Our recommendation
  • Every time you torrent without VPN, your identity is open for prying eyes. Hide your IP from ISPs!

  • Governmental agencies are able to interfere into your torrent activity. Avoid being detected by governments with VPN!

  • Copyright trolls have been collecting the info about torrent users and passing to rightholders. Stay invisible for copyright trolls with a VPN!

  • When you torrent, your computer is vulnerable to being hacked. Torrent securely with a VPN!

  • Advertisers make profit by selling the sensitive data to third-party agencies. Make it impossible with a VPN!



Every day people over the globe share various types of files online. Torrenting which is performed through special data transfer P2P or Bittorrent protocols seems to be under discussion and controversial at present. The world of torrenting has been changed nowadays that is why a lot of things are reconsidered now.

Legaltorrent.com is an informative website for those who want to know everything about torrenting.  Our team will help your to answer the questions related to the issue.  We hope that the material provided on the site will be useful for the followers. All the materials are constantly updated and extended by our IT-experts.

It should be noted that though P2P file-sharing is not illegal, certain downloaded materials are copyrighted. We should focus on the fact that we do not condone copyright infringement.