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Free and fast torrenting with Deluge client

The quantity of bittorrent clients is unknown even for a scrupulous internet user. Anyone will find a torrent downloader on his liking. While choosing a torrent client some characteristics are to be taken into consideration: interface language, price, functions and so on. In general terms, BitTorrent is the internet protocol that allows loading big in…
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Easy way to torrent with Tixati

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] Many novice Internet users sometimes hear the phrases like: “You’ll find it in torrents” or “Download a torrent” and so on. But what is torrent, what can you find there and the most important what for should you use it? These questions worry users, who even didn’t face anything like this. But…
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Safe torrenting with Vuze client

Torrents and torrent trackers become widespread in recent years. Inherently, torrent is a technology, which allows transferring body of information by means of the network. The name of the game is that you don’t need to download file at a time. Thanks to torrent technology it is possible to download it in parts even during…
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Use BitComet client safely

The first attempt to share files was realized in the early 1970s but it didn’t remind the file-sharing we know today. The process of file-sharing gained its popularity only in 1990s when those lucky guys who had computers found out that the machines could copy CDs. It was probably the moment when peer-to-peer technology started…
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