Our recommendation
  • Every time you torrent without VPN, your identity is open for prying eyes. Hide your IP from ISPs!

  • Governmental agencies are able to interfere into your torrent activity. Avoid being detected by governments with VPN!

  • Copyright trolls have been collecting the info about torrent users and passing to rightholders. Stay invisible for copyright trolls with a VPN!

  • When you torrent, your computer is vulnerable to being hacked. Torrent securely with a VPN!

  • Advertisers make profit by selling the sensitive data to third-party agencies. Make it impossible with a VPN!


“What is torrenting?”

Usually, downloading the desired content to the device, such as a movie from Netflix, the file is received from one particular server. Torrenting, for its part, works in a specifically-different way accepting a principle of peer-to-peer (abbreviated to “P2P”) file sharing. In such a manner, it’s necessary to install a particular software (as for example BitTorrent or uTorrent) that allows for connecting to multiple machines spread across the global net and loading the file, which is divided into small components, from each computer.

The process scatters the files’ storage providing a possibility to share any type of data, while it is still loading on the user’s device. Thus, there is no need to wait for receiving the whole file. It is possible to share and transfer the file once the downloading process is initiated. As practice shows, torrenting eventually saves user’s time with no need to put any extra capacity on the devices within the network.

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