ countries;  

  • access to the restricted services.

#3 – CyberGhostVPN

Cyber Ghost

Normal Price – $10.49
Best Price – $2.9
CyberGhostVPN is the last but not the least in our rating. It is a powerful tool that helps to be anonymous while torrenting. With CyberGhostVPN you will get:

  • free access to any torrent sites;

  • the facility to hide IP;

  • choose servers around the world;

  • strong data encryption;

  • high speed;

  • zero logs.

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